It’s All About Your Perception.

It's All About Your Perception. 1

“Pain demands to be felt. Anger rises and never melts. The times you have to pretend okay, but inside you die. Wear the game face and keep you head high.”


Contentment, delight, gratification, these words have traveled a long way in our lives and left us midway. Or have we left them? And now, these have been replaced with greed, jealousy and revenge. Instead of being satisfied with what we have, we desire for more. The pleasure, the happiness has been over powered by the jealous devil in us. We plan for a payback, but what if we accept the reality and move on with it and think whatever happened is for the best. They say, life is a great teacher. Surely, life educates us with what is right and what is wrong. But at times, we humans fail to make decisions and blame it all on our lives. And then we say, life is not fair at all.


There are instances which may hurt us in a drastic way. Whether it be, clashes with our co-workers at office, misunderstandings with spouse, or a random comment by a classmate in school for that matter.

We have seen how these little things affect people and lead them into depression.

Instead of just sitting and cribbing over it, show him how well you can excel in your work and get promoted, discuss with your spouse and try to sort out the issues. And well, about that random comment? People talk, whether you do good or bad. If you achieve success, jealousy speaks. If you fail, sympathy speaks. He/she comments about your weight, go walk or exercise and get into shape and ifyou’re too lazy to do so, the greatest thing one can do about this is “just ignore.” It’s us, who do multiplication of complication and worsen our lives. Life is actually very simple, we complicate it, sadly. When you say, you get negative vibes from someone, is it actually the person who forces it onto you or you yourself begin to believe it? Do not form opinions immediately, always look for positivism, things would be different and better.Change-your-persception-Alive-Again-Positive-Living-Spiritual-Enlightenment

There arrives a point, when your conviction begins to fall apart. You feel everybody’s going to cause pain to you sooner or later. This empty headed policy of ours, is what we need to bring a change in. The problem is not the problem, but the problem is your attitude towards the problem and how well you deal with it. It’s not just yours, but nobody’s life is perfect. Every other person we meet has problems. But eventually everything gets better, and if it doesn’t, it’s not the end. If you genuinely try from the bottom of your heart, nobody can stop. It is just you who can make it or break it. And as there is a saying,

“Where there is a will, there is a way,”

if you do not find a way, you should make one. You get an opportunity, grab it. Remember, life doesn’t give second chance to everyone. We all make mistakes, but the thing that is required after that is rectification. Observe and verify what took you there, where you should not have been landed up. Give yourself some time. Believe in yourself. Be kind and be grateful towards your existence. You have got one life, make the most of it.

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