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Lockdown Effect: Threatened species of Birds Return Amid Lockdown

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Lockdown Effect: Threatened species of Birds Return Amid Lockdown 1
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Since the coronavirus hit the world, nature has got a break from humans. Many countries have enforced lockdown to combat the spread of the pandemic virus and we have seen news that endangered or threatened species were returning to their reproduction or migration hotspots.

Lockdown Effect: Threatened species of Birds Return Amid Lockdown 2
Malabar Hornbill

Many species of birds, animals, and reptiles were spotted amid the lock-down which was a rare sight. Kottarakkara, Kollam which is popular for its diverse species of birds sighted few species of near-threatened birds in the recent lockdown phase.

Kollam district is famous for bird sighting and a few beautiful bird species which were spotted during the lockdown week were Malabar Hornbill, Indian Paradise Flycatcher, Racket-tailed Drongo, Ash Hornbill, Black foot red oriole, common tailorbird, and Green Bee-Eater. These birds are mostly spotted in the eastern part of the Kollam district.

Lockdown Effect: Threatened species of Birds Return Amid Lockdown 3
Racket-tailed Drongo

These birds were tagged in near-threatened species but once these were found very commonly as stated by the locals of Kollam. After the reduction of forest land, these birds drifted into the deep forest which is why it was difficult to spot them. The bird lovers have a theory of why these birds are being spotted outside the forests, among the human residential areas now.

Lockdown Effect: Threatened species of Birds Return Amid Lockdown 4
Threatened species of birds spotted in Kollam. picture credits: Manorama News

According to Dr. Jean Jose, an assistant zoology professor at St. Gregorios College in Kottarakkara, the withdrawal of people back in their homes for a longer period has to be the cause of these bird spotting. There has been a significant amount of reduction in the air, water and noise pollution after the 21-day lockdown which has extended to phase two. This is good news for all the bird watchers in Kollam and its nearby districts.

Members of the Birds Club International which was founded by the National award-winning film director Jayaraj, have been sharing pictures of the birds which are being spotted at their premises.

Lockdown Effect: Threatened species of Birds Return Amid Lockdown 5
Peregrine Falcon

A few months ago, Kollam also reported spotting a Peregrine Falcon which is the world’s fastest bird. Polachira, near the Chathanoor area, which is the hot spot for migratory birds spotted many migratory birds a few months back as it was the migratory period but what they did not expect was to spot a Peregrine Falcon. This bird was spotted by a bird watcher, Anu a member of the Kollam Birding Battalion who clicked its pictures when it was capturing its prey.

The bird is known as the Missile bird and is known for killing the other birds who are in mid-flight. It mostly preys on Rock Doves and the female species of the Peregrine Falcon is larger than its male.

Polachira is the favorite hotspot for migratory birds as it witnesses to almost 150 types and varieties of birds in the season. Lockdown has been a boon for the migratory birds and other wild animals that are being spotted often after the lockdown was imposed.

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