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Foster City: 13 Irresistible Things To Do!

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Are you new to Foster City? Then explore the charm of Foster City and find out some awesome places to visit and fun things to do!

Foster City is located in San Mateo County in California. The city is also sometimes considered as Silicon Valley because of its closeness to the other IT hub cities.

Foster City has a low population with a lot of coastal areas. The people of Foster City are amiable, and it is one of the safest cities in the world!

Let’s explore some of the must-visit places to visit in the city. Also, explore the fun activities that keep the locals entertained in Foster City!

Foster City: 13 Irresistible Things to Do!

Best Places to Visit!

There are several bewitching places to visit in the Foster City of California. There are historical places as well as natural wonders present in the city, and a few of the appealing places to visit are:

  1. Foster City LagoonsFoster city

Foster City’s Lagoon is the first and most magnificent places to visit. The views are worth comparing with some luxurious resorts.

The city’s lagoon is like a widely spread canal that has a walkway made along with the alluring shoreline. The lagoons promote many activities, and it always remains a busy destination.

The canal is over 16 miles long, and the average depth of the canal is six feet. The lagoon is vastly spread, and lots of events, sports, and activities are performed here.

The lagoon is always bustling with people who like biking around the paved trails. Many can be spotted doing some kinds of water sports. And during the year, few events and festivals are organized on the lagoon side as well.

2. Yosemite National Park

Foster city

If we move around 150 miles away from Foster City, then there is Yosemite National Park. The national park is a must-visit destination to visit when in California. It is located on the western side of the Sierra Nevada.

The area coverage of the park is whopping 7,48,000 acres! The National Park is over a century old, as it was established in the year 1890. For the complete exploration of the park’s aesthetics, more than a day is required.

The national park is so enormously popular that over four million tourists visit every year. Yosemite National Park is a complete adventure-packed destination, which has international popularity.

The park is well known for its granite cliffs. The park has several waterfalls, lakes, glaciers, meadows, and other stunning natural wonders.

3. San Francisco Bay Trail

Foster city

San Francisco Bay Trail is a long paved pathway, which gives an amazing view of the shore. The Bay trail is over 500 kilometers long! But unfortunately, it is still under the construction process.

While traveling through the San Francisco Bay Trail, you can reach forty-seven different cities present in nine counties. The project is so huge that it has been made to connect over 130 parks on the way.

San Francisco Bay Trail is open for all kinds of bikers, cycling enthusiasts, hikers, and explorers. It has stunning views as it is made along the enchanting shoreline.

You can witness great wildlife and also gain some environmental education along the way. The trail helps in connecting the cultural and historical sites of the city.

4. Japanese Garden

Foster city

Japanese Garden is said to be one of the finest gardens present in Foster City. The garden has a great reflection of the Japanese Culture.

You can see a koi pond, bamboo groves, and even a tea house in the garden. The Japanese Garden was designed by a landscape architect. The name of the architect was Nagao Sakurai, who was a member of the Imperial Palace of Tokyo.

One of the best features of the park is the cherry blossom trees. During late winters and early spring, the cherry blossoms start blooming. This turns the garden into a heavenly wonder. It is a perfect location for photography and Japanese traditional tea experience.

5. Leo J. Ryan Memorial Park

Foster city

Leo J. Ryan Memorial Park is one of the popular destinations for visitors. It is a recreational park, which was formerly known as Central Park. Later the park was renamed after a great political leader of America, Leo J. Ryan.

The park is spread in a vast area of 20 acres, and the mesmerizing views of Lagoons are visible from here. The park highlights are the sailboat facilities for the visitors, an enchanting waterfront, and an outdoor amphitheater.

On Friday evening, summer concerts are organized for the full-on entertainment of the visitors. The park encourages lots of other water sports and activities because of its proximity to the lagoon. The park keeps on upgrading with time, and maintenance is worth appreciating.

6. Sea Cloud Park

Foster city

Sea Cloud Park is one of the beautiful parks present in the Foster City of California. The park is loved by the locals and remains busy during morning and evening hours.

The park is one of the best places for practicing and witnessing a few games or tournaments. The baseball facilities of the park are impressive.

There are six baseball diamonds and batting practice areas present in the San Francisco Bay area.

You can visit the little league that takes place in Sea Cloud Park. The little league is a baseball tournament for the kids aged between 4 to 12 years old.

7. Peninsula Jewish Community Center

Foster city

Peninsula Jewish Community center is one of the amazing places in Foster City. At the Jewish Community Center, you can explore a lot about Jewish culture and tradition.

If you are confused that it is a religious center, then not exactly. The center has kept the traditions of the Peninsula alive even today.

The journey of Peninsula Jewish Community center began in 1948. The community was a success, and lots of people visited the center. The space became small for visitors who forced them to move to a bigger place.

The immigrants needed to learn the English language, and hence the community center came into existence. The purpose of the community center is the spreading of harmony. Now, the community center has become a great place for learning new activities.

Now the center has fully expanded to become a wellness center. You can see pools and steam rooms, and also be a part of recreational activities.

8. Pulgas water temple

Foster City

Pulgas Water Temple is one of the most aesthetically pleasing attractions present in the city. The water temple is present in Redwood City and was built in the year 1938.

The completion of the water temple took 24 years, and the cost of the building was over $102 million. You can witness the roman and greek architecture in the temple. The temple forms a picturesque scene with blue water and white buildings.

It is a perfect wedding destination, and the views make it one of the best places to visit around Foster City. You can take a walk and have a small picnic here.

Best Things to Do in Foster City!

9. Touristy Things to do

The best thing you can do as a tourist in Foster City is not limited to one or two things. That’s why we have listed out the fun things to do as a tourist.

I.) San Francisco Hop-On Hop-Off Big Bus Tour

Foster city

One of the best ways of traveling through bus tours is that all the companions are tourists. San Francisco Hop-on and Hop-off bus tours will take you through all the major attractions of the city.

You can take an applaud-worthy view of the whole city. The bus will take you around the places, wait for your expedition, and then take you to the next destination.

It is the most convenient service available for the first time visitors. The buses are available on an hourly basis. You can enjoy the multi-lingual recorded commentary on the bus in ten different languages.

There is also a double-decker open bus that gives night tours to the visitors. And it is something worth trying because the city looks even more stunning at night.

II.) Napa Valley & Sonoma – Wine Country Tour

If you are a wine enthusiast or a collector, then having a trip to Napa Valley and Sonoma is a must thing for you. You can book for a round trip to the wineries and have a taste of locally made wines.

You need to above the age of 21 for this particular tour. There is a lot to learn about the winemaking technique from the locally based wineries.

There are luxury and economy tour options for the visitors, and they will take you to the three most famous wineries where you can taste 3 to 5 samples.

The whole journey has an amazing view; you will also get the opportunity of crossing through the Golden Gate Bridge.

III.) Hippie Sight Seeing Tour in Volkswagen bus

Foster City

There are normal tourist vans, and then there are 1970’s model Volkswagen vans laden with hippie items. A tour in a hippie van is something worth trying at least once.

You will get a vibrant colored van loaded with hippie vibes, and it is not only funky but also one of the cheapest ways of exploring the town.

This van will take you to Lombard Street and the Castro before heading to the Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy your trip extraordinarily, and listen to the humorously recorded narrations on the way.

IV.) Golden gate Cruise service

One of the best ways of exploring California is through a cruise. You will enjoy the views of the city from the cruise and also pass from underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

The guided tour is a must for first-time visitors as there is a lot to know about the city’s history and culture. The local guide narrates the story of every landmark that passes on the way.

The cruise service starts from Fisherman’s Wharf. As this one-hour voyage with a lot of scenic beauty is one of the most popular activities to be done around Foster City, it always remains crowded. So, try to reach early for a hassle-free experience.

10. Sports

I.) Water sports

Foster City

Water sports are the most prominent things that can be done by the people of Foster City. The lagoon present in the city is open for all kinds of water sports, and you can try paddleboarding here.

You can go for calm water sport like swimming and canoeing and be a part of the annual canoe races that are organized every year. A dragon boat race is organized annually, which features some long canoes that are 44 feet long with 20 peddlers capacity.

On the windy days, you can go windsurfing. Otherwise, you always have the option of going on a ride on electric boats.

You have the option of kayaking on the current area of the water or go for water skiing for experiencing the thrill. Several tiny and extravagant events are organized in the Lagoon and the San Francisco Bay.

II.) Trails and Hiking Sports

As the Bay trail has been made and the construction is still under process. It promotes lots of recreational activities. The San Francisco Bay Trail attracts lots of bicyclists and jogging enthusiasts. The views of the trail are so mesmerizing that it encourages tourists to explore a scenic driving range on its way.

You can run, walk and even hike on the San Francisco Bay Trail. No matter what you do, the shoreline and the views are likely to keep you feeling uplifted and energetic.

III.) Shells dirt jumps

Foster City

Shell’s dirt jumps are one of the most thrilling activities to do around Foster City. Shell’s dirt jumps allow a great place for the bikers who likes getting airborne for a while.

The lightweight motorbikes are ridden at full speed through the sandy mountains. The bikes remain in the air for a few seconds and then drop down with full force. And that is one of the extreme sports to try around the city.

There are tournaments held in Shell’s dirt jumps, and it is one of the extraordinary places to visit around Foster City. The show is likely to give you a major adrenaline rush.

IV.) Parks and recreational sports

There are lots of parks and opportunities for recreational sports present in Foster City. One of the best parks dedicated to skating is Foster City, Skate Park. Here the skate zones are made for all types of skaters, may you be a beginner, intermediate, or an expert.

Next, you can visit the Vibe, here a lot of teenagers gather together to spending some relaxing time. It is a good hangout place for a large group of people. For adults, there are several golf courses present around the city.

Some recreational activities that you can do here are playing board games and video games. Some small events and tournaments featuring dance and sports are also organized here.

William E. Walker Recreation Center is another place to visit with your children. The views of the place are amazing, and lots of activities are done here. Summer camps are organized here, and the center keeps on bustling with people.

11. Events and Festivals

Every city has some of the best events that are most-awaited and celebrated with great zeal every year. And in Foster City, you can come across several festivals and events that are loved by the people, and a few of them are:

I.) Holi Festival

holi foster city

One of the grandest festivals of India is celebrated in Foster City. The celebration is very colorful as some dry colored powders and waters are mixed along for the celebration of the Holi festival.

Holi is an Indian festival celebrated at the end of the winter season every year. Holi is the festival that spreads love and togetherness. The festival is a colorful one with people drinking and live music to cheer up the crowd.

There are several other festivals celebrated in the Foster City of California, and you can read about them by clicking here!

II.) City Fest

City Fest was formerly known as the arts and wine festivals. It is one of the ravishing festivals in the city, which is celebrated on a large scale. For the last 45 years, the festival has been celebrated continuously.

There is nothing about this festival that isn’t loved. There are delicious food, wines, and art to witness during the celebration. Over 170 vendors participate in City Fest to make it a successful event.

To complete the festive vibes, live music is played for the visitors. You can enjoy food from different parts of the world and irresistible wines to complement it.

12. Food exploration

One of the best things to try on a trip is the local food exploration. For that, there are several options for the visitors, and some of the best places in Foster City are:

I.) Café Florian


Café Florian is one of the elite places located in Foster City. You can find a wide range of food on their menu. Their breakfast buffet is a must-try for all kinds of visitors.

They also have lots of desserts on their menu. The displays of desserts are likely to overwhelm you. The café also offers a wide range of American food items, seafood, and lots of drinks as well.

II.) Sweet Basil

In case you are craving some authentic Thai cuisine, then you should visit Sweet basil. This Thai restaurant offers delicious Thai cuisine. Located in the heart of Foster City, Sweet Basil is one of the top-rated restaurants.

Try out some authentic sushi in this restaurant. Else you can always go for crab cakes, duck fried rice, and Thai samosa as well. There are lots of unique and fresh items present on their menu that you should give a try to.

III.) Waterfront pizza


Pizza is one of the best food that was invented by humankind. It is rapid and easy in the making, and the taste is always heavenly. In case you are craving some pizza, then Waterfront Pizza should be your next stop.

Waterfront Pizza is one of the reputed restaurants of Foster City. They offer pizza at a budget-friendly rate, but the ranges of toppings are quite exquisite. The place is quite popular and remains bustling with people throughout the day.

13. Shopping plazas

I.) Hills Dale Shopping center

foster city

Hills Dale Shopping center is one of the marvelous places to visit when you need to go shopping. And as a visitor, you should see the huge shopping centers as they will give a brief understanding of the city’s culture as well.

At Hills Dale Shopping Center, you have a plethora of things to try. It is majorly visited for shopping, dining, and entertainment purposes. You can witness lots of events going on every day in the central plaza of the shopping center.

II.) Farmers Market

There is nothing better than visiting a weekly farmer’s market. There are several malls present in the city, but they can’t steal the charm of the farmer’s market. Ending your trip without shopping is an incomplete trip.

There are loads of things to buy from the market apart from locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. You can find lots of beautiful handicrafts, home décor items, glassworks, jewelry, and lots of decorative pieces as well.

These were a few adrenaline-rush filled activities that you can do in the prepossessing island city of California. Foster city is one of the moderately populated cities, but it has amazing development.

Foster City has great destinations and prosperous history as well. The city is planned and has perfectly balanced natural elements.

There are several memorial and parks made in the city. The lagoon has increased the charm of the city, which has also facilitated several sports and tournaments.

There are lots of things to do in the city, from water sports and annual races to events and festivals. One of the off-beat places you should visit is Shell’s dirt. You can enjoy the bike stunts and the energy of the crowd.

Also, try to visit the recreational centers if you need guided assistance along with fun activities. There are accommodations available for the visitors, and you can choose according to your budget and comfort.

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