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Home-Made Remedies to Get Rid of Hairfall

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Hair fall is a serious issue of concern for most of the human beings, especially female. It is so irritating to watch the silky strands of our hair fall by and by, making our scalp nude with scanty hair. Despite applying several medications and oil products, you don’t get appropriate results and you at the end lose hope to prevent hair fall.

Here are a few home-made remedies that can minimise your hair fall-related problems:

The best way to minimise your hair loss problem is by applying perfect or relevant hair oil on your scalp and hair. The best hair oil to minimise hair related problems is coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil. These oil products treat your hair and enable thick hair growth. So make sure that the hair oil you use has one of these products in them. If not, then change your oil immediately. You must massage your scalp with perfect hair oil at least twice a week to reduce hair fall and for thick hair growth.

Amla is another product that can treat your hair fall problems. To seek benefits of amla, we must mix amla juice and lemon juice together and massage it on our scalp for about ten minutes and wash your hair the next day. It will not only reduce hair fall but also make your hair smoother and shinier.                                download (1)

Onion juice is another useful product that can be used to treat the hair fall. Onion not only holds roots of the hair firmly to the scalp but also accelerates the blood circulation to destroy the organisms that are the cause of hair fall and also give rise to various sorts of hair infection. Remember to keep the mixture of juices on your hair for minimum 30 minutes, to gin fruitful results and nourishing hair.

The last product that reduces hair fall is aloe vera. It is the best product to heal your hair roots and hence protect your hair from getting damaged. It moisturises your dry scalp and hair and nourishes the hair surface and binds the root firmly to the scalp. To acquire best results, one must apply aloe vera at least twice a week.


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