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“Competition is the Real Motivation”: Sakib Chowdhury

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Sakib Chowdhury is renowned for the outstanding book “Finally I Go”. The story behind the author’s success is inspiring and would help many folks to get a better life.

Sakib Chowdhury is an artist who knows how to use the words in his books skillfully. At such a young age, Sakib Chowdhury is the author of two top-rated books that make him stand out from others.

Pictures of Sakib Chowdhury
Photo by Sakib Chowdhury

The Journey Started From His Childhood!

“The journey of being an author started early for me, and it was my mom who developed the sign of an author in me.”

Sakib Chowdhury’s mother was the principal of his school. One day, she gave a diary to the author and asked him to write anything he loved. The author started writing in the journal daily.

Chowdhury wrote whatever he felt like writing in the diary. According to him, his mother plays a very important role in making him stand at such a successful place today.

Picture from Sakib Chowdhury
Photo by Sakib Chowdhury

Motivation Comes From Competition!

The author believes that competition is challenging, but work is the motivation for him. When he started his journey, the competition was huge. “It was extremely arduous to get over the competition as a newcomer. The competitors played a very important motivational role for me.”

The author never believed in giving up but would always take these challenges with that very spirit. Sakib Chowdhury’s journey shows a bright path to everyone looking for some ways to cope with obstacles. Blogging was also a passion of Sakib Chowdhury, and he decided to give it a try.

“Becoming a writer is not easy, as you need to overcome a lot of obstacles. I believe in welcoming the difficulties and respecting the challenges.”  The young man is extremely spirited and courageous in the face of obstacles. He is a visionary with tremendous thoughts to achieve heights.

He never planned to be an author. It was his love for creating things and writing that took him up as an author. Today Sakib Chowdhury is well-known because he believed in walking miles without stopping.

“I believe that it’s not easy for people to achieve everything in one chance but we have keep trying despite failures.”

Writing is a Field With Surprises For Every Author!

Writing is an art where every author is an artist. One of the most memorable experiences in his writing career was when Sakib Chowdhury wrote one of his best works, i.e., Back With Love.

He strongly believes the unexpected things and acts achieve more success. “The unplanned things happen with an intention and guide you towards your destiny.”

“One night at 2 AM, I was writing one of my books and had no idea that I was writing something big, as the book was a big hit. That moment was extremely surprising for me and I believed that the field of writing is always filled with many surprises.”

Picture from Sakib Chowdhury
Photo by Sakib Chowdhury

The Author Is Still trying To Find Himself!

The author believes in creativity and in bringing new things. He has a love for all genres and is open to all of them. He believes in finding new concepts and plots for his books.

His first book was entirely a love story and the second a reality-based book. This states that Sakib Chowdhury has no boundaries in writing his books. Sakib Chowdhury’s main intentions are to entertain his readers with many surprises and new concepts.

“I always think that everyone has their personal preferences and opinions. Not everyone is going to like the same story of a book. Everyone has their own choices, and there are no specific criteria for writing a good story.”

Sakib Chowdhury believes that a good story depends on the author and the readers. You cannot expect two different people to like the same story at the same time. A simple story can also gain enough fame if readers find it interesting.

It is completely their thoughts and way of taking the ploy of the story. The story comes out as the best if it fits the reader’s thoughts.

The author loves to interact with people. He gets his energy by communicating and interacting with people. “The turning point in my life was when I got to communicate with people, as it helped me know everyone in a better manner. The knowledge you get from people will be the best way to improve yourself. I improved a lot after learning from different people in various ways.”

Sakib Chowdhury started his writing career at a very young age, and he didn’t face a lot of problems. He always concentrated on doing a lot of research before writing his books. “I believe that to write a masterpiece, you need to provide correct and genuine information to everyone. Real facts are always entertaining for people, as compared to irrelevant or false facts.”

The author’s first novel came in 2021, and the book created an ideal position in writing. Sakib believes that learning is an ongoing process that will boost your confidence. “By learning more, you will be able to think deeply about something.”

The author’s parents and his publisher were a big help for him. These pillars are essential in helping him tackle the challenges of life.

Sakib Chowdhury is an amazing author with big dreams to make it even bigger someday. One of his biggest strengths is how courageous he is, at such a young age. The young talent wants to be the best in the field of writing.

He is the best definition of talent and simplicity in one go. His polite attitude towards everyone makes him a great human. He loves writing from the core of his heart. From writing short stories to becoming a famous author, the young man has many inspiring stories to tell.

Sakib Chowdhury has no restrictions or boundaries for writing any stories. He tries to put creativity and simplicity into his stories. He is an ideal example of how an author should be.

Go ahead and order his book “Back With Love” online.

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