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Top 10 Funny Internet Blogs to Follow

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Bored during lockdown? Want to follow some funny internet blogs? Then you are at the right place!

The internet is vastly filled up with researches, stories, videos, pictures, blogs and much more. Blogging is a very important part of the internet. There are over thousands of blogs based on various genres such as horror, love, comedy, and thriller.

This lockdown period got everyone bored. Whereas we got you covered. Reading and following some of the best internet blogs can cheer up your mood and you’ll feel refreshed. The demand for humor is vast to escape mental stress. Moreover, since there are several funny blogs, here below are mentioned some of the top funny internet blogs to follow and have a humorous read.

Top Funny Internet Blogs to Follow

1. 9Gag

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Almost everyone has heard of 9Gag. It’s quite famous under funny internet blogs. A clone to Reddit and lets users share their best gifs, videos, pictures, memes, and much other humor content.

It’s a user-generated platform letting one upvote and downvote just like Quora. The highest upvoted content rises to the top of the site. The highest-rated content gets the maximum attention. Users find this site appealing.

This website strategically optimizes high volume keywords, not in competition with the keywords of other websites. 9Gag ranks first under dank memes. Using keywords like this has attracted more audiences.

2. Not Always Romantic

Top 10 Funny Internet Blogs to Follow 1

A unique website that lets users share weird, quirky, funny and other strange things about conversations between them and their loved ones.

This funny blog is home to all kinds of love stories including their first meet, unromantic quotes, heartbreak, and much more. Even if one doesn’t laugh it’s sure to stun you. It’s one of the interesting funny internet blogs to follow when you’re sitting idle.

You can also check out their funny Valentine’s day pranks to prank on your partner or have a burst of laughter. This is probably a funny internet blog that you ought to follow.

3. FunnyReign

Top 10 Funny Internet Blogs to Follow 2

Want some laughter together with inspiration? Well, FunnyReign is for you, the content is all funny, inspirational, humor quotes, coloring books, and many others. You’ll even get to know the net worths of celebrities and news. It covers all that you’re looking for during your boring time.

You can search your query on the navigation bar or look up to some of the articles on the site. Also, use the search bar on the right menu for better results.

FunnyReign is 20 years old, quite old, and has changed its focus since 2 decades. Although their main focus is on just being fun, providing laughter to the audiences.

4. CollegeHumor

Top 10 Funny Internet Blogs to Follow 3

The website is known to provide the most fun content over the internet. Though the name says college, it doesn’t really focus on college students. But it’s the best for intellectual viewers other than other meme sites.

Compared to other websites, the jokes here are precise and detailed giving a punchline. The site is unique and different showcasing videos, collages, and trying to copy stand up comedy by offering more humor details. Be sure to follow this unique funny internet blog.

5. Don’t Even Reply

Top 10 Funny Internet Blogs to Follow 4

A funny site based on classified ads, consisting of old school variety website. Some posts are shocking while other posts are just entertaining.

The website’s author usually searches for a classified ad and replies back to the person posting it. As the original poster replies, the blogger replies humorously including all stupid talks and much more until the receiver gets angry. Although sometimes, you may feel bad for the ad poster.

It’s a window to the earlier internet times. Read each conversation to check the trolling level and have a burst of quirky laughter while you read.

6. The Chive

Top 10 Funny Internet Blogs to Follow 5

The Chive offers you rich and detailed funny content with meme sites. They attract readers by headlines and deliver them with a series of images to explain a certain point. Their style is quite similar to BuzzFeed creating viral humorous content.

Some of the viral list contains; Mistakes were made and the toilet humor you’ll ever see. According to previous researches, these contents have done very well and earned more viewers. Many of these contents are shared over social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

7. Faking News

Top 10 Funny Internet Blogs to Follow 6

The best site under funny internet blogs for Indians. A demographic overlooked by many publishers.

It’s based on Indian culture and their problems. The authors blend daily Indian politics with pop culture to create humor. This is so viral that even foreigners appreciate their humor.

Although Faking News is a platform solely focusing on Indian politics, it the laughter is on the humor it presents. The site targets a large audience without involving in the competitive market. This is definitely a funny internet blog every Indian should follow.

8. Clients From Hell

Top 10 Funny Internet Blogs to Follow 7

Another funny internet blog to follow. Rather than pictures it’s a text-based website.

The platform is simple and focuses on blog documents, which are customer interactions from the employer’s point of view. But here the employers are special designers.

The stories are strangely filled with touches of humor such as a person trying to escape out of debts, illegal requests, and several stories to enhance your mood. As there are many stories, these are all grouped under various types. Types range from deadbeat clients to bigots.

For the design lovers and ones wishing to work in this field, you can check out this website.

9. I Can Has Cheezeburger? 

Top 10 Funny Internet Blogs to Follow 8

The Cheezeburger is quite a funny and attractive name for a blog. It posts trending and funny topics every day. These trending topics attract more viewers than other funny sites. Visiting the site you’ll see dozens of jokes all around the trending topic.

One day the trending topic was regarding cats. Thus you could see all the interesting and funny cat jokes around it. This website is like magic, it exactly knows the taste of readers and posts the trending topic based on it. Their jokes are mostly focused on animals, as in today’s internet sensation is all about animal memes. For which, they were successful in attracting large audiences.

10. Bored Panda

Top 10 Funny Internet Blogs to Follow 9

As the name suggests, it’s for the bored ones. Similar to 9Gag, it is a user-generated platform letting the users post content. It contains funny and amazing stories and there’s a separate section for humor related content.

Bored Panda first checks your content, whether it’s likely to attract readers and is hype. Editors have an easy job here, as they can choose from a variety of contents submitted. They choose the best out of the same stale jokes and ensures that the low-quality content doesn’t affect the value of their other content. Follow this website to engage yourself in free time.

So these were the complete list of funny internet blogs to follow, make sure to follow these and spend your boredom having a peal of laughter.

What are some of your favorite funny internet blogs? Share your suggestions with us! Post your comments in the comment section below!

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