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San Antonio Texas: 12 Incredible Sites to Explore

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Are you a fan of historical sights? Visit San Antonio Texas, the home of world heritage sites and historic buildings.

San Antonio Texas is located in the United States; it’s a city that offers wonderful sightseeing. You’ll find great itineraries for mini adventures. It’s home to the popular Riverwalk, Six flags, and Seaworld.

The visitors never regretted their visit here. San Antonio Texas, offers numerous fun things to do. Tourists can stay back in top-rated hotels. Local events and attractions are a must watch here.

This article guides you on how to explore San Antonio Texas, with all the fun things to do, the best time to visit, accommodations, and the cost of traveling. Have a read.

How to Explore San Antonio Texas?

San Antonio Texas

Top 12 Cool Things to do in San Antonio Texas

The city is filled with adventurous and cool activities. A trip to San Antonio is incomplete without fun things. One must try the recommended activities mentioned here.

Spend some quality time exploring the city, or relax at the cafes. It’s all about how you make the best out of your trip.

1. The Popular River Walk

San Antonio Texas

The San Antonio River Walk is a famous tourist spot. Set below street level, it is home to shady trees, elegant bridges, pristine waters, and beautiful birds over the banks. This spot should top your bucket list.

It is lined with several shops, restaurants, urban gardens, and many other points of interest. This river walk also connects Hemisfair Park, San Antonio Museum of Art, and the incredible Rio San Antonio Cruise.

Dominating the heart of the city, it’s a place to find perfect peace. Along the pathways of the river are several networks and pathways. You can even spend an ideal romantic evening here.

Also, keep track of boat tours. The ride is amazing.

2. The Fascinating Alamo

San Antonio Texas

The Alamo is a significant historical site in San Antonio Texas. One must visit here to explore the rich history and culture. It’s a must-see attraction that served as a mission station, established in 1718. The Franciscans had built the church, back in 1744.

One of the most famous war battles in US history, the Battle of Alamo in 1836. This battle took place here when the small Alamo army fought against the Mexican army of 300. The Spanish church serves as a testament for the martyrs who lost their lives in the battle.

The history of the Alamo war became an inspiration for Texas people. Many have joined the army after this. The entrance to the Alamo church is free and remains open to the public.

Unknown fact: The battle between Alamo and Mexico lasted for about 20 minutes, but have lost legendary warriors like Davy Crockett and James Bowie.

3. Kayaking at the Confluence Park

San Antonio Texas

Earlier, the Confluence Park in San Antonio Texas, served as an industrial center. The park teaches about solar and energy neutrality and is a great place for biking and kayaking.

Try biking along the river or kayaking on the river. It’s an ideal place to spend quality time alone. Peace seekers can visit this place. The waters are pristine and clear. Bright green nature surrounds you.

Also, you can practice morning yoga and have a family picnic here.

4. Sip some tea at the Japanese Tea Garden

San Antonio Texas

Want to feel the essence of Japan in an American city? Japanese Tea Garden is for you. Sip a tea from the varieties of tea made here, especially the bubble tea; it’s delicious. Earlier, it was a rocky area, but now it’s a public place listed under the US National Register of Historic Places.

The garden is tranquil and picturesque, filled with cafes, Torri gate, a pagoda, and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Keep yourself enthralled for hours, watching the mesmerizing past.

Music lovers can watch the artists at play in Sunken Garden open-air amphitheater near the tea garden.

Best Food Tip: The Jingu House is an ideal place for dining here. It serves light lunch and tea, but no alcohol.

5. Take a Peek at the Footsteps of Dinosaurs at Government Canyon State Natural Area


Suppose you wish to workout and want the sweat, head towards the hills. This Government Canyon spreads for 12,000 acres and preserves dinosaur footprints.

It’s a three-hour hike that is open to the public. During summers, visit here early morning, since it’s South Texas, the weather turns hot and humid.

Gaze at the dinosaur footprints, and click amazing pictures for memories.

6. Enjoy Stand-Up Comedy at the Comedy Club

Have a great enjoyable evening watching stand-up comedians at San Antonio’s Comedy Club. The club showcases a mix of talented comedians. Laugh out loud with food and drinks.

There are tables and ample parking space. It opens every night on Mondays, a perfect place to spend night after adventure activities. Relax on the seats and laugh your hearts out.

Important tip: If you come here with your family, check what genre comedians are performing.

7. Climb the Incredible Tower of the Americas



Enjoy the panoramic views of San Antonio Texas, and the Texas Hill Country, from the Tower of the Americas. The highest building in San Antonio, built for World’s Fair in 1968. As per 1996, it’s the highest elevation tower that stands at an incredible 750 feet.

Once you have descended, explore the manicured gardens and fountains of Hemisphere Park, World Fair’s original site. Currently, it holds cultural attractions like Instituto Cultural de Mexico and Yanaguana Gardens: an adventure park for children.

8. Spend some time at the Botanical Garden


The Botanical Garden spreads for 38-acres, located at the heart of the city’s downtown area. You can stroll here at peace or head for highlighted landmarks.

Must-Visit Highlighted Areas at Botanical Garden
  • Lucille Halsell Conservatory: A greenhouse that offers views of rare plants from around the globe.
  • Texas Native Trail: Lush green area filled with native species of Texas.
  • Family Adventure Garden: A child-friendly adventure garden, perfect for families.

9. Visit the Antonio Zoo

San Antonio Texas

The Antonio zoo is home to 750 species of animals. Its main focus is to create curiosity and educate visitors. Know about their habitats, threats, and conservation status.

This zoo is a great source of educational entertainment, both for the kids and adults. You won’t feel bored here. Watch from alligators to zebras, and many other animals that you won’t see anywhere else.

Piece of advice: To know more about the animals you’ll see at the zoo, download the San Antonio Zoo app, their very own personalized app. You can also purchase online tickets from here.

10. San Antonio Texas River Cruise

The river cruise at San Antonio is one of the best fun things to do. Cruise along a fully guided river tour, with a fun group. You won’t feel alone. You can even hire a full boat for your family.

Within 30 minutes, the boat passes below enchanting bridges and offers fascinating sightseeing. It’s also a historical site with great nature views. If you missed out on any points of interest, this river tour would let you watch all.

11. Pay a Visit to the San Fernando Cathedral

San Antonio Texas

The famous heroes of the Alamo are buried under this cathedral. It’s one of the US oldest cathedrals and listed under the National Register of Historic Places. Built by the Canary Islands’ settlers, the original church was completed back in 1750, and now it’s a cathedral sanctuary.

At night, the visitors get a visual treat known as ‘San Antonio The Saga.’ Entrance is free on every Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday evenings.

Xavier de Richmont created the video art installation, a 24-minute video, with cheerful music and narration, projected on San Antonio Cathedral.

The colorful sounds, and amazing displays, this should definitely be on your list.

12. Join the Jazz Night at Blue Star Brewing Company

Watch the top artists performing every Tuesdays at Blue Star Brewing Company. Big bands perform here that include the best of jazz artists.

After the performances, you can dine from the Blue Star Complex Restaurants. Sukeban and Stella are highly recommended. Relax well while listening to jazz music.

Where can you Stay in San Antonio Texas?

To experience San Antonio’s unique ambiance, stay near the Riverwalk or Pearl District for the best sight views. Both areas hold luxurious and mid-range hotels. A 10-minute walk from here heads towards budget hotels.

Below is the list of hotels as per the budget.

  • High-end luxury hotels: Hotel Emma in the Pearl District is the most preferred luxury hotel, and one of San Antonio’s newest hotels. It offers a unique experience with decorated rooms and elegant ambiance. The Mokara Hotel and Spa along the Riverwalk offers large rooms and a rooftop pool. For stylish rooms, enchanting dining, and pristine courtyard, Hotel Valencia is ideal.
  • Middle Range Hotels: The northwest end of Riverwalk’s area holds Holiday Inn. It’s a massive contemporary style property. The Drury Plaza is a historical 24 story skyscraper. Homewood Suites offers varieties of layouts and room sizes.
  • Good Budget Hotels: A short drive from Alamo and Riverwalk leads you to budget hotels. The Comfort Suites Alamo offers large rooms, an outdoor pool, and a free shuttle towards the Riverwalk area. La Quinta Wyndham, close to the downtown area, is a convenient location with a fascinating pool area and restaurants.

These hotels were among the best recommendations, choose as per your conveyance.

What is the Best Time to Visit San Antonio, Texas?

To experience comfortable weather and lower hotel rates, visit San Antonio Texas, from November to April. Summers are crowded with thousands of tourists; it’s difficult to explore this time.

Texas is of historical significance and a  great vacation spot. Kids and families visit here for summer break. But, summers can offer high temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winters, spring, and autumn let you enjoy fun festivals. To save money and enjoy fewer crowds, avoid summer seasons. All season has something unique to offer, visit as per your comfort.

How Much is the Traveling Cost in San Antonio Texas? 

A well-planned trip requires traveling cost details. You need $106 per day to spend at San Antonio for a vacation. This is an average estimation of daily visitor expenses. Meals cost around $32 and save $16 as each day’s traveling cost.

The hotel price for a couple is $110. One week’s stay can cost $1,480. A single person needs to save $740 for a week vacation, while a couple’s expenses for a week is $2,959. It’s recommended to travel as couples or in a group so that the expenses can be shared.

Essentials to Pack for a Trip to San Antonio Texas 

Let’s have a look at the list of essentials you require while traveling to San Antonio.

  1. Comfortable shoes: Carry tennis shoes. Wear shoes that have a good grip. It will help you with summer activities. For great exploration, you need to walk 7 to 8 miles a day. Fancy shoes might hurt your foot. You must avoid flip flops if you choose hiking.
  2. Sunscreens and Sunglasses: South Texas is very hot during summers. You might get tanned. Carry your sunglasses and sunscreens for protection against the sun’s heat. Protect yourself, whether you walk on a shady area or a pathway.
  3. Shorts: Carry comfortable shorts; full-length clothes will only make you sweat. It’s better to carry one from before then to purchase it from here.
  4. Lightweight tops: Wear lightweight tops and t-shirts. Cotton and tank tops are highly recommended. Keep yourself cool with protection against the sun.
  5. Travel backpack: Purchase a good travel backpack that carries all your essentials and is comfortable. Longer trips require a durable backpack.

Travel Conclusion

This ends the article. I hope you had an enjoyable read. It is recommended to try all the fun activities mentioned above. San Antonio, Texas, is a great place to visit all year round.

From Riverwalk to enchanting gardens, parks, pathways, cathedrals, and historic buildings, there’s a lot more to explore. A one time vacation isn’t enough. You’d wish to visit here more.

Take up your travel diary, make a list of points under San Antonio Texas, add all the best places and activities in your bucket list. Mark, as you finish one. Have a great travel life ahead.

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