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If The God Was A Human, Would The World Be A Better Place?

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Who created humans? The most obvious answer is God. Now, the question is, who is God? Indeed, the one who created the whole universe is God. But all these answers are of the spiritual aspect, right?

But even if one asks the scientific reasons for the existence of God, it cannot be answered mainly. The term “God” is defined in various ways, yet it is unexplainable. It is something much beyond scientific theories and experiments.

Yet, many queries come across, such as can a human be a god? What would the God do if it happens so? Moreover, how does the God came into existence? What if the God was a human? Well, all these confusions are cleared ahead in this article.

If The God Was A Human, Would The World Be A Better Place? 1
God’s original form – if the God was a human.

According to Dr. Brian Weiss, in his book “Many Lives, Many Masters,” his experiences reveal that, in an unknown and unseen space, there are various masters in seven planes.

Through these planes, a soul undergoes filtration. This process of filtration, enhancing the soul’s purity, can make it dissolve into the higher masters present in the first place. These masters are not in any definite form. They are an aggregation of bright lights, giving off positive energy, which we term as “god.”

If The God Was A Human, Would The World Be A Better Place? 2
if the God was a human


There are many books written on the existence and validation of God. What one can interpret from all those, is everyone has different perceptions for a single supernatural entity.

Who Are Humans?

Human beings have been trying for ages to decode this mysterious entity. But the real question is, have they entirely known about themselves? Some have accepted the existence of God and consider themselves a little part of it. Yet some still have not stopped debating and feel science being the sole reason originating life.

According to Hindu mythology, humans were originated from Brahma’s arms. And, the sole purpose of giving rise to them was for creating society and civilization. On the other hand, the Christian faith has yet another varied perception.

If The God Was A Human, Would The World Be A Better Place? 3
if the God was a human

Whatever the perception may be, the creator must surely be thinking that creating humans is undoubtedly its biggest fault. And by now, it would have been indeed burdened by a sack full of regrets, remorse, and the curses of nature.

But why the God is repenting for its creation?

As human beings are continuing to exploit the purpose of their living, the world has become nothing less than hell. But the reason for all the miseries, all sufferings are being credited to that mysterious entity, “god.”


In short, humans, being a part of God, seem to be captivated by evil forces and are devastating the world and altering the way it was before. Doesn’t it seem that instead of creating humans, if the God was a human, it would have been better?

If The God Was A Human, Would The World Be A Better Place? 4
if the God was a human

God Vs. Humans

Now, humans see God as someone much more significant than them. According to their (humans) interpretation, it is omnipresent yet cannot be seen. It is omniscient, but unknown to the increasing miseries of the world, or assumption can be made that “What God does, does for Good.” This statement only makes the condition of the God more vulnerable. The humans begin to think that they are not doing anything, and accusations find its way to the God. How ridiculous, isn’t it? But the previously quoted statement is somewhat considered to be logical.

Then, a lot of questions would inevitably pile up such as

  • If God does something, are humans its puppet?
  • If God exists, why doesn’t it stop the humans from doing wrong things?
  • Suppose if only God has given rise to this whole world, why did he just give birth to evil forces? Was it necessary?
  • Will God ever desire to be a human?
  • If the God was a human, what would it like be?
  • And many more…

If The God Was A Human, Would The World Be A Better Place? 5
if the God was a human

If The God Was A Human, What Would It Like Be?

All the above questions would have had a philosophical answer for sure. But the problem ‘if the god was a human…’, doesn’t it seem something interesting? Would it be sluggish like some of the humans? Would it make mistakes and will carry “karma” with it? Or would it maintain its divinity and change the world, which has turned upside down?

For a while, let’s forget all the questions mentioned above. Now let’s go back and delve deeper into the past, let say thousands or millions of years ago. Now we need not imagine what would be the scenario if the God was a human because many years back, it was there, in the form of humans and that too several times.

When Did God Appear As A Human?

Jesus Christ: Epitome Of Love

Almost between 6 BC and 4 BC, there was the arrival of Jesus Christ, the epitome of Christianity and spiritualism. He is known as the son of God, who came to this world to spread awareness and enlightenment.

If The God Was A Human, Would The World Be A Better Place? 6
if the God was a human


The essence of his teachings was mainly based on love. He preached to love God, to love everyone even if they do anything wrong with you and to forgive others. Forgiveness keeps you at peace, according to him. Now, as he was divine, he got many followers and haters too. Those haters later crucified Jesus in an excruciating way.

This crucifixion is generally considered to symbolize the act of nailing all your sins forever and your soul rising above those and the degradable body, finally attaining salvation.

Now, think about this carefully. Even if Jesus was considered to be the ‘Son of God’, they nailed him on the cross and left him to die slowly.

If The God Was A Human, Would The World Be A Better Place? 7
if the God was a human

He came to earth for the well being of humans, and he did that when he was alive in the form of humans. Some men and women understood his purpose while some misunderstood him. So, to make them realize, he decided to bear the pain.

As it is said that when anything, it might be things or people are in proximity with us, we don’t value them at all. But when we lose the same, we realize finally that how wrong we were. The same thing happened during the crucifixion of Jesus. Hence, from this, it can be concluded that even if the God was a human and was divine, it could not refrain others to inflict pain on it. He could not escape from sufferings.

Now let us see another example justifying this conclusion.

Ramayana: The Tale Of An Ideal Life

Approximately about 7000 years ago, Lord Ram was born. Now, who is Lord Ram? According to an ancient Sanskrit epic “Ramayana,” Ram was the incarnation or, you can also call a manifestation or embodiment of a Hindu deity, Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is considered to incarnate in the eras (long period), and in its every stage where evil dominates upon the goodness, that’s what Hindu mythology says.

If The God Was A Human, Would The World Be A Better Place? 8
if the God was a human

In this incarnation, God, in the form of Lord Rama, had the same purpose only. He killed many demons and stabilized the position of virtues in this world. In the process of doing all these, he lived a wealthy life as well as led a famished one too. But if he was a god or rather a form of God, what was the need to go through innumerable miseries?

He could have shown his eternal power, and through it, could have changed the whole world. But instead of doing this, he chose to suffer. He went into exile to the forest only to fulfill his father’s firm commitment, which lasted for 14 years. During the exile, wandering in the woods along with his younger brother, ‘Lakshmana’ and wife ‘Sita,’ he killed many demons.

But then, when they got peacefully settled somewhere in the forest, living in a thatched hut, unfortunately, Sita got abducted by another demon, Ravana. Being grief-stricken, he started wandering again along with his younger brother, in search of his wife.

If The God Was A Human, Would The World Be A Better Place? 9
if the God was a human

After struggling for months, he finally found out his wife. But then, to rescue her, he had to again fight with the demon who had abducted her. Finally, he won the war, killing the beast and rescued her.

It is not like that only Lord Rama suffered all through his life. His wife, Sita, also regarded as an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, suffered a lot too. She suffered while she got abducted and remained captivated, surrounded by a horrifying and dangerous succubus (female demons). After she got rescued finally and was about to lead a happy married life, the citizens of the country put a question mark on his character. They doubted her virginity. So, she decided to go to another exile on her own.

There were two reasons behind doing this. One was to not let the traditional royal rules lose their validity, and the second one was preventing Lord Rama from being accused of not bearing the responsibilities of a king for a mere emotional attachment. Rama and Sita equally suffered due to this.

Further, being an independent and responsible woman, he brought up his two sons and made them skilled in every aspect with the help of a guru. Her sons, later knowing the truth, decided to give justice to their mother. They wandered in their hometown among the citizens making them understand her situation.

A hope took birth that everything would be fine now. But the citizens were divided into two parts- one side was in Sita’s favor while the other hand was against her. When she was again asked to go through a test to certify that her character is unstained, she chose to do that by ending her life forever.

It was then only when the citizens who were continuously accusing realized that they were wrong and have done a wrong deed.

Concluding Lord Rama’s life, we are at the same place where we were. His life was full of suffering, too, through which he taught many things such as sacrifice, obedience, being respectful to others, and other aspects of an ideal life to lead one. Through changes, both gains and losses are likely to happen. Hence, even if the God was a human, it had to suffer while bringing changes over the world.

Had The Whole World Changed When God Was A Human?

From the above evidence, you must have known that God was a human often, and has been in the form of human several times whenever it was needed. And the notable thing is, in whichever way it (God) appeared, it taught the people to walk on the right path and tried to change the world through its sufferings. Without any performance of magic or application of divine power, it always works to improvise the worse situations the world goes through.

If The God Was A Human, Would The World Be A Better Place? 10
f the God was a human

Now, it is undoubtedly confirmed that the divinity of God cannot change the whole world. It could succeed in changing the perception of a part of this world, but it could never replace the whole of it. God, even being much powerful, cannot completely stop the people from doing wrong things.

When God was A Human, was it Why Is Krishna Blue In Colour? Sluggish?

If the God was a human and whenever it was a human, it was never ‘a slob like one of us,’ as questioned by the American singer, Joan Osborne in her song ‘What If The God Was A Human, One Of Us?’ and, would never be.

Why God did give rise to evil forces?

If there were betterness all over the world, it would be taken for granted gradually. And suppose it could have never been taken for granted, then the world would have been an ideal place, which is not at all possible. Both science and philosophy disagrees with the theory of being an idealist.

If The God Was A Human, Would The World Be A Better Place? 11
if the God was a human

Then Vs. Now

Is there any God in the form of humans now? Of course, there are plenty of them. In today’s time, God exists in the form of many saints, which are often found out to be fraud ones. So, does God has also been captivated by evil forces like humans now? No, it is just the humans that are fascinated by the evil forces, and they only are misusing the faith one has upon God, giving validation to God’s existence through theirs.

if the god was a human
if the God was a human

But why God has not been in the form of a human yet? Why is there no god as a human? Today’s condition has been more worsened than the previous ages. So, why hasn’t God come as a messiah to save this world yet? Wouldn’t the world change if the God was a human now?

No matter how much enlightenment is being spread, the evil overpowers, the better every time and everywhere. If today’s condition would be shown on a pie chart and the chart would be divided into a million parts, then goodness would be only one part, and the rest would be occupied by evil forces.


The main question was- will the world transform into an ideal place to live in, if the God was a human? The first thing is whenever the God was a human or if now, would be one, it has gone through many sufferings and would go through the same. Without pain, nothing can be attained, be it the God or a human who has to suffer. And the second thing is nothing is ideal and could never be. Not even the whole of the world, also if it goes through the power of God’s divinity.

Its divinity could only affect humans partially to make a significant change at a slow pace. What is your take on the question if the God was a Human? Do tell us in the comment section.




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