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Movie Review – The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

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The previous film ended on a high note making people wanting more in this sequel.

But is this a superhero movie?
You see, while the superheroes have had their various stages of development (initial boom, shared universes)which pushes filmmakers to try new things, Young adult has a unique setting – Hunger Games imitation.Since that series became a company of billion dollars, everyone is still trying to make profit, no matter how sloppy it looks. The Maze Runner may not be as blatant like divergent, but it is certainly more lazy in their attempts to cultivate a big success.

Books can only assume that they inspired them, it may seem that it is ticking all the necessary boxes, but it is totally missing the essence required to build a strong fan base. The Maze Runner is painfully vague what exactly this future is for narrative tension.

Cast of The Maze Runner
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The plot is thus very fractured and choppy, and highly dependent on knowing the events of the first film. The basic idea is that the children who survived the deadly maze (incidentally, why they were in the maze is still unanswered) are fleeing and a company that clearly has a terrible public relations department. In fact, when you think about it that’s both the premise and plot – very small story really goes for much of the runtime, and when it does, you will invariably end up feeling incidental twenty minutes later.

Amid the insubstantial differences, there are many sudden action scenes to create some thrilling moments, which mostly involve our large group of heroes who are running around fleeing from the bad guys. It is empty, exhausting and built almost entirely on convenience, ensuring that you are never involved after the sudden lurch into motion. At one point a character says he’s tired of running. “you and me both bro”
Occasionally you will get a burst of orignality from the movie – cold chamber angle here or there, A borderline interesting idea – but you are rendered worthless by a terrible story that does not understand their events or characters. After the movie, one of my friends tried to explain the plot to me and even he seemed to struggle to find meaning and purpose in it. I can not really blame him  – the film is all set-up, with only a brief climax serving as an interlude before the creation of the upcoming film. And, of course, that once again involves a lot of dangling plot threads.

I’m tired of watching episodic films, where one story stretched over several films ten years apart. Yes, superhero movies are now to some extent interconnected with continuity, but at least there’s still an attempt to tell a separate story. The Scorch trials is just a bridge between the beginning and the end that we call half by pure placement actual content rather than narrative.

The Maze Runner is still intrinsic to answer your questions, which is not for another one year, it will probably take longer. Do not be surprised if they announced the final book which will be divided into two parts at the last minute. You know, just so they can tell this story in a better way.


Watch it If you are a Dylan O Brien fan or If you have nothing else to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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