Music- The Essence of Livelihood

Music- The Essence of Livelihood 1

illustration of music background in doodle style

The hypnotism of alluring melody, the chirping of musical Nightingale,

The sky, the Heaven, the Passion, life is music and only music.”

A living creature’s life is too minute to be cherished on, for ever and ever. Life of a human seems to be so dull and boring. A human just wakes up in the morning to sleep again at night. Where is the thrill, the ecstatic moments, the adventures, the refreshing mood swings? All fade away and away as we flow with the regular monotony of daily living.

A human being’s life could have been worse if the element of melody never existed in a human’s life. Imagine your life without music? What would happen if one day the music company stops producing any further music for entertainment? What would happen if there is a permanent ban on the music production? How tedious, right.


Music adds on hues to our lives. It’s the most pleasurable desire one could ever be blessed with. It instils mirth and merriment. Music’ words drive into a world of our imagination, in fact, a fantasy world beyond our imagination. It at once, converts the degrading piece of land into whimsical Heaven. Music diverts our minds from the worldly issues and comforts our organs. Musical notes soothe our ears’ smoothness.


The absence of music makes our lives almost lifeless like a black and white film that has a storyline, but no thrill and colors. We tap our feet and fingers to the beat of musical tunes. Music has total control over human beings. It can generate a smile on a depressive person’s face. The words filled in music has so much of depth that it can convey the emotions that human beings fail to communicate in their daily lives, to others. The day that starts with the tune of music is the most reviving day and ends up on a very optimistic note.


It’s not the humans that create music, but the music, that creates a human’s life. It gives human beings a new occasion to contentment. Life without music is just not possible.

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