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Aladdin Review: An Outlook of Nostalgia

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Why Aladdin Keeps You Engaged in the Present with a Tinge of Nostalgia?

Aladdin Review: An Outlook of Nostalgia 1

Looking to read a reliable Aladdin review? We have got you covered. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the rhythmic screenplay Aladdin is a live-action screening of the 1992 film Aladdin, then produced by Walt Disney Featured Animation. The 1992 film was a worldwide success, while the 2019 Aladdin is a throwback or ‘nostalgia’ to the 90’s kids, and a horizon of surprises to the new generation.

This Aladdin review will take a look at what you can expect, and where the Disney film falls a tad bit short.

The Cast Justification

Aladdin Review: An Outlook of Nostalgia 2

It’s no secret that Disney scourged far and wide for the cast of the Aladdin movie.

Casting Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine and Will Smith as the miraculous Genie, the film follows the same storyline of a mismatched relation under hopes of uniting as One, someday.

Although the leads meet in the hustle of the town, the film shapes their bond of trust and softness for each other from that very moment.
In the ancient times, when the towns would deal the monarchy, our princess still has to fight a war to set herself free from the standard laws of the royal court, to marry the man who is a prince- to meet her value and intelligence, and not the man she loves. The film, here; takes a feminist view of the struggle the princess fights to set herself free from the cling of the orthodox mentality of the Sultan and his Wazir, Jafar.

While Aladdin, on the other side, lives his life in the installment of life and risks, making his living as a thief, but a smart one. His only companion, his pet monkey Abu makes it easier for the audience to grasp that Abu knows and understands Aladdin more than anyone else. Without sharing any verses with Aladdin, the smart monkey shares an inevitable obligation with his master. He knows when Aladdin takes a step, he takes it for both of them, he knows when he steals something, it would be shared without a second thought.

The most interesting and entertaining role of the film is played by the miraculous Genie, Will Smith.

Aladin Story:

The Genie befriends Aladdin for his honesty and highly passionate love but also tells him that people, in the end; change their minds for their own betterment. This Genie finds himself in a position, where he can get Aladdin everything, apart from making the Princess fall in love with him. The Genie has an astonishing sense of humor, and his one line dialogues help the viewer watch the movie with an intense passion, sometimes; to actually seek a friend like him!

Aladdin Review: Is it as Good?

While the character played irreversibly confounding, Smith’s performance could have taken a higher uplift after his encounter with the Evil thinker. While sometimes, his character emits emotions that play with the sentiments of his Aaka Aladdin, he reflects the importance and need to be free, to be able to elope the handcuffs he had been wearing to obey every order by any Master who swipes the Magical Lamp.

While the Disney Evils have a legacy of eternity, Jafar makes it confusing for the audience, by a cut-to-cut race with the character of Aladdin. Marwan Kenzari, in the role of the evil, greedy Wazir of Sultan makes one of the ‘most lovable’ villain in the entire film. His pet Lago who is a scarlet macaw, helps him do whatever he wishes, by keeping an eye on people Jafar asks to.

Jafar can also be called as a powerful competition against Aladdin as his drift intelligence makes him the second most powerful authority in the Agrabah after the Sultan.

But the infinite power stored in the words and deeds of truth makes it complex and somewhere, almost impossible for Jafar’s intentions to find a path and acquire the kingdom. His encounter with Aladdin was solely based on the deal to make it possible for Aladdin to be able to win the heart of the Princess, while he asks for a favour from him to work for Jafar’s will, implicating his life in risk.

Everything Comes in Two’s.

Aladdin’s plot shows a lot of flips as it turns around, but the ideas that the movie was focused, had both the sides of a coin.

It was mystic, yet realistic. It was, at times- humorous, and serious in dialogue delivery, it showed monarchy, but it was also focused on freedom. The patriarchy was shot by the feminist humbles of the Princess. A life of a man who never provoked his Honesty, had also seen the clever benefits of truth and unveiling his locked identity. The Genie shows his two sides of help and helplessness. That is how the world id formed, with equal amounts of fire and ice, of desert and rain, of Aladdin and Jasmine.

While the director placed a lot of efforts to finally settle the cast of the movie, his efforts somewhere in the middle of a thought can be questionable, as for Naomi Scott and her authenticity for not being a Middle-Eastern. And as for Mena Massoud, it somewhere portrays as if one of the major purposes of his life, was to play the role of Aladdin.

We can see a gravitational sense in the sets of the movie, to completely match with a society of Arab that is ought to exist somewhere down the line, along with impressively designed costumes for the entire crew in a very convincing way.


An Overview:

While the movie plays with the psyche of the viewers, it is advisable to avoid any assumptions while you engage in a nostalgia, yet the direction doesn’t disappoint you.
While the centered theme might not be new, it measures every aspect in climax, cinematography and the script. There are one-liners that set the aura, the songs of the film are very impressive to be compatible with the dialogues and scenes.

One of the most powerful songs that the movie has, is ‘Speechless’ sung by Naomi Scott is another verse that melts the invisible cuffs that audience is set under, to live- and relive while it goes on. The film engages the audience till the very end, and can be an empowering experience to the newer generations who choose to live in dreams the way they deserve to.

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