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To The Avila Beach : An Amazing Guide For All The Travelers

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Avila Beach is an excellent place for a perfect weekend. Avila Beach in California offers things beyond our imagination.

Located in San Luis Obispo Bay, off the Pacific Ocean, it’s an unincorporated community in California, United States. Earlier, it served as a major shipping port for San Luis Obispo.

Mainly a fishing pier, Avila Beach is renowned for extensive apple orchards. This beach is an offbeat place, often ignored by visitors.

Though there are several best exploration spots, you will not regret adding Avila Beach to your bucket list.

If you haven’t come across Avila Beach, this article will help you know all about it. This article contains a complete guide to Avila Beach with all the attractions and other important details.

So, travelers get ready to explore a tiny world through this article.

Complete Guide To The Avila Beach


1. How to Reach Avila Beach?

Avila Beach

There are five nearby airports through which you can reach Avila Beach, California. The nearest airport is San Luis Obispo County. Also, without a flight, there are other options available like buses.

You can take a bus from Los Angeles to Avila Beach via Buellton, California; Amtrak Bus Stop or Grover Beach. Other known three airports are Burbank, Fresno, and Santa Barbara.

2. When is the Best Time to Visit Avila Beach?

The average temperature in Avila Beach varies from time to time. The weather is nice most of the year. Winters are sometimes can be really frigid.

There’s less chance of snow and rain during the summer and autumn. It’s a beach town that offers excellent oceanic views. To enjoy this, you can visit here after September.

From late August to September are the warmest month. Temperatures rarely drop at night, as low as 13 degrees Celcius.

To avoid crowds and high temperatures, the best time to visit is during autumn and spring, although this beach remains less crowded.

4. Music Festivals that Rule the Avila Beach

Some of the best music players visit Avila Beach during the music festival.  Always providing with good music which you can’t ignore. You’ll find yourself dancing to their tune without even realizing it.

From Good Vibes Summer Tour, Blues Festival, Boots and Brews, and Classic Rock Bands will be performing here.

Watch incredible performers like Jon Pardi, Gary Allen, ZZ Top, and George Thorogood. Be ready to hit the box office as soon as the tickets are released.

If you miss out on tickets, don’t worry, you can still enjoy the music, except for the concert. These music festivals are one of the best reasons to visit Avila Beach.

5. Stunning Nightlife

San Luis Bay offers stunning nightlife for night lovers to explore. Open-air bars, unique cocktails, highly skilled bartenders, a pool, and many more line up the beachfront.

One cannot ignore the nightlife here. Get ready and enjoy the nightlife with live entertainment. If you’re not into this, then grab some booze and hit the beach.

Avila Beach is perfect for some quality time alone or with friends. The locals are friendly and you can invite them to enjoy with you. You will see parties at each spot on the beach scattered throughout.

Due to their excellent friendliness, they may even offer you to join them. You will not feel lonely at all. Make sure you do not miss out on Avila Beach’s nightlife.

6. Two Facts About Avila Beach Unknown to Travelers

This beach in San Francisco, California, has something or the other to offer. You are fortunate if you can manage to visit here, for once.

6.1 Special Spot

Avila Beach holds a particular spot. Over the past years, this spot has become famous for travelers. Yet, the locals have always used this spot.

Two men discovered the Sycamore Mineral Springs accidentally, back in 1886. Initially, they were searching for gold, but the men found no gold.

The men came across hot sulfur mineral water. These are therapeutic waters known for curative purposes. Thus in 1920, Sycamore Mineral Springs became popular.

6.2 Mineral Hot Tubs

Settled within the Oak trees are 23 mineral hot tubs or hot springs. The place is mostly unknown to travelers other than the locals.

These tubs are positioned in a way to offer you the most private experience. Relax yourself soaking in this tub.

Once here, it’s best to follow the recommended optional clothing. The hotel shielded all the areas against each other for complete privacy.

7. Where to Stay?

Avila Beach

Sycamore Mineral Springs is the best place to stay. It’s a popular hotel for visitors. You may need to pre-book it in times of peak season.

The property’s primary goal is to offer relaxation and rejuvenation to its guests. At the center is mineral water, through which water circulates throughout the hotel.

This hotel does not connect to the city’s water supply. All the tap water, swimming pool, and hot tubs consist of natural mineral water from nearby springs.

You will come across a huge hotel room. This room has a small balcony in front and a private terrace attached. The hotel’s main highlight is a private hot tub looks out towards the forest.

If you wish for more excitement, hire one of the woodland hot tubs. Find these hot tubs behind the hotel, inside the hillside. Also, you may reserve the Oasis Waterfall Lagoon.

Grab a wine while you chill in this hotel. Other than this, there are other such small hotels in Avila beach you may wish to book.

8. Six Fascinating Reasons to Visit Avila Beach

8.1 Hole in the Sky

The Chumash Indians lived in this area centuries ago. These nomads named this beach as ‘Hole in the Sky,’ due to unpredictable temperature.

In Avila Beach, it’s all about blue skies and sunshine. It’s 10 degrees warmer than other famous beaches. Most of the kayakers notice the hole in the sky as they enjoy kayaking.

8.2 Dog Beach

Avila Beach is a perfect paradise for dogs and dog lovers. You can see dogs roaming around freely. The other name for Avila Beach is Dog Beach.

Dogs are allowed here before 10 am and after 5 pm. The exact dog each is a 5-minute walk from Avila Beach, alongside Hartford Pier.

There are even bags available for cleaning up after your dogs. Dog lovers, then you’ll love this place.

8.3 Farmers Market

The beachfront transforms into a dreamy farmers market every Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm. Food, flowers, and veggie stores line up the beach.

A live band plays in the background while you can stroll the beach, laugh, and enjoy panoramic ocean views.

Locals recommend fish tacos and strawberry shortcakes. The best time to attend the farmers market is from March to September.

8.4 A Heaven for Wine Lovers

If you stay near point san Luis lighthouse or Avila La Fonda, tasting wine should be on your list.  Seven tasting rooms are available within the beach.

Taste till your satisfied. No driving required; stroll around freely. Spot some of the best wine tasting rooms in Kelsey See Canyons and Salsbury.

The prominent one is Cuvee Champagne Bar; one of Central California’s only tasting room.

Do taste Winemakers Scott and Rebecca Remmenga’s 2008 Zinfandel Port.

8.5 Kayaking Lighthouse

Avila Beach offers three tours every Saturday towards the historic Point San Luis Lighthouse. The whole scenario stretches from Avila to Vandenberg.

Head towards Avila Beach Paddlesports that offers the only lighthouse kayaking and paddleboat adventure.

You can paddle around the harbor to the lighthouse. This 3 to 4-hour tour package includes snacks, a beach stop, encounters with sea lions, dolphins, and otters.

Whale watching is also available here. You get to meet Vince Shay, co-owner and expert guide. This lighthouse is one of the beautiful reasons to visit Avila Beach.

Check out Point San Louis virtual tour.

8.6 It’s Camophobia Friendly

You might be afraid of strong waves or wish for a safe place for your children. Avila’s waters offer mild waves at some points of the day. Waters remain calm due to the protective cove.

To the pier’s right, facing the ocean, is best suited for families, also known as a beach playground.

9. Top Things to do in Avila Beach

9.1 Bob Jones City to Incredible Sea Trail

Bob Jones City to Sea Trail is best for hikers, runners, cyclists, and joggers. You can do a perfect workout here. It’s a 2.5-mile trail towards Avila Beach.

Hire bicycles from Sycamore Mineral Springs Hotel. There’s a bridge from here that leads to the trail.

The trail is easy and flat to walk on. Walk amidst nature and beach beauty. It’s an ideal place for nature fanatics.

Pass through enchanting vineyards and rolling hills; you can spot different species of birds near the river.

Admire nature, cycle your heart out, and view the large Heron fish; that’s what this trail offers you. Pack your bags and get ready.

9.2 Visit Avila Valley Barn

Avila Beach

You may not find this spot as the most fun one, but it’s worth a stop here on your road trip. It’s one of the most charming areas ever.

If you ever settle in Avila, you would wish to do your weekly shopping from here. The food and essentials are fresh, with a variety of options.

For you, grab their strawberries, fruits, fresh-baked pastries, cookies, nuts, and many more.

Stop here during day time to find fun foods to gulp. It’s an excellent spot for breakfast, lunch, and barbeque.

Make sure to taste their roasted corn. Families can kill time enjoying the farm animals.

One visit won’t be satisfactory enough, and you’d still wish to come here again. Add this to your bucket list soon.

9.3 The Beautiful Central Coast Aquarium

If you’re around with young ones or families, Central Coast Aquarium is a must-stop. It’s located 50 miles away from the beach with a kid’s play area attached to it.

Since 1994, this aquarium is in operation and serves as a significant part of the Avila Beach Community.

Before the aquarium, the founder Russel Kiesseg offered lessons on marine life and ocean stewardship. At present, the classes continue. The place is relatively small, with easy access.

Enjoy the monthly Sharks After Dark event, a guided visit to tidepools, or join up on their beach clean-ups to preserve the beach’s beauty.

9.4 Avila Beach Pier

Avila Beach

Visiting Avila Beach is incomplete if you don’t have a look at its famous pier.

This pier is located at the beach’s center and is a fun place to hang out. Spot the tightrope walkers that practice in this area.

Although it isn’t a crowded beach like other Californian beaches, to avoid families, and groups, head here early morning.

For sunset, stay till late afternoon, and hang out when the sun goes down. Once you enjoyed the pier, dine at the restaurants that overlook the beach.

Recommended dining places are Blue Moon and Ocean Grill. You must try the wedge salad from Custom House.

9.5 Harford Pier

It’s a pier that attracts you automatically. Visit here to reveal its history. From here, you can view a private beach with boulders and rocks on your way.

Slowly walk on the pier, sea otters playing in the water, sea lions enjoying the bright sun, and the mesmerizing coastal views.

This pier is an actual working pier; fishers spread their hooks, see merchandise boats, and merchants selling fresh fishes. Buy oysters, sea fishes, and crabs directly from the fishermen.

Enjoy lunch from the two restaurants available here, overlooking the ocean. Hire a paddleboat and stroll the water area. Also, it’s an excellent place for some alone time.

9.6 Check out the Old Port Beach 

Avila Beach

A short drive from Hartford Pier will help you to reach Old Port Beach. It’s a beautiful pet-friendly beach.

Another romantic spot is the fire pits, and it’s available from March to November. Arrive early to find a perfect spot of your choice. Bring along delicious tiffin boxes to munch as you watch the sunsets.

Thus, you now know all about the beauty of Avila Beach. I hope this article offered a complete guide. Keep aside enough time if you opt for a road trip. You will love every stop during the road trip.

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