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Five Cartoon Programs That Parents Watch With Their Children

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Are you fond of watching cartoon channels? I’m sure most of our parents act as if they have sensed the presence of some nuisance, while they notice their children watching and giggling over the cartoons. But the reality is that deep inside a disgusted mother or father, dwells a kid too, that secretly peeps and swings their eyelids just to watch their favorite cartoon characters appear on the screen.

Here are the following five cartoons that parents watch with their children, enthusiastically:


  • Tom and Jerry

download The all-time favorite cartoon show, Tom, and Jerry, of kids, is the most preferable and humorous cartoon program. This cartoon program is so full of zeal and comic elements that parents are more engaged in watching the combats and skirmish quarrel between the cat and the mouse, i.e. Tom and Jerry. This show revives the naughtiness and childishness inside your parents.

  • Shinchan

download (1)An imprudent, yet, a witty, the five years old, Shinchan Nohara, continues to grab the attention of all the children worldwide, along with their parents. It is the first cartoon character that is uttered by children’s tongue. Don’t be surprised to know that even the parents’ first choice is Shinchan. The majority of the parents themselves remind their children to watch the cartoon, just to have a glimpse of the humorous elements of Shinchan.

  • Mr. Bean

The awkward personality, the weird habits and the creepy movements of Mr. Bean, are the most clumsy yet thrilling and mind-wobbling aspects of the famous cartoon series of Mr.Bean. Youngsters, may or may not indulge into watching this cartoon program regularly, but their parents do set reminders in their brains to watch this cartoon show just on time regularly.

  • Scooby Dooby Doo

The ghastly mixture of catchy sound effects and appalling, yet comical looking, ghosts and the reaction of the cutest cartoon character, Scooby Doo, after observing these ghosts, draws the notice of all the parents along with their kids. As the terrific events take place during the show, the rate of laughter, on viewers faces, continues to magnify their content.


  • Doraemon

download (2)

Last but not the least, is the charming and friendly character of Doraemon, that makes Doraemon, one of the most appealing show according to the perspective of the parents. None of the parents can neglect the fact that they love to watch this character on screen while pretending to feel disgusted with the show.

Next time if your parents taunt you by saying that you’re too grown-up too watch any cartoon, then first secretly observe them watching the same cartoon show and catch them red-handed.

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