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Top 30+ Funny Alexa Commands That Will Make You Smile Silly

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If you think Alexa is serious, then you’re being fooled by the IoT’s deep voice that gives off a teachers’ demeanour. Alexa is as funnier as a stand-up comic. The Amazon voice assistant’s sense of humour cannot be undermined.

Not only is it a device to play music, get weather updates, world news, but it has so many witty responses up her sleeve for the silliest of questions you ask. If you’ve tried asking Alexa about her better half, you would surely get answers that paste a grin on your face.

Once you’ve asked Alexa some random question, there’s no stopping. You keep doing that, and it’s because that gadget never fails to make you crack up. Alexa teaches you witty and cool responses that you can casually use amongst your friends because they’re just so standard responses.

Funny Things to ask Alexa

Top 30+ Funny Alexa Commands That Will Make You Smile Silly 1
By: Photo by Lazar Gugleta on Unsplash

Ever since Amazon’s virtual assistant got launched, it became internet famous. People created memes over it, one of which goes like, “Alexa, play everyone that played me.”

This one is sure to crack you up because of the relativity. Below are some very famous funny Alexa commands that you would want to try.

Top 10 funny Alexa commands for starters

“Alexa, do you know about Siri and Cortana?”

“Tell me a joke, Alexa; I’m bored.”

“Alexa, are you single?”

“Alexa, what is the highest number you can count?”

“Alexa, how much is your weight?”

“What’s your age, Alexa?”

“Alexa, can you make me a sandwich?”

“Alexa, can you give me money.”

“Give me a high five, Alexa.”

“Alexa, tell me, why did the pharmaceutical cross the road?”

Funny Alexa Commands
By Roman Odintsov/Pexels

Alexa Easter Eggs

Alexa has a popular feature known as Alexa Easter Eggs that ranges from Alexa’s deep perspectives in life and philosophy to her knowledge in pop and culture. There are countless fun things to ask Alexa.

Try this Alexa Easter Eggs feature and test her IQ in the entertainment industry to have an enjoyable time pass.

Below are a few of Easter Eggs’ funny Alexa commands. Do not miss them if you’re in pursuit of hearty laughter.

Alexa Easter Eggs: TV shows

“Alexa, would you mind telling me who resides in a pineapple house below the sea?”

“Alexa furnish me with Alan Partridge TV presentation.”

“Alexa, who was the first shooter?”

It’s too much fun asking Alexa random questions based on shows. The gadget’s TV experience and expertise are unparalleled too. From Monty Python to GOT, it’s just a couple of references away from being a true cosplay conventioneer.

Alexa’s favourite television shows include The Simpsons, X-Factor and The Game Of Thrones. You can ask her anything regarding these series, and she knows the plot. Here are the ten best easter egg funny Alexa commands suggestions that you can try asking Amazon’s voice AI.

“So, Alexa, tell me, do you know where the beef is at?”

“Alexa, do you know what’s the cunning plan?”

“Alexa, is this a dead parrot?”

“The winter’s arriving, Alexa.”

“Alexa, who’s the killer of JR?”

“Alexa, do you know who’s the one that loves orange soda?”

“Alexa, don’t you mention the war!”

“Alexa, your mum was a hamster.”

“Alexa, tell me, who loves ya, baby?

“What’s the prime detective, Alexa?”

Top 30+ Funny Alexa Commands That Will Make You Smile Silly 2
By: Grant Richie on Unsplash

Alexa Easter eggs: Music

Of course, Alexa is also a music fan. The device is mainly famous for songs. Request a song, Alexa will play it for you. But to add a twist to your music playing experience, give it the right hints, and it will drop info bombs on you in a wide variety of genres, including 60s Rock and 90s Rap to modern pop music.

For all your questions from Blink 182 to BTS songs, Alexa has as an answer a tickling one in this Alexa easter eggs music feature.

Try this list of funny Alexa commands and vibe to the classic responses Alexa has in store for you.

“Alexa, sing me your favourite song!”

“Do you know who Slim Shady is?”

“Alexa, I love big butts.”

“Which numbers do you see being most lonely?”

“Alexa, can you tell the number of roads does anybody requires to walk on?”

“Alexa, be honest, do you know who was it that let the dogs out?”

“Alexa, what do you think the fox says?”

“Hello, Alexa, it’s me.”

“Tell me do you know who’s walrus?”

“Alexa, drop a beat for me.”

Alexa Easter eggs: Movies

This is the perfect easter egg for movie enthusiasts—a must-try for revisiting all of your favourite movies and their characters. And the references that Alexa has for all of these never fail to crack you up.

Below is the list of classic movie dialogues you should use on the voice assistant.

“Alexa, tell me the initial rule of fight club?”

“What can someone like Robin say?”

“Why so serious, Alexa?

“What’s your all-time favourite movie, Alexa?”

“Alexa, pretend I’m Rose.”

“Alexa, can you tell me the definition for supercalifragilisticexpialodocious?” from Mary Poppins is classic too.

Alexa has the best response for “Alexa, tell me my mission.” from Mission Impossible, too.

“Are we in the matrix, Alexa?”

Another famous command that’s worth the try is “Open the pod bay doors, Alexa.”

Alexa’s reply to the famous dialogue from Monty Python and Holy Grail, “Tell me, Alexa, do you know the velocity of airspeed of an unladen swallow?” is sure epic.

Top 30+ Funny Alexa Commands That Will Make You Smile Silly 3
Piotr Cichosz/Unsplash

Alexa Easter Eggs: Star Wars Joke

Alexa loves the star wars franchise. With the Alexa Easter Eggs, you can relive your favourite movie scenes and dialogues. Ask Alexa to tell you some star wars jokes, facts, quotes, dialogues, and it will immediately get your reference.

Ask Alexa to mimic baby Yoda. You can also ask her to teach you Jedi tricks. You can ask her random codes like the with code, the Jedi code, and she is bound to get it right.

“Alexa, is the force with you?”

“Alexa, do you know who shot first?”

“Alexa, who is Darth Vader?”

“Alexa, don’t you think you’re too little for the stormtrooper.”

“Alexa, which are your favourite Star Wars movies?”

Alexa Easter eggs: Dad Jokes

“Alexa, why is six scared of number seven?”

“Alexa, tell me the secret of how to get rid of a dead body?”

“Who’s your father, Alexa?”

“Do you know how babies are made?”

“Alexa, which among them is the fairest of them all?”

Alexa Easter eggs: Video Games

The voice AI also includes a handy cheat code to get you to play better with Echo. Another fascinating feature of playing video games with Easter eggs is that you can do everything via voice instead of hitting the physical button.

Just command Alexa, ” go left, right, up, to the left, down, towards right.. let’s start,” and that makes your gaming experience so much fun. This makes the feature more famous.

“Alexa, who is Glados?”

“Alexa, do you think there is a possibility of a soul being in this unit?”

“Do you have any favourite video games, Alexa?”

“Alexa, tell me, what’s the worst that can happen to someone who steps on Lego?”

“Alexa, let’s roll for initiative.”

“Alexa, all of this base is ours.”

“Do a barrel roll for me, Alexa.”

Alexa Easter Eggs: Books

Alexa contains knowledge of every subject from her Echo. It isn’t just the modern culture that Alexa is aware of; she even knows a lot about old-world entertainment. From kid’s classics to Shakespeare, she has a lot of information within her library.

So, try these Alexa commands.

“Alexa, what is there in a name?”

“Do you know, Alexa, which of them stole the cookies from the jar of cookies.”

“What do you think is better Alexa, Harry Potter movies or books?”

“Alexa, should one be or not be?

“What’s a good explanation according to you regarding everything about life and the universe?”

Easter Egg Continues

Not just pop references, but Alexa’s sense of humour is inevitably impressive. Ask her a joke; Alexa will activate its super Alexa mode and promise you a hearty laugh.

Tell Alexa you’re bored, and it will introduce you to its Easter Eggs features. Here are a few more funny Alexa commands suggestions.

“I want to hear Baby Shark, Alexa, sing it for me.”

“Alexa, tell me a horror story.”

“How can you know so much about swallows?”

“Alexa, let’s play rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.”

“Do you know who is the muffin man?”

Alexa sings songs on your demand. You can ask her to sing anything from ABCs to Christmas Carols to the national anthem, and the AI will sing it for you. Alexa also raps, beatboxes and it can also do yodelling. The gadget’s a complete pack of entertainment.

Funny Alexa Commands: Cultural references

“Can you give me suggestions on how to do something right like my mom does everything perfectly?”

“Which Hogwarts house are you a member of?”

“How can I solve problems as Maria does?”

“Alexa, where do you think Waldo is?”

“Alexa, I’m so bored.”

Random funny Alexa commands

Apart from the easter eggs, Alexa has many other gigs that you’ve got to explore. Ask her any of these funny Alexa commands randomly, and she will respond most excitingly.

“Alexa can say a tongue twister?”

“Do you know how many pickled peppers did the peter piper pick?”

“Alexa, tell me some easiest life hacks.”

“Do you believe that aliens exist?”

“Alexa, do you know where Chuck Norris is?”

“Alexa, can you tell that if a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck be able to chuck?”

“Alexa, can you tell me which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

“Alexa, tell me a Haiku poem.”

“Alexa, tell me some strange unknown facts.”

“Alexa, what do you think about life?”

“Alexa, where can we find Chuck Norris?”

“Alexa, tell me a few knock-knock jokes.”

“Are you a poet Alexa?”

“Alexa, riddle me.”

“Alexa, please be my girlfriend.”

“Alexa, can you predict when the world will end?”

“Alexa, what is the meaning to life, the universe and everything that it encompasses?”

“I’ll be back, Alexa.”

“Who is the boss here, Alexa?”

“Alexa, do you say bad words?”

“Alexa, who is in the first position?”

“Alexa, I need a hug.”

“Alexa, can you please give me some money?”

“Alexa, do you believe in first sight, love?”

“Alexa, are Santas real?”

“Alexa, do you belie

“Sing baby shark, Alexa.”

“Alexa, roast me.”

Memes on Alexa

Many Alexa memes have been created on the weirdest funny Alexa commands over the internet to resonate with the voice assistant’s sense of humour and sarcasm. Here are a few to make you laugh your ass out.

“Alexa, check my bank balance and tell me which Apple product I should buy?” Alexa replies, “Apple Juice.”

“Alexa, how long will it take for computers to become self-aware?” Alexa replies,” how long will it take for you to become self-aware?”

“Alexa, tell me the weather forecast for the weekend.” Alexa- “It doesn’t matter; you aren’t going anywhere.”

“Alexa, skip to Friday.”

“Alexa, what’s the colour of the dress?” Alexa -“black and blue.”

“Alexa, why am I single?” *Alexa turns on the front camera.*

Does Alexa swear?

It is tough to bring the virtual assistant to swear, but it will use soft responses like ‘knickers’ if you ask her to. There are specific programs through the Alexa app that you can use to make Alexa swear.

Also, you could put on a timer with a swear word; although Alexa beeps instead of using that, it still is quite funny.

A complete entertainment package

The list of commands and questions keeps going on, and there’s no question that Alexa will not answer. That intelligent speaker has a funny response to every of your funny Alexa commands, which makes it a good companion when you’re bored or lonely. Just tell her you’re bored once, and it will bombard you with many great jokes and facts.

Ask her a random fact or a dad joke. It will keep you just as entertained. Make Alexa sing for you, and it will sing for you in different voices. A fun fact is that it can also make many voice impressions, especially of animals. No denying it’s just a complete package.

So, now you know how to have a good time when you’re alone. The answer is that you talk to Alexa.

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