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15 Weird Useless Facts you Somehow Need to Know

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Wanna know some weird useless facts to spend your time?

You remember the time when you read interesting random facts on social media or any book and you go think to yourself, now that’s something I can share in a group and look cool. There are so many things that we come across that do not seem normal and are hard to believe and our first reaction to something that rare is “How weird!”

Most people are shocked when they get to know these kinds of weird facts; you know what you need to do with them? Surprise them by telling these weird useless facts that you probably didn’t need to know as the world is full of amazing things happening and the more you get to know these facts; you are more open to learning new things.

Here are 15 Weird Useless Facts that you probably didn’t need to know:

1. You can’t see your Eyeballs Move

15 Weird Useless Facts you Somehow Need to Know 1

Go in front of a mirror and try to see the movement of your eyeball. Done? Did not see anything? Wonder why? This is because when your eyes move, your brain blocks your vision (on purpose) to avoid blurring. Its scientific term is “Saccadic masking”. It isn’t as weird as it sounds other people can still see your moving eye balls but you can’t.

2. One Man for All the Ladies

15 Weird Useless Facts you Somehow Need to Know 2

We all knew that during sex there are so many sperms that fight with each other to reach the destination i.e., ovum but have you ever wondered what would have happened if men ejaculated one sperm for one ovum. A single man would have the capacity to make every woman on earth pregnant!

It sounds weird but the truth is a man can produce 525 billion sperm and the world population is 7.5 billion; now you can do the math. This is one of those weird  facts that tell us how this world can be a male-dominated society than it already is.

3. A 16-year-old Crashed a Flight

15 Weird Useless Facts you Somehow Need to Know 3

A routine flight- Aeroflot flight 593 suddenly crashed the investigation revealed there were no mechanical faults in the aircraft so what happened that caused so many causalities? Well the reason will shock you to your very core the pilot invited his 12-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son to the cockpit to experience how it works. This 16-year-old disengaged the Auto-pilot and by the time the pilot took over the controls, it was too late.
A total of 75 people onboard out of whom 12 were crew members and 63 passengers died, it was traveling from Moscow, Russia to Hong Kong.

4. No one has Ever Watched a Full Movie

15 Weird Useless Facts you Somehow Need to Know 4

This is one of the most weird useless facts that you just didn’t need to know.

Don’t get mad at me I am not questioning your loyalty of being a movie maniac. The weird fact is that the blinking of eyes causes one to miss 10% of the movie. So if your movie is of 150 minutes, your eyes were shut for 15 minutes. How to deal with this weird problem? Easy. Watch the movie you like so many times that you can see the parts you missed and then you can proudly say you have watched a full movie.

5. Your Body has more Bacteria in it than you Think it has

weird useless facts

When you think of Bacteria does your brain comes up with something gross that will ruin your food? Don’t be so judgmental because your body has it too. What is your weight? Whatever it is 4-6 kgs of that is Bacteria. Now you must be thinking how much that exactly is? Then here are some figures for you- 1 bacteria weighs about a Nano kg, So imagine the bacteria that is inside you to make 4-6vkgs!?

6. Indian Housewives’ Gold Reserves

15 Weird Useless Facts you Somehow Need to Know 5

India’s Culture and religion have taught them that all the goddesses wore golden ornaments and the fashion of wearing gold is popular among them for a long time. Indian Housewives possess 11% of the world’s gold, which is more than the reserves of the United States, Switzerland & Germany altogether.

7. Satellites Named Tom and Jerry

Have you watched Tom and Jerry- Blast off into outer space? This cartoon movie that was part of our childhood memories is true for your information. To study the Gravitational anomalies of the earth, NASA has 2 satellites chasing each other. The distance between the two satellites is measured and used for research. They are very aptly named TOM & JERRY.

8. Women have a Better Sense of Colors

weird useless facts

No I am not saying this because women chose better colors for new rooms nor have better fashion sense. It is quoted that everyone sees the world differently, but how legitimate is that if we compare do men and women see different colors. Many researchers proved that women are more sensitive and happen to know more colors than men. Women can distinguish even the slightest difference in shades of the colors whereas men think of all the shades of a color to be the basic color. Now you know who to go to get better opinions on colors!

9. Dead People can get Goosebumps

15 Weird Useless Facts you Somehow Need to Know 6

Did you get Goosebumps reading that fact? Usually we get Goosebumps when it’s too cold or we are scared so it feels weird and spooky that how can the dead body gets Goosebumps. After a person dies muscles and joints stiffen after few hours it’s called “Rigor Mortis”, there are tiny hair follicles on your skin, and when the inner muscles stiffen it appears as the dead body got Goosebumps.

10. Honey never Expires

15 Weird Useless Facts you Somehow Need to Know 7

100% Natural Honey is the only food product that never goes bad. Don’t believe me? Proof is the honey that was buried with the Mummies of Egypt is still in good condition and is still edible. Weird huh? Unprocessed honey has a shelf life of 100 years.

This is because honey bees need food for winters and they had to biologically create food for themselves that can stay for months. So they make food that has low pH, no water, and lots of sugar in it hence no room for bacteria voila we have honey preserve it for your great-grand-kids and remember that honey bees play a major role in the ecosystem so be careful and use it wisely. We can verify this if we live for hundred years.

11. Paper can be folded into the size of the Universe

This is a weird fact as you must have heard that we cannot fold a paper more than 8 times but the truth is if we take a paper so large and have the energy to fold it; it can become as thick as the universe itself. Don’t believe me? It is pretty useless but If you fold a paper 103 times it becomes larger than the Universe itself that is 93 billion light-years.

12. Blue sunset in Mars

On earth, the sky looks blue during the day and red during sunset but it is opposite in Mars; the days have red sky, and sunsets are blue.
Mars’s atmosphere has a pressure that is equal to 1% of what it is on Earth. Blue hues are due to dust in the atmosphere that causes scattering of light. So we know that life on Mars would be like a mirror world and day and night would be just opposite to what it is on Earth. This fact is one of the weird useless facts on this list cause we are not living in Mars anytime soon.

13. Weird Fact about Identical Twins’ Kids

15 Weird Useless Facts you Somehow Need to Know 8

Identical twins are called mono-zygotic and their children are not cousins but they can be called half-siblings. You usually share 12.5% of DNA with your Cousin and 50% DNA with your siblings, but if your parents were identical twins then you share 25% DNA with their kids. It sounds weird but it is the truth although kids from identical parents are legally cousins but biologically they are half-siblings!

14. Gorillas Burp when they are Happy

15 Weird Useless Facts you Somehow Need to Know 9

Us Humans laugh, sing, dance, hug, or smile when we are happy, but what do gorillas do? The useless weird fact states that they burp when they are happy, yes it’s true. Now if we go by Darwin’s theory of evolution then, we humans used to burp too? Or we can say we still do it as when we eat food that we love and then the happiness of great food comes out as burp. This is one of those weird useless facts which you will recall when you see a gorilla at a zoo.

15. Your Fingers don’t have any Muscles

15 Weird Useless Facts you Somehow Need to Know 10

Now you must be confused and probably checking your fingers and snapping them. Fingers don’t have muscles at all and they do most of the functions only by taking the help of muscles in the palm. Now, what are fingers made of? This sounds absurd and weird but, our fingers have bones and tendons, and that is how we move them.

Now, what do you do with all these weird  facts?

All of these 15 weird useless facts that you probably didn’t need to know are now forever embarked in your mind. Hey! Little extra knowledge never hurts anyone. There are so many weird things happening around us, like did you know there is a phobia of trees? Don’t be afraid to travel on a plane and don’t go on thinking that why ISRO & NASA invest billions of dollars in Space craft’s when they can simply fold some papers.

Now it’s your turn to tell your friends some weird useless facts and get yourself all the attention of the group. Keep the wheels of your brain up and running and keep surprising it with information that it can’t accept at the first moment. Let’s always be curious about everything and ready to know more about our weird world.

Well, there is no shortage of weirdness in this world. But there are other true facts like apple seeds can kill someone as they contain poisonous chemical cyanide, queen Elizabeth ii celebrates her birthday twice a year. Another fact is that your body contains 100,000 miles of blood vessels and the longest word in the English language is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. no worries if you can read it. These are some facts million people did not know. 


Do comment on some of the weird useless facts that you know. You can share them in the comment section below.

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