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Nashville Haunted House: A Thrilling Adventure

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The haunted house is all about getting some spooky and scary fun. Some of us like to give our goosebumps some goosebumps. If you are also a lover of spooky stuff, you must have heard of the Nashville haunted house.

Nashville haunted house offers you various haunted explorations like zombie paintballs, haunted asylums, and creepy witch caves. Once you get in, you will crave more fun.

So in this article, we will discover everything about the most famous and best Nashville haunted houses.

1. The Nashville Nightmare Haunted House 

It is one of the scariest haunted houses in Nashville. Pretty high tech with many many rooms and different themes, this one is a must to go: asylums, zombies, clowns, walking spirits, and whatnot.Nashville haunted house

This Nashville haunted house will give you the adrenaline rush, running away in horror, exactly what you are looking for. It has got all terrifying trails and grotesque devils in one place.

Some of the exciting themed attractions are ‘Trick or Treat,’ where Halloween celebrations in a Nashville neighborhood turn upside down when ghoulish creatures break in the festivities. ‘The Cursed’ where an evil witch collects souls to sacrifice Under the light of the harvest moon. You’ll have to save yourself from the wrath of the devil who is searching for some souls and fresh meat to feed on.

In ‘Horror High,’ you’re going to rejoice in the zombie cheerleader dance where the captain, Roxanne, turns into walking dead. You’ll have to be aggressive and cheer for fear, killing the zombies on the way to save yourself and the people you care about.

These are a few to name. There are many more themed hauntings where the scary actors and spooky things will scare the hell out of you. 

You can visit the Nashville Nightmare Haunted House on Fridays and Saturdays along with your family to have some thrilling and amazing fun. The tickets are available online as well as ticket counters at the venue.

2. The Devil’s Dungeon – Nashville Haunted House 

This is Nashville’s top-rated haunted house. It is the most controversial and intense Halloween attraction in Nashville, TN. Spread in a large area, you have to go through dark shady corridors, finding your way in a territory where the undead are prowling around in search of fresh meat and souls to seize.Devil's Dungeon

Everything is so intense that it’ll make you wonder whether or not all the fearsome things were real. The seasonal actors do an amazing job, they won’t touch you, but they will scare even the toughest.

Situated in Downtown Nashville, the Devil’s Dungeon is sure to give you creeps. You’ve got to escape from the grasp of these grotesque creatures, or else they will get alive and haunt you forever.

You can experience all of these incredible chillings at an admission fee of 18$. The tickets are available online or at the door by cash or credit card. Children from ages nine to twelve are required to be followed by parents or guardians. 

You can explore the haunted corridors of this Nashville Haunted House on Fridays and Saturdays with your friends and families and have lots and lots of horrifying Fun.

3. The Bell Witch Cave

If you are looking for real spooky fun, then you must visit the Bell witch cave. Apart from being a haunted house, it has a real ghostly legend in history.

The story of the Bell Witch from the eighteenth century was read by people and spread like wildfire to become one of America’s most popular hauntings. It even attracted the attention of the General and future President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, who was spooked by the Bell Witch and swore never to go back in that cave again.Bell which cave

The legends told is that the Bell witch who was the angry spirit of Kate Batts a mean old neighbor of John Bell and was betrayed by him on some land trade. She swore on her deathbed to torment him and his descendants.

His daughter Betsy Bell was tortured and tormented by the Bell witch for several years of her childhood. Since then, the Bell farm is haunted by the Bell witch’s deathly spirit.

Some people who went there experienced unusual happenings heard the voice of crying women and were scared to death. Since then, the Bell farm became a haunted place, and the cave where the Bell witch was believed to reside when she was not busy torturing the Bell family came to be known as The Bell Witch Cave. 

Now this place is also considered to be a Nashville haunted house. You can visit there with the whole family and have a spooky holiday outing. Along with the rich and catchy horror-filled history, this place is full of adventure and worth a visit. 

4. Slaughterhouse Nashville Haunted House 

Established in 1986, it is the longest-running Nashville haunted house. This haunted house is a favorite spot for ghost lovers for the past thirty-four years.

The full moon Slaughterhouse is one of the scariest and best haunted houses in Tennessee. On one ticket, you can enjoy the horrors of five theaters with different horror-filled themes. This Nashville haunted house is known to scare even the strongest players though some may be too brave.

You can visit this Nashville haunted house on Fridays and Saturdays at its new location in Hermitage, TN.

5. Miller Thrillers Haunted Woods 

Next on the list is the Miller Thrillers Nashville Haunted House. If you want your adrenaline to rush through your veins in an awesome Zombie Paintball Hayride, then this is it, the Zombie Hayride Reloaded.Nashville haunted house

You’ll enjoy twenty-five percent of your way traveling through the woods turned into dead land, shooting clingy and deadly zombies fifty percent of your journey to save your city from some ghoulish creatures. And the last twenty-five percent of your journey rejoicing the musical theater show. 

The next extraction is Hillbily Hollar, where you will experience how life was seventy years back in an abandoned mine scenario, which is haunted by some dead miners. You’ll have to survive the spooks and unearthly things happening around you.

One of the attractive things is that while waiting in line, you don’t have to wait. You can spend your time in the Entertainment Zone, where the performers will keep entertaining you. You can click pictures or go to movie theaters and do much more fun. The stage show includes a zombie drum line, fire performers, jugglers, stilt walkers, and an amazing light show, with thrilling music and laser lights, pogo stick stunts, and fireworks. 

This Nashville haunted house can be real entertainment for those who are looking for it and is a must to visit.

You can plan your trip on Fridays and Saturdays with your family and have lots of fun.

6. Deadland Nashville Haunted House 

The Deadland Haunted Woods is more than just a haunted attraction; it is a haunted hell. It is open on Fridays and Saturdays in autumn.

It has a family-friendly atmosphere where you enter the park, starting with a bonfire. After that, you are going to enjoy three adventurous themed attractions. Nashville Haunted House

The first one is ‘The Curse,’ where you have to stroll a half-mile journey through a cursed land where the undead seeks to avenge their vengeful pasts. The next attraction is ‘The Portal’, where you step through a portal and enter a horrible and mysterious library in the woods. If you dare to follow this path, your scariest nightmares will come true.

The third attraction is ‘The Crypt,’ where Katherine Cauldwell returns from her grave with a bunch of vengeful spirits who intend to make you one of their own. You’ll have to survive their fearsome wrath and save yourself from your soul getting sucked out of you. 

The Deadland Nashville haunted house has turned out to be one the scariest and most popular haunts in middle Tennessee. 

7. Bloody Acres Haunted Woods

Spread over fifty miles of woodland in Gallatin, Tennessee, this Nashville haunted house is sure to scare the toughest. The haunted woodlands trails spread over seventeen miles are filled with blood-drenched forests, eerie surroundings, and soul thirsty ghosts.

The seasonal actors surely do their jobs to scare the hell out of you. The Bloody acres haunted house is fun for people of all age groups over ten years.

Open on Fridays and Saturdays. This haunted house will fulfill your expectations of getting scared until death, so a must to visit. To know more, read this article – Best haunted houses in Nashville.

8. Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods, Spring hill

The Spring Hill Haunted house, situated in middle Tennessee, is one of the most awesome haunted houses and haunted woods in the area. This haunted house has bone-chilling scenes and is sure to scare you.

The haunted woods trail is spread across a wide range and has an eerie setup. Your journey through these creepy surroundings will give you the amusement you are looking for. Creepy Hollow Haunted House

Open on Friday and Saturday nights. You can plan your visit and book tickets online buy on entry at the gate.

If you live in Nashville or about to visit, the Nashville haunted house is not the only attraction to explore in Tennessee. You can seek many interesting things to see and do. Read this article to know about Best Indiana Restaurants in Nashville.

So in this article, we covered up every single element about the Nashville haunted house, and we strive you got some creeps reading about them. I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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