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Two Students of DTU and IIT Kharagpur Join Google!

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A boy from Delhi Technological University (DTU), Chetan Kakkar, has broken all  pre-existing records in DTU by securing a $1,90,000 (which is approximately 1.27 crores INR) per annum deal from Google. The highest offer that had been made prior to this in the DTU campus was of 93 lakhs (INR).

Kakkar will be joining the Google headquarters in California, after he completes his education in 2016. He is currently in his final year in DTU, where he is pursuing an information technology (IT) degree. Both of Kakkar’s parents teach in Delhi University. His mother, Rita Kakkar, is a part of the faculty in the chemistry department. His father, Subash Kakkar, is a teacher of management studies.

Kakkar,who is an alumnus of Springdales, Pusa Road, has said that the DTU campus has made a great difference to his job prospects and opportunities. He says:

“This was what I had been striving for so far and I am excited to join Google,”

As if this wasn’t enough of an accomplishment for India and engineering students, this deal was topped by an even better one, later on in the past week.  Another student from the world of engineering, has secured a 2 crore per annum deal with Google.

This time the student is Abhishek Pant, a final-year student of computer science from IIT, Kharagpur. Abhishek has a glowing academic record. He has previously topped the CBSE board exams (in his 10th) by securing an incredible 97.6%.

Pant was born and brought up in the United States. His family shifted back to Pune in 2006, despite their worries about his adaptability to the Indian education system. His parents were afraid that he would not be able to sit for a paper for three continuous hours. However, Pant exceeded everyone’s expectations by topping the boards that year.

In the summer of 2015, Pant had interned with Google for three months. He worked in their designs solutions cell after going through an intensive set of interviews. While talking about his interview process, he said:

“As part of the process, I had to do coding in a Google document. I was further interviewed by the project manager. I cleared the third interview as well, and my internship began in May.”

Once this internship had ended, Pant was offered the job. He had to go through another set of rigorous interviews, before securing the job. He will begin working for Google in the September of 2016.He says:

“The journey from Pune to Kharagpur and Kharagpur to Google Mount View in California has been quite exciting. I had a great experience working there as an intern. A job offer is the icing on the cake.”

Working for Google is not the only thing that has Pant excited; the food that they offer at the company office has got him pretty ecstatic too. He says:

“Google offers employees tasty, healthy and free breakfast, lunch and dinner from a wide variety of cuisines such as American, Mexican, South American, Japanese and Italian. They even have a dedicated Indian cafeteria. One of my activities during the internship was to try out all of these cuisines.”

The achievements by these young men have certainly made our country proud. We heartily congratulate them and wish them all the best in their career ahead. Besides, now we all know the secret behind one of India’s oldest traditions. This is why every household hopes that their child will be an engineer.

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