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A New News Feed Is On Its Way For You!

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The Goal of News Feed

The goal of News Feed is to present to people the stories in that are most relevant to the users.

Launch of News Feed in 2006 and its transformation through the decade.


When the News Feed was launched in 2006 it was not imagined that the authorities of Facebook will have to face such a challenge in just a few years. Facebook now holds far too much information for one person to consume.  In the last decade more than a billion people have joined Facebook, resulting in a flood of stories on the News Feed. For this reason the stories have demarcated into segments, so that people can see what they care for first. The ranking of the categories in the news feed is very important, as it keeps Facebook clutter free for it’s users.A New News Feed Is On Its Way For You!


Core values of News Feed

Facebook maintains some core values to keep the News Feed running smoothly. Their success mainly depends on getting across the right stories to their users. The News Feed has been made personal, subjective and unique for its users. We now only get to see what we wish to see in our News Feed.

Friends and Family matter the most

Facebook was initially built with the intention of connecting users with their friends and family. Still now their primary intention remains the same. Today’s News Feed will only connect us with the people, places and things that are most important for us. News from our family and friends are generally found at the top of our News Feed. The News Feed adapts itself to our liking and choices.


Other Expectations from the News Feed

  • The News Feed is expected to be informative
  • It should be entertaining
  • It is expected to be a platform of all ideas, unbiased and unaffected. The information and ideas are mostly based on the preference of individuals. Though they try their best to keep Facebook secure.
  • Authenticity is another very important criteria for the development of News Feed. Only news which are authentic and trusted are displayed on the news feed. It is a platform for authentic communication
  • The best part of our News Feed is that we can customize it according to our own choice. Facebook has given us the opportunity to personalize our news feed according to our priorities.

A New News Feed Is On Its Way For You!

Constant Development

The Facebook authorities are constantly striving to develop and enhance the functions of their news feed further. They assure us that they will go on working on the development of their News Feed and will continue discovering new and better opportunities to build up a greater experience for us.


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