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Life Hacks To Save A Relationship

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There are over more than 100 articles available on Google regarding relationships. But let’s talk about something different that is life hacks to save a relationship. The relationship is a true bond between two souls. Saving a relationship is also a big challenge and not very easy. So here are some life hacks for saving a relationship and trust me it will work.

life hacks to save a relationship
Rosie Ann

1. Giving Compliment

A compliment is nothing but appreciating others. Giving a compliment to your partner is a sweet gesture. To be very honest, everyone loves to hear a compliment from the person he or she loves the most. A compliment is not only good for your partner whom you are giving the compliment but it also develops self-esteem and confidence inside you.

Just give compliments when your partner wears a beautiful dress. This will be a nice move to make your partner’s mood special. This is one kind of life hacks that will work for saving a relationship.

2. Saying Sorry

saying sorry
Suzy Hazelwood

Now, this is another type of life hacks to save a relationship. Apologizing to one another is not a big deal. Saying a sorry to your partner will not let you down. Suppose you and your partner have a sudden fight and after some time you realize that you were wrong. Then first and foremost thing you can do is that, go straight and tell your partner sorry without any excuses. Try to confess that you were wrong and you are sorry for that.

Another thing you must keep in mind that you should try to know the motive of your apology and try to acknowledge your partner’s feelings too. A simple sorry will heal a lot. And please try not to be egoistic, sometimes you may be right but for sake of saving the relationship you have to say a little sorry. Ego is also a big enemy of a relationship so try to avoid ego and unnecessary arguing to save your relationship.

3. Not To Be Over-Possessive

Being possessive is good for a relationship it’s a cute gesture of your partner to show that he or she is feeling jealous. But be an over-possessive partner is dangerous for a relationship. Trust is very vital for any type of bond. Trust builds a relationship more strong day by day. Don’t be over possessive if your partner talks with another girl or boy it seems like you are dominating your partner.

Let your partner talk with everyone and allow your partner to do whatever he or she likes to do because the relationship is all about trust. Don’t make your partner feel suffocating and dependent. Just give your partner enough space to just do whatever your partner likes to do. According to me, this type of life hacks will work if anyone follows it.

4. Be More Caring

Caring is a sweet thing one can do. Caring is not only about taking care of your partner but it also describes your feelings and how much you are concerned for the person you love the most. Suppose if your partner is not feeling well for any reason, just ask him or her about his or her health or take care of his or her medicines and ask your partner to take the medicines at the right time.

I know this is very common and most of you already do this but still be more caring towards your partner will increase the strength of your bond. Take care if you are in front of your partner. Caring in front of everyone will make your partner feel more special. It will also reflect on how much you are protective of your partner. This type of life hacks is common but still very important to save a relationship.

5. Giving Time

givnig time
Helena Lopes

Giving time also describes how much you are giving your partner priority. First let’s talk about a long-distance relationship means when you are far from your partner and a day might be very busy and you have a busy schedule. In that case, try to give your partner a minimum time which will make your partner realize that he or she is also very important that’s why despite the busy schedule you at least manage a minimum time.

Now if you are not in a long-distance relationship, then try to spend time despite being using social media. Spending time with your partner will also reduce your stress. Life hacks as this one will work to save a relationship.

6. Planning For A Surprise


Everyone loves surprises. But if the person whom you love the most will plan a surprise for you it honestly feels more special and satisfying. Try to plan a surprise trip with your partner or try to surprise your partner with gifts.

No, I am not talking about expensive gifts even if you give your partner small gifts it will show your efforts and concern for your partner. If you try to remember one another’s birthdays and some important dates like when you first met and try to make that day special by giving some surprise then it will be a plus.

7. Expectations

Ketut Subiyanto

There are some expectations which your partner expects from you. There are many life hacks that I have mentioned in this article but still when this life hack fails it hurts. So try to fulfill one another’s expectations as much as you can. Expectations will be of anything.

Suppose your partner wants you to be with him or her and spend a special day together and you are not there because you are busy doing another thing. Just try to give some priority to your partner’s expectations and try to fulfill it. This type of little thing will give your partner happiness.

8. Be Committed

Andrea Piacquadio

Commitment is also a very important thing in a relationship. A healthy relationship needs a commitment to staying beside one another in a hard time. Certain situations will come but if one is committed then it will a better chance which can save a relationship. Be committed to someone is also means dedicating yourself to that person.

Try to take some responsibilities of your partner, it will make the bond strong and when you will start taking some responsibilities of your partner then he or she will feel that you are committed and understand your love towards him or her. These life hacks will works like a magic to save a relationship and also to make your bond stronger.

9. Be Supportive

be supportive

Respect each other’s decision and support it. Being supportive doesn’t mean to say yes whether it may be wrong, no that’s not. Just try to support the positive decisions which your partner wants you to stand with him or her. In case, if you are feeling that the person you love the most is not taking the right decision or the current path which he or she choose is not a correct one then try to make him or she understand why you are not supporting it.

There should be a valid reason by which you can able to convince your partner and maybe changing her wrong decision into the right one. But remember one thing never force your partner to do something out of his or her comfort zone just because you are not supporting his or her decision or step. Maybe your partner has an ambitious dream in that case try to support as much as you can. This is also an important life hack and can be added to the list of life hacks to save a relationship.

10. Clearing Doubts or Misunderstandings

Ketut Subiyanto

Misunderstandings, now it is what that destroys or ruins any type of relation. Small confusion or doubts may lead to a big misunderstanding which further is enough to destroy a happy relationship within just a few seconds. First and foremost thing you should keep on your mind that you must find the main source of the misunderstanding. Then look into the matter and try to make your partner understand and clear all the doubts as calmly as you can.

Clearing doubts or misunderstandings or confusion face to face is a better option rather than sorting it out through calls or text messages. Calling or texting that time is not a very good option rather it may be tougher to handle the situation. And also be prepared for answering all the questions of your partner at that time. If you are true and honest then you need not worry about, everything will be fine after clearing the doubts between both of you.

I want to tell something those who are reading this article is that relationship takes years to form but it takes a few minutes to break. Lastly, I want to add one more thing that efforts to save a relationship should reflect from both the side then it will make the right balance. A one-sided effort will not work and not be enough to save a bond. So these are some life hacks to save a relationship and trust me it will work if you follow it by heart.

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