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13 Simple Life Hacks

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Life can be so traumatic as we go all numb and blank during many situations because of particular traits or out of our sheer stupidity. Be it our short temper, carelessness, or lack of focus. We lose many great opportunities in our lives. Here, we have a list of 13 simple life hacks that may be a life saviour for you. Thank me later.

1. We often tend to lose our self-control at times of an emergency. A simple solution for this is using your wrong hand for small tasks like brushing your teeth. This will force the brain to work differently, ultimately improving your self-control. And also, this trick will lead to the more efficient working of your brain. 

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2. Are you a victim of continuous headaches? A quick solution to the throbbing is cutting a lemon into two slices and rubbing it on your forehead. It effectively fades away the pain. Massaging your head and temples is also known to be a great relief. It’s is a simple hack that can help you in real-time.

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3. Have a paper due and low on black ink? Change the font colour to dark tan. It almost looks identical to black. 

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4. Bounce batteries to see if they’re good or bad. Drop them on a table from about 6 inches. If they give one small bounce and fall right over, they’re good. If they bounce around any more than that, they’re dead or on the way out.

5. I have often sent an incorrect voicemail to people and got myself stuck in all the wrong situations. Here is my small technical solution.  Press the “#3” button to erase and re-record the voicemail. 

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6. There are certain situations where you lose all your confidence and start feeling nervous. The best way to avoid this situation is to start chewing a piece of gum.

Your brain will reason that you’re not in danger because you wouldn’t be eating if you were. Focus on your best capabilities instead of focusing on your weaknesses, it’ll help you feel better, and you’ll calm down too. 

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7. We homo-sapiens often tend to eat out of boredom. So, if you ever find yourself searching the fridge for food out of boredom, drink the biggest glass of water you can. This will stop the impulse of hunger. 

8. Have high blood pressure? Eating watermelon has been proven to reduce blood pressure significantly. Also, it would be best if you avoided too much salt in your diet. Meditate regularly. Breathe deeply. That’s is going to help a lot

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9. Stuck in traffic? Pay attention to which lane the 18 wheelers are in. They have radios and usually let each other know which routes to avoid.

10. Want to prevent a mosquito bite from itching? As soon as you feel the itch, rub a glue stick on it, the need to itch will be gone in 15 minutes, and it won’t come back!

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11. Do you often end up in a bad mood just because you’re short-tempered? Well! It would help if you came out of the whole melodrama. You got to exclude yourself from the entire situation before you speak anything or before it tends to trigger your anger.

Take a walk all alone, calm down and rewind and think of the whole drama again. This will help you avoid an impact on your relationship with the people around you.

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12. The entire cycle of stress and drama in our life cause a toll on our health, and we face severe problems like hair fall. A quick solution to this dreary problem is massaging cold-pressed oils like Olive oil and Castor oil in your hair twice a week before washing your hair. They will restore the natural oil balance, and the massage will regulate the blood flow. Plus,  give some time to yourself as well! 

13. The only things that love us during our happy hangouts are our pimples. They pop out of nowhere, although we never really appreciate their joyful presence in our life. But just in case you want to oust them out,  take a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and apply it on the pimple before and after leaving the bed. They’ll run away and hate you forever. 

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These are the simplest of life hacks that can help make your life easier. We would love to know more, and if you have any, we have the comment section below, feel free to share your experiences with simple life hacks. 

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