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Every being on the land strives hard to enter into soothe zone of life. But, many end up their life in dire puberty.

At their childhood, everyone dreams to attain a noble life. But, what happened to their aims and dreams? At their adolescent, young and middle age, what pulled them back from their dreamland? Is it the obstacles that close the opportunity doors? Then, what are the obstacles? In what form it will rise? Doesn’t it have any key to unlock?download (1)

To chase the life’s troubles and myths, let us take a girl named Suma’s life as an example to know the depth and meaning of values and life . She was born in a town in 1996  to an arranged married couple whose life standard was below middle class. Her father was a doctor and her mother was home maker.

She brought up and joined in a government school’s kindergarten class near to her abode. She enjoyed the school, its premises, friends and her naughtiness too. With her pretty and tiny crazy works, she used to impress and drag everyone’s attention except her parents. His father and mother were brought up in a orthodox atmosphere and their education levels are not well rooted So, they never even tried to listen to her daughter’s innovative and creative thoughts.images (3)

At her beginning of primary school, they were migrated to another district where they were aliens. She continued her studies in a new school. That’s the best part and turning point of her life. Her teacher never taught her to gain marks and ranks. But, she taught her the meaning of life and virtues. From her first consciousness around her parents’s supervision, she was in deep grief. Her dad was in work tension. So,he never cared for the feelings of his daughter. Her mom was busy in helping her spouse. So, she too never thought of her girl’s heart. She doesn’t have siblings till at her 6 years of age. download (2)

In midst of blood related people, she became orphan. She spent all her childhood in darkness alone. At her age of 9, her uncle tried to sodomize her. Fortunately, she escaped but fell in the trap of her cousin’s malice at her 10. She came out of his trick safely. From then, she lost her pure smile and started living as a lifeless being. Her parents became busy in caring her two siblings and works. At her tender age, with that heavy heart, she was unable to smile, eat and talk. She lost even hope and love from her parents because of their work tensions.

From then, she became a nomadic searching for love and support. At her 12 she wrote her first poem and her beloved teacher gave an advice to continue her skill to change the world. she continued her living as single, breathing in imagination, sleeping with tears and hoping for love. Knowing her talent, her parents asked her to throw her wishes in trash. She disagreed. They thrashed her severely in such a way that even now she have those (3)

They asked to leave her passion because she is a girl and needs to be around four walls. She is broad-minded, feels that all beings are equal in strength and knowledge to fight and expose and gender is given for the identification. As she lost affection from home, she want to build her own dwell with beings across the world with full of love. She stepped out to help poor and needy from her 12. They cut her links from outside and secluded her till her 17.

Do you think, she gave up her writings and service?

Never. These 5 years, she penned down her thoughts and feelings. she wrote 3 novels, 40 poems, 5 short stories, 4 general books and many videos that helps the world. But, she lived in alone with grief and tears. she never shared her pain to anyone. she became depressed and mentally disturbed. she started beating herself hardly as she was unable to control her emotions, yelling alone locked in a room or in rest room. Every second the thought of suicide pulled her.she controlled herself saying “I am for a cause. Troubles are tests. i will pass it and will reach my destination.” Every second that thought haunted her, she struggled hard to keep herself away from death.She was in a hell. But, still her parents beats and scolds her that she is not eating well, she is lean and pale. she is lean not because she is not eating, as she have heavy burden and sorrow in her heart she became ill at last.images (1)

At her 18 she joined in a college for graduation. Till then, she doesn’t have any friends, memories to share. Her constant companion was tears. There was no day without tears and grief. In her college hostel while crying alone and stabbing her head to wall, her room mate came and tried to console her. As it was the first time to see a being in her bad time, she aggressively thrown her and bet her. But, her room mate didn’t react but took her into arms and fed her with curd rice. Suma became very guilty for being very aggressive with her and went to ask for

Then, Her room mate had taken her to psychiatrist. After counseling, tests and reports, doctor told that she was struck with severe mental illness called bi-polar disorder. Her room mate started giving her the love and support which she wished and needed. After 3 years, Suma is better now…but still haunting with the suicide treats, mood swings and mental disorders. But she is continuing her passion. she is now helping many kids and orphans morally, financially and academically. She is still writing her novels and poems; going to publish her first novel

We had seen many obstacles in her life. Intensity of life differs from one person to other. But the challenges in everyone’s life is compulsory. Accept the troubles, chase it and solve it. problems are tests, if the path you have chosen is right, never step back even if 10,000 problems comes.I hope Suma will become great authoress and social activist one day as she is moving forward even thought she didn’t have love and support from her family. That’s determination needed to step bravely to climb the ladder of success.



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