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Forged News : The Phone That Flared Up Was Not A Xiaomi Note 4

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Forged News : The Phone That Flared Up Was Not A Xiaomi Note 4 1
Source: Complex

Initially incited by the Samsung Note 7 debacle which eventuated the previous year, people have become far more wary about the anomaly of smartphones nowadays. “Exploding smartphone” has been one of the most frequent searches in social media. Like, one of the best-selling phones which has a major market demand in India, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 purportedly went off. The incident befell in a mobile retailer shop in Bengaluru as the whole incident was videotaped in the CCTV.

According to the Xiaomi officials, the consumer Arjun purchased the phone on 1st of July from a Bangalore-based Poorvika store. He found his phone flawed at his home on 17th of July and later brought it to Poorvika store for its restoration on that day itself. When Xiaomi received the malfunctioning phone, after the technical inspection they came to know that the defective third-party charger brought about such damage to the phone. With that, the phone seemed to be gone through a lot of calamities over it by physical analysis. Though the entire damage was prompted by the customer himself still they catered a replacement with a brand new Redmi Note 4 on 24th of July and further admonished to use Xiaomi certified charging adapters and other accessories.


Forged News : The Phone That Flared Up Was Not A Xiaomi Note 4 2
Source: Twitter

From sources, it has been revealed that the customer was using some other charger which is provided by the company itself for a very long period. We all avow it, that a phone catching fire while replacing the sim-card (evidently ?) is a huge matter of consideration for the people like YouTube bloggers who mushroomed those stories to a different level. Some of the tailgates like some renowned tech blog web sites grabbed the cake and started spreading more rumours.

As the CCTV footage is indistinct, it was quite abstruse to elucidate the brand name as well the model name. Here comes PhoneRadar with their unraveling the cipher stating that the smart phone is of Xiaomi – The Redmi Note 4. As they are aware of the furor in Xiaomi fan community in India, it would be surely absorbed by the people once they see the shocking news about Xiaomi. If anyone watches the video discreetly then it would be hard for him to consider the substance as a fully functional smart phone (is it a smart phone even?). Though the video amassed some 2.5 lakhs views.(objective accomplished!!!)

In an answer to this Xiaomi stated that,

“At Xiaomi, customer safety is of utmost importance to us. We investigated the Redmi Note 4 in the images and concluded that it was a case of damage due to a faulty third-party charger used by the customer. Nonetheless, we worked with the Poorvika store where the unit was bought and replaced the customer’s damaged unit with a brand new Redmi Note 4. However, after a thorough investigation, we cannot validate the source of this video, as it has no relation to this case, and was not from the Poorvika store. In fact, it is unclear if this separate and unrelated incident depicted in the video involved a Xiaomi device.”

Xiaomi officials convicted the tech blog that was responsible for the dissemination of counterfeit allusion about the burst. They decried such irresponsible and irritating activities to any reputed brand. They concluded,

“currently evaluating legal action against this publication.”


Forged News : The Phone That Flared Up Was Not A Xiaomi Note 4 3
Source: TechCase

Though further investigation revealed that the video was acquired from an irregular WhatsApp group and there no such correlation with the particular handset or the retailer shop.

And from technical GPS investigatory report says that the video is generated from Anamangad, Kerala. In addition, the date noted from the video does not harmonize with the date of purchase as acquainted by the buyer in Bengaluru. Also in his statement the purchaser affirmed to Xiaomi that the men in the video do not carry him or any of his folks.

Further the website re-uploaded the video and revised the caption. Now it says,

“Update: TechCase mentioned that the person got the replacement of the phone but the video is not related to him advised their consumers to use only the charging adaptors and accessories certified by Xiaomi instead of any other third-party accessories or chargers. Charging with any other adaptors will sometimes cause aberrant effect to the phone thereby resulting the battery life to languish faster than earlier. Further continuance of this process will overload the battery ions with disproportionate power supply and will end up discharging it by an extravagant outburst.

. It means incident is true but the video is not true.”

As for final statement Xiaomi

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