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It Always Seems Impossible Until it’s Done – Why You Should Never Give Up

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It always seems impossible until it’s done; therefore, we talk about why one should never give up on their goal in this article. Many things were considered impossible ten years back, but with some people’s consistent efforts, those things are possible today.

Who would have thought we’ll have virtual assistants like Alexa, Instagram,4g internet speed, and OTT platforms like Netflix fifteen years ago? Many inventions and technological advancements were happening all the time, which wouldn’t have been possible if those innovators had quit at first failure.

With today’s fast-paced life and desire for quick results, people often lose patience and deem a task impossible because it’s taking time. But even impossible says I M POSSIBLE, and hence one must have the patience and courage to see the task to its end.

It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done – Why You Should Never Give Up

1. You May Not Know, but You Are Almost There

Maybe you need to push yourself for the last mile. Maybe you don’t see it right now, but you are close to reaching your goal. But if you give up now, all those efforts and time will go wasted even though you were so close to achieving your dream. It always seems impossible until it’s done, so never give up.

It may seem impossible right now, but Hey! It always seems impossible until it’s done. It took Martin Luther King decades to bring civil rights amendments finally. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, the company he gave his everything to, but he didn’t stop pursuing his dream, worked hard, and soon came back and became Apple’s CEO.

2. Failure Is a Better Teacher

Even Mahatma Gandhi had to face several obstacles while uniting India, he was also jailed for a peaceful salt march, but that didn’t stop him. He came out of jail, organized civil disobedience movement, got the support of millions of Indians, and in 1947, India got independent. This is a perfect example of how it always seems impossible until it’s done and why you should never give up.

Failure is not final; it’s another step towards success. It teaches you what not to do, exposes faults in your plan so that it can be perfected, and you finally achieve your goal. It’s heartbreaking and discouraging, but life is not a bed of roses and remember the night is darkest just before the dawn.

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3. Time and Effort Wasted

If you quite right now, all the efforts you put, all the energies that you dedicated to your project for such a long time would all be for nothing. You may feel like all the effort got wasted when you don’t see an immediate result, but that’s false.

If you keep going, learn from mistakes, and don’t give up eventually, all those efforts and time you put in your work will pay off. All you need to do is have patience, work harder, and you will achieve your dreams.

4. You’re Killing Your Dream

Remember how passionate you were when you started? Remember, what motivated you? Remember how much you believed in your dream that you risked a lot of things to pursue it.

You know how much accomplishing this task means to you, and therefore don’t give up on it and kill your dream just because now you lack motivation. Take a break if you need one, it may help you freshen your mind a bit but then get back and start again. Following your dreams and achieving goals has never been easy for anyone and it isn’t going be easy for you either, so buck up, get back to the stage and finish the act.

This is also the difference between ordinary and extraordinary people. Extraordinary people believe in their dreams enough to stay motivated throughout and achieve their goals. You get one life, be extraordinary, pursue your dreams, and never give up because it always seems impossible until it’s done!

5. If You Won’t Someone Else Will

If you won’t have faith in yourself and quit on your dreams, then know that maybe not now, but soon somebody else with stronger will would achieve what you have always dreamed of achieving, and then it’s going to hurt you worse than anything else ever have.

The fact that somebody else achieved what you have always dreamt of achieving will cause you so much pain and regret. Therefore, it’s wiser to hold on to your dream a little longer because it always seems impossible until it’s done. Don’t kill your dreams because you see no light at the end of the tunnel right now; sometimes, you have to be your own light in the darkness.

6. Technological Innovations and Advancements are Happening All the Time

People quit on their dreams because they don’t have the necessary tools or resources right now to make their dream project, or technology isn’t advanced enough to provide those tools.

The creation of the internet was important for so many latest techs, and for the internet, the invention of computers was important. Advancements happen all the time in existing models to create a better version of those models.

Even if this is the case, just sitting out and abandoning your dream is not an option. You can do two things, firstly create the tools that you need yourself. This may also help other people who need the same tools for their projects. Secondly, if possible, work extra hard, be creative and make do with what you have right now. But waiting and abandoning is not an option.

7. If You Won’t Believe in Yourself, No One Else Will

A fact indeed. In life, you’ll find more naysayers than supporters. Even people you don’t know properly are waiting to see you fail. Therefore, more often, you are your only confidante, your only supporter.

You must pick yourself back up every time you fall and start walking towards your goal again. You will find many other people who will try to hold you back, so don’t be one for yourself. Be your biggest admirer instead.

Know that others are trying to create hurdles because they don’t know anything better to do. More than you, it’s people around you who will explain why your dreams are impossible to achieve.

But you don’t have to give in to their negativity. You have to be your own knight in shining armor, your own hero. All these things may sound theoretically easy and practically impossible to achieve but remember, it’s impossible until it’s done.

Accomplish your goals and see naysayers turn into people telling you they always believed in you. Stephen Hawking got neuron moto disease and yet wrote books, discovered Hawking radiation, published theories about cosmology and quantum mechanics

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8. Your Goal May Bring a Change for Better

You may not be able to see this now, but your success or achievements can have multiple applications and be crucial in bringing a change for society’s betterment. Some of the great discoveries in history have been either a mistake or an accident too. You have no idea where the process of achieving your dream can take you or how it can surprise you.

Madame Curie’s work on radioactivity and Radium’s discovery still finds so many applications, an apple accidentally fell on Newton, and he discovered gravity. So never give up because it always seems impossible until it’s done.

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9. The Taste of Sweet Success

Suppose nothing else motivates you to think of the sweet taste of success and recognition that you will get once you stick through the end and accomplish your goal. More than recognition and popularity, what matters will be that satisfaction. The result of not giving up even in the grimmest of situation paying off, the satisfaction of having accomplished something that you were passionate about in this life.

Also, success will further boost your confidence and encourage you to aim higher the next time and dream bigger. How proud and happy your loved ones will be when they see you succeed. Your success is also theirs for being there with you when you were at your lowest or because they provided you with either financial or moral support.

Use all these things as your motivation and keep going. Don’t let the initial failures make you hopeless and bitter, work hard and be patient to taste the sweet fruit of success because it always seems impossible until it’s done and once done has the power to revolutionize a field.

10. You May Inspire Someone

When you succeed in life, you set an example for other people. There is someone out there who is going through similar hardships as you are. Your story will inspire them, help them believe in themselves, and not give up. Be an example of how it always seems impossible until it’s done, and therefore, one should never give up.

If not millions worldwide, you will definitely inspire the people around you to follow their dreams, and even that holds a lot of importance. If, while achieving your goals, you can inspire even one person to consider your life worthwhile. There are so many great world leaders who keep inspiring people even in death.

Stephen Hawking is a legend for all aspiring astrophysicists, Einstein, for a physicist, APJ Abdul Kalam, and his work on missiles for the Indian army and ISRO still inspires youth. Other celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar, Shar Rukh Khan, and Oprah Winfrey were all born ordinary people, but their will to never give up on their dreams inspire millions to not give up on their either.

11. You’ve Got Only One Life

You only have one life, limited time on earth, so why not use every second of it to follow your dreams? Instead of looking for security and living an unhappy life, it’s better to give everything to your dream and live a fulfilling life.

As someone said, add life to days and not days to life, and the best way to do that is by doing what you love the most, what you are most passionate about. A passion, a goal, a dream gives your life meaning. It gives you a purpose, and to dedicate yourself to that purpose should be your aim.

You will get disappointments and failures in your tasks, but that’s all part of life, and it always seems impossible until it’s done. The worse the hurdles you cross, the sweeter is the taste of success. So, please don’t deprive yourself of that satisfaction and happiness of a win by quitting early because it always seems impossible until it’s done.

12. You’ll Get a Different Perspective in Life

Every success, every accomplishment, every failure, basically any event in your life gives you a different perspective. A failure will tell you what went wrong and give you a different perspective. It will tell you about the different variables you should consider in your experiment.

Don’t hesitate to pursue your goal because, if nothing else, it will definitely give you a different perspective on life. Sometimes the learnings you get from one event in life teach you things that can be applied to a broad spectrum of other things and, therefore, never give up because no matter the result, the whole experience won’t be a time wasted all.

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13. Use Your Time on Earth Productively

Being passionate about something, you work towards it more diligently and sincerely. You don’t often need a break and don’t get worn out quickly because you are doing something you really love.

Therefore, it ensures you use your time productively. You upskill or re-skill yourself in the process, try different variables, improve with your mistakes, make new mistakes but then correct those too. That is why following your dreams make sure you use your time wisely and give your best. Your productivity is at its peak when you are brimming with ideas and working on implementing those ideas. So never give up.

14. Dreams Help You Find Yourself, Know Yourself Better

Last but not least, in this process, you also discover yourself. How you like to handle things, how you like to work, what or who works for you, and what doesn’t. All these things help you know yourself better and be a better person than you were yesterday.

Not just professionally but in your personal life, following your dreams and discovering yourself gives you a perspective. What you want from your relations is your private space, who brings encouragement and positivity in your life, who is showing trust in you now at your worst and being naysayers. All of this helps you to assess your capabilities and relations better and are supremely important to know while you embark on this journey of following your dream.

The whole experience may also charge you for the better. It may make you calmer, more focused, and more patient, essential traits in a human being. It may also make you stronger, Self-reliant, and a more confident person who will be important for the next journey you embark on after success. That is why you should never give up on your dream because it always seems impossible until it’s done.


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