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Who Are You? -The Memory

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Who are you?

who are you
Losing someone can be a painful thing; especially losing someone extremely close to you can be a hard thing to accept. It is hard to move on with life without getting a proper closure. It can be worsened because most people forget the people who pass away while others continue to hold them very close to their hearts. This poem is for those who can comprehend how hard it is to not only lose someone but watch people walk away from them and their memories as if they never happened.

To the people asking me “Who Are You?“, here is my answer:Who are you

You used to be someone everyone knew
The memory of you is as fresh as morning dew
Now it’s all changed, faint like a distant star,
As the world moves on, it asks who you are

What is to be said
You chose a path that only you can tread
What is to be done
O’course, leave us all and go have fun

You are oblivious to the pain,
That hangs around like the clouds before the rain
All you thought about was fame,
Without any shame, you told ‘Think of all that we could gain!’

In the beginning you were a mere nobody
As time progressed you grew quite mighty
Always the difficult path you chose,
Whatever the crisis, above it you rose

You reached the peak,
Though everything looked bleak
You called me your friend, your crew
Even I did not know what you were going to do!

Laughed along the way,
As time flew away
I only wish I could take back,
The day everything went off track

Do I feel Sad? 
Dammit! I should’ve gotten the cue
That’s just a word
What you went through was out of this world

You thought it was a load
A burden you did not want us to hold
Help? You should have just asked!
Now look how you are just in the past

You’re slowly starting to fade,
And maybe that’s how it works; fate.
But no matter how distant or far
I’ll never forget who you are.

who are you

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