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How to be Internet Awesome 101

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Be Internet Awesome is one of the latest innovations of Google, a future designed to safe Internet surfing. But before we get into the topic, let’s discuss an important question first.

What Is The Internet?

Be internet awesome
Be Internet Awesome

The internet is a connecting network between the people through many devices such as computers and other electronic devices as well. The internet is a globally shared network, and without the internet, there is no life which is existing right now.

Internet is the source of online communication to any electronic device, which is called or referred to as online. Be internet awesome and make smart decisions and be one of the internet kind.

The internet is a powerful amplifier that is used to spread negativity as well as positivity. In the generation of youngsters and the growing world, the internet plays a vital role in the part of being internet brave, web smart and learn and gain knowledge about the activities of the internet and safeguard themselves by the lessons taught over the internet.

The Internet is an excellent platform for everything that happens around the world, and everyone, including the kids, is aware of internet-related activities. The Internet stands as a ground for social media activity, and with the help of these, kids can learn about online safety and become more responsible for their social life.

Internet Awesome – An Online Game About Digital Safety and Entertainment

How to be Internet Awesome 101 1
Be Internet Awesome

Be internet awesome is fancy as it sounds it is mainly not a quote but an online game which is prepared by the international society of Google in partnership with iKeepSafe to bring the awareness and knowledge among the kids so that they get ready for a better world on the internet. Be internet excellent main motive of this online game is to teach the kids how to be internet awesome and ensure their online safety.

This game was designed for kids and teach them about the fundamentals of digital citizenship so they can face the world with more confidence and growth within themselves and be internet awesome. This is a challenging game that focuses on giving knowledge about digital literacy to the kids and create a positive impact on society.

The name iKeepSafe itself says that it is a mission which aims to provide safety to children in terms of internet and by securing the account of students and seeing through any inconvenience or problems faced by kids and encouraging them to create a positive impact on society and handle the social media as well and create their ways on to be internet awesome.

It teaches kids about internet safety, and screen time is right to help the kids grow and gain knowledge of the internet and have an official certificate at the end of the game.

Internet awesome is a computer game which includes the curriculum or space of the online classroom and a video game which is called as Interland. The main focus lies on digital safety, and on the way to learning and many fun ways to explore the web-based game, the Interland gives a fantastic and enjoyable experience to kids so that they can take full advantage of this web-based computer game.

It is certainly not like other video games where one can waste time; it is more about learning and giving a hands-on experience so that they can be internet awesome in the online world of today. It has printable classroom activities, and the kids can play this game with a trusted adult and learn about the new media and gain media literacy about the internet.

How to Install the Internet Game – Be Internet Awesome?

How to be Internet Awesome 101 2
Be Internet Awesome

This game is launched by Google to teach the kids about the fundamentals of safety and have fun learning with exciting lesson plans and printable classroom activities.

This game is easy to download and install on the laptop and desktop. This game is made exclusively free on Google, and anyone can have easy access to it. It has different types of levels, and every level has its own hands-on experience through which the kids could learn and, in the meantime, they can educate themselves on digital safety.

Google, in partnership with Interland, has launched this game where kids of any age can play and learn with it. All they have to do is search by the name Be Internet Awesome game on the Google search bar, and there is a link powered by Google, which helps us to install the game on a laptop, mobiles, and even desktop.

This excellent game has wide varieties to it, and kids can learn everything about safety and how to safeguard themselves from any kind of harmful activity that happens over the internet. This game is an encouragement to many kids, and it is a great platform to learn everything about the internet and be internet smart, internet brave, internet kind, and internet security over the internet.

This game is mainly launched to give the lessons for kids about safety, security, and privacy over the internet, and this is done by fun learning. The hands-on experience provided by this game and the younger generation needs to have knowledge about safety and about the advantages and disadvantages of the internet and how to safeguard it.

Be Internet Awesome is made for kids, and it is freely available over the internet, and once downloaded. It can be installed over any device and easily access the game and enjoy the fun learning with hands-on experience and gain knowledge from it.

The Curriculum of the Game – Be Internet Awesome

How to be Internet Awesome 101 3
Be Internet Awesome

Be Internet Smart

This is the most important activity which is a part of the curriculum of the game – be internet awesome and which teaches the kids of the way to be smart on the internet. It is helping the kids to understand the wrong information and understand the importance of internet safety.

It is mainly teaching the kids about safeguarding personal information and keeping it private. This activity makes the kids understand what type of data needs to be downloaded, forwarded, or which kind of data can be copied. It teaches about the fundamentals of digital safety along with the unique yet fun learning lesson plans.

Be Internet Alert

This is another activity that is part of the game and teaches the kids about identifying fake users or non-trustable actions happening online. In this activity, the students learn about the malicious activity that seems to occur over the internet. It is mainly associated with fake emails, fake users, and even the counterfeit documents sent by other people.

Any kind of suspicious activity needs to be reported, and the legal actions need to be taken against it. Internet alert itself suggests that the kids need to learn what kind of activity is harmful, and, in the meantime, what necessary steps should be taken to resolve such problems over the internet.

Be Internet Strong

This activity is part of the curriculum, and it speaks about safety. With the use of the internet, there are many beneficial activities. They help us to learn yet, in this activity, the kids need to learn that if they have any social media accounts of their own in the future then, the account information and the involved data with it should always be kept in private.

This is the best way in which we can safeguard our activity over the internet and reduce the chances of any harmful activity that takes place over the internet.

Be Internet Kind

The Internet is such a place where it has a place for both good and evil, and in this activity, the kids will learn how to be in a positive atmosphere and avoid the negativity of all kinds. The most important part of the internet is taken over by the internet.

Social media activity includes lots of business, which involves posting pictures, and this type of exercise helps the kids understand that one needs not to give rise to any kind of negative comments or disturbing comments to other users. This activity is all about making the kids know that it’s not okay to pass any negative feedback, which can have profoundly severe consequences to it.

Every person needs to be respected, and with the kind comments, it creates room for a positive atmosphere that every kid needs to learn in this activity.

Be Internet Brave

Social media actions have a severe impact on the kids. The kids need to know that if they are in any problem which is related to social media and the internet, they cannot choose to stay silent over any matter. All they must do is talk to any trusted adult or a parent about this kind of activity and make sure that necessary action needs to be taken.

The Internet world is the fastest growing technology in the world, and this activity, the kids will understand what steps should be taken against any harmful activity that takes place with them over the internet.

Benefits of the Computer-Based Program – Be Internet Awesome

How to be Internet Awesome 101 4
Be Internet Awesome

Be Internet Awesome is a program that is launched online to help youngsters and kids to take advantage of the internet and gain exposure to the positive and negative impacts of the digital world and be confident explorers of the internet.

This online game teaches the knowledge of digital citizenship to the kids of this generation in the form of the game. This program is to create a fun-loving and gaming atmosphere that comes with learning.

This game is an online adventure that is composed of multiple levels that can help the kids to get deep into the game, and at the end of this, they can be internet awesome. There re many activities and sessions hosted by this game which enables the kids to interact with the game and experience fun learning.

It is a family guide that teaches the kids everything they need to learn in their everyday lives in the form of lesson plans, which are the conducted online sessions for kids. This game creates a positive atmosphere and encourages kids to secure their digital safety and keep privacy by maintaining online security.

This game teaches the kids how they can keep their online activity and their social media accounts secured. It focuses on the part of teaching the kids how to stay strong passwords for their social media accounts and never disclose it to anyone.

The game involves easy questioning rounds to the kids who require common sense through which the kids could internet smart and internet alert in terms of safety and security. Still, the main motive which lies behind this level is the kids can be able to differentiate what is right and wrong in terms of behavior and how the kids could Be Internet Awesome through this game.

Apart from fun, learning, and the hands-on experience given by this game, it also stands firm to the online threats and cyberbullying of people over the internet. This game is a great platform to be internet awesome, and a part of this is being bold and standing over the injustice caused by people through social media threats and fighting them back.

The main goal of this game is to make the kids learn about social media, the internet, and the steps to be taken if they get any kind of threats from it. It makes the kids healthy and independent so that they have full knowledge of social media and the ways they can be internet awesome.

Summing Up!

This article is about the game which is launched for the creation of awareness among the youngsters and kids about the internet and what are the ways through which one can be internet awesome.

It focuses on the security and the hands-on experience given by this game to ensure that the kids learn everything good and evil and have the sense of being active and robust over the internet and have a positive impact over the internet.

This game not only gives a good experience, but it also has a set of activities that helps the kids to learn everything about the internet and its safety through the lessons and online sessions given by this game.

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