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How to Save Your Password From Hackers

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Our laptops and PC’s are very similar to bank lockers. Like a bank locker is used to secure your important documents and jewellery. Similarly, a laptop or a computer secures the most relevant information and data. Imagine that your laptop is in front of you. The next day you have to give a very important presentation. You continuously type for several hours, at times even the entire night, to prepare the most outstanding presentation.

After completing your task, you finally relax and take a short nap before presenting yourself. But as soon as you wake up, you perceive, that someone hacked your account and stole all your relevant data from your laptop. The thought of losing your precious data may dishearten you, and you might lose your job too.


Hacking is one of the major cyber crimes at a global range. The scope of technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that generation by generation the risks of cyber crimes are ascending. Who can prevent crime? We just feel so helpless when one of our favourite or most needed accounts are hacked by a second person whom we are unable to trace.

Instead of sobbing over your loss, why not just take a few preventions to safeguard your passwords from hackers, after all it is the era of advanced technology. So nothing is impossible in today’s era. To secure your password from hackers, you must follow six simple steps:


Never use passwords like “abcd” or “1234” or “abc123” after all these passwords can be easily guessed by anyone. Always think of a phrase before setting your password and convert it into numbers, symbols and alphabets. For example, “i am a passionate writer and love to write novels”, now you can shorten this phrase into “imapwal2wn”, and use this as a very strong password.

imagesTWOM75DNNever use the same password for every website because if by chance one of your websites get hacked, the hacker might hack all your other websites too, after all, the passwords will be the same for all.After creating a strong password for all your accounts, you can select a trustworthy password manager to save all your passwords.

Make sure that your email ids are up to date after all email ids can be used to alter your password in future. Get a strong password generator that can help make your account secure.

You can secure your account password further by adding your personal phone number to your account. A phone number is the most reliable device to set your password again in case your account gets hacked.There are many social networking sites that offer you extra security to recover your password in case you lose your email id and phone. You can select any two or three friends in your friend list that can help you recover your password in case you lose it.


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