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Man In A Manhood

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Girls are precious to us. In Indian society, they have been given great respect. In all religious books, girls are accorded the greatest respect. It is believed that a girl carries the moral values from her parents to her husband’s place and then carries them forward to her children. But society is forgetting the way one must treat a woman! We regularly come across news and headlines explaining how women are disrespected and harassed in our country and across the world.

But hang on! What about the males? Have you ever thought of the situations they go through? Or what are the problems faced by them in their lives?

Life isn’t easy for men too! They too have problems, rather many problems.

Problems surround a male from the time of his birth. Of course, it is an old saying, but certainly true, that a girl won’t be able to look after her parents after marriage, so all the house members start expecting this from the baby boy, right from the time he is born! Poor guy! He just entered the world, and his family already begin to expect acts of salvation from him. As time passes, these expectations start to grow with the age of the boy. The mothers always want their boys to become the king of the world, but they forget that the king alone can’t control the world! However, no one can change the perception of mothers.

It is believed that girls have to be given proper care when they enter their adolescence. People are worst with girls when in adolescence. We can trust no one! But don’t you think the same happens with boys. They, too, are humiliated, harassed, and raped! However, I don’t think that anybody has the time to think about such stuff. But boys are raped too; they too are unsafe. And you know what, they will never share such things with us because society expects them to act strong!

A man manages to complete his adolescence years; however, his responsibilities don’t end there. He is further expected to be the most gentle and civilized person. The problem that arises is the increase of pressure and expectation rather than anticipation, and this is all because of a new member added in his life- a “WIFE”.

According to religious traditions, a girl comes to her husband’s house after marriage. Now this doubles the responsibility of a man. He has a new one to look after. Initially, the money he was earning was, say, for three people, but now it will be split among four people. And being a male in the family (nuclear family), he is the only one on whom the family members rely. And with time, he has a baby, and if it’s a boy, the process of expectations goes on.

It is never about bringing something out of nowhere but a point that we should always be aware of, that men suffer too! It’s just they never tell how they feel about it; they keep fulfilling everyone’s wishes, whether it is his parent’s dream or his wife’s expectations or even his child’s wishes!

Thus let us take the time to appreciate the men in our lives!

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