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New Parents Survival Kit – 20 Essentials You Must Have

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The process of raising a newborn can be as hectic as surviving an apocalypse. And hence, it comes in the New Parents Survival Kit. A list of essentials that every new parent must have to make raising their kid just a smidge easier.

Let’s be honest here, ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ is a good read but it only prepares you for the part where you’re expecting. No number of books, movies, and classes will train you to win the battle that is raising your newborn baby.

Your parents, family, and friends who have had experience in raising children can only be of so much help. Being a new parent can be very confusing and quite scary.

The first time at a baby store is an experience that can be compared to the first time in a foreign country. Where you don’t speak their language, but everything is costly.

Remember, the process of raising a newborn might be beautiful and magical, but it is also exhausting and draining both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The New Parents Survival kit isn’t just for the baby but is also for the mommy and daddy. Assembling customized new parents’ survival kits for your friends or family as a baby shower gift is also super fun and creative idea. That they will love and will be extremely grateful for.

So, to help mommy and daddy to be with a smoother transition to parenthood here is the New Parents Survival Kit – 20 Essentials You Must Have:

new parents survival kit

New Parents Survival Kit – 20 Essentials You Must Have

1. A couple of good diaper bags


This is one of the most important investments you’ll make as a part of the New Parents Survival Kit.

Trust me. One is never enough. You need good quality diaper bags. And don’t forget crib sheets.

They must be easily accessible, made up of durable materials that can hold weight. They must be waterproof material – ideally. Have divisions and compartments, must be spacious and roomy enough. And comfortable to carry around.

To the new parents, I don’t want to freak you out here, but even picking the diaper bags for your baby is a very complicated process. There’s so much that you have to keep in mind. Finding the perfect diaper bag that looks good as well is like looking for a pin in a haystack.

It might be tough to find, but not impossible.  It is one of those things that you must start looking for sooner rather than later.

2. Baby bottles

baby bottle

I know it kind of seems ridiculous, but picking your baby’s bottles for the new parents’ survival kit requires more attention than you’d think.

If you’re going with glass bottles, you have to think about how delicate they are and hence hard to carry around. If you pick plastic, then remember they must be BPA free.

And shopping for baby bottles doesn’t just end there. You’ll require the whole set – nipple covers, a baby bottle brush, a nipple brush, a sterilizer, carrying cases, etc.

3. A stroller


From checking the weight of the stroller, to how easy it is to push, to how much storage it’ll hold, down to the wheels. Picking the best high chair or the perfect stroller for your new parents’ survival kit is no easy task.

There are so many kinds—standard strollers with seats that recline, trays and cup holders, baskets for storage. Some strollers can be detached and even used as car seats, strollers that can be easily folded and are compact in terms of a room – perfect for traveling.

And these days you’ll even find strollers that convert into baby rockers. These might be expensive, but they’re an essential purchase. You can also buy second-hand strollers, but make sure they’re safe and in good condition first. Or you could even maintain yours and sell it to somebody else after use.

4. Baby sling/ Carrier


Another essential for the New parents’ survival kit. You can thank me for this one later.

They might be tiny, and might not weigh that much, but after a while, even 4kgs can feel like 10. If you’re taking care of the child by yourself unless the baby is asleep. It will cry for you at all times, which means you cannot do anything else while taking care of it.

Cooking and holding a baby in your arms at the same time is just an accident waiting to happen. Getting a sling or a carrier that will allow you to wrap your baby around your chest or on your back is ideal in these situations. And is a necessary purchase.

5. Nursing/ Breastfeeding pillow

baby breastfeeding

When I first bring this up, you might doubt purchasing one, but trust me. It’s a lot more important than it looks to be—an essential for any New Parents survival kit.

With the perfect breastfeeding, the pillow says goodbye to those nightmarish back and shoulder pains. Size, price, washability, design, and the style of the pad are some essential factors you must keep in mind while picking one.

6. Breast Pump

baby bottle 2

There are tons of reasons why a breast pump is essential for your new parents’ survival kit.

For when you have to be away from your baby, to increase milk supply, if your child is unable to feed directly from the breast, etc. There are many different kinds of breast pumps – Manual or electric, single or double breast. Be very careful while making your selection.

Click here for some more tips in the breast pumping guide.

7. Baby Sitter’s Number and a backup sitter


The importance of having a good baby sitter not just for a new parents’ survival kit but for all parent’s survival kit is understated.

Always make sure to have the number of a well-trusted baby sitter with you. You never know when you’ll need them. Interview your sitter thoroughly and make sure they meet all of yours and your baby’s wants and needs before you hire them. Ask for references and about past experiences.

And make sure to have a backup sitter’s number on you as well in case of emergencies when your regular sitter can’t make it.

8. Baby bath and body care


You cannot use the same bath and body products that you use yourself for your baby as well. Their skin is a lot different and a hundred times as delicate as ours.

Always have a baby bath and body care products in bulk at your home. This is a pro-tip for your new parents survival kit. Buying in bulk. Diapers, baby bath and body care products, and even other items like baby wipes, baby food, etc.

Bath and body care baby product sets also make for good baby gifts for your friends and family who’re expecting or have already had their baby.

9. Bibs and washcloths


Baby clothes are expensive enough as it is. Buying reusable waterproof bibs that won’t stain in sets is the best way to go when shopping for your new parents survival kit.

Babies go through many clothes in a day as it is with their accidents, you should avoid these while they eat their meals at least. Let’s be honest new sleep-deprived parents don’t have the time to do laundry multiple times a week.

10. Hand Sanitizer


Especially in times like these an essential not just for the new parents survival kit but for anyone’s survival kit.

Another item best bought in bulk. Every time you are out with your baby, and you have to touch a doorknob or a question at the grocery store. Always sanitize before touching any of your baby’s belongings. You can never buy enough sanitizer.

11. Diaper Genie


Another essential addition to the new parents survival kit. A diaper Genie.

For those of you who don’t know what this is. It is a disposal system for diapers that seals diapers in individual films that are scented that protected them from germs and foul odors. This is for the new parents who don’t have enough time to take out the dirty diapers bin multiple times a day.

12. Car seat


An unarguable must-have for any new parents survival kit.

A car seat is the best way to protect your child when they’re in a car. Remember to make sure that the seat you purchase isn’t damaged. That it is approved by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213. And that you learn it functions and how to install it before the first time you use it.

13. Baby Monitor


Whether you get the audio, or both the audio and the visual is up to you, but a baby monitor is an essential purchase for your new parents survival kit.

This will let you know when your baby is awake and needs you. So you know when to rush to him/her even if you’re in another room busy working on something else.

14. Childproof protectors


For medicine bottles, drawers with sharp and dangerous tools and objects, sharp furniture corners, and even the toilet seat.

You’d be surprised if you learned how dangerous the simplest of objects in your house could be for a baby if you did a complete analysis. This is why every new parents survival kit needs to include childproofing materials for their home.

15. On-call Pediatrician


For new parents things as simple as their baby running a slight temperature can either freak them out or go unnoticed or ignored.

For every new parents survival kit, it is essential to have the number of an on-call pediatrician with you. A professional that you can even call at midnight in the night. Also, the slightest health factor must be checked out by a doctor when your child is at such a young age.

16. Baby Wipes


I feel like you can never have enough of these. On your new parents survival kit list, make sure to include lots and lots of baby wipes.

Babies are messy and will leave you and their things and surroundings dirtier. And the day you run out of wipes when you’re in dire need is the day you might just have an emotional breakdown. Make sure that you only use baby wipes for your baby’s care and not regular face wipes or wet wipes.

They’re a lot more sensitive than we are, and one single wrong move can cause unwanted rashes or even infections. When you’re taking care of such a young baby sterilizing, washing everything and using only clean baby care items is very important.

17. Baby Blanket


Make sure you pick a good quality, soft, warm, and comfortable baby blanket for your baby. This is something they’ll cherish and want to hold onto till maybe they’re in elementary school even. I know I did.

Another item on your new parents survival kit is the perfect baby blanket to keep your baby comfortable and cozy. Bonus points if it’s adorable too.

18. Backup baby toy


I know this seems ridiculous having a backup toy on your new parents survival kit list, but children grow attached very quickly.

Once your baby has picked a favorite toy that it will cry endlessly without. Then try and see if you can find an exact version of the same toy to keep as a backup. In case anything were to happen to the original.

19. Mommy survival kit


As I mentioned earlier, parenthood is harsh on the parents mentally, physically, and emotionally. The New parents survival kit must also have a mommy survival kit section to it.

Incense candles, mommy’s favorite chocolate, a surprise bouquet, skin-care, ven a card to a baby store. maybe even things as simple as her favorite scented moisturizer can lift a new mommy’s day and turn it around completely.

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10. Daddy Survival Kit


Let’s not leave the daddies out. This is a new and challenging experience for them too. New Parents’ survival kits must include a daddy section as well.

A 6-pack of beer, dad’s favorite coffee, necessary medicines, men’s bath, and body care products. And hey even disposable gloves for when it’s his turn to babysit. These are some of the things ever new daddy needs as a part of the new parents survival kit.


Baby care is never natural; new parents can never be 100% sure about what they’re doing and whether they’re doing it right. So, to prepare them better or just as an idea for a baby shower gift, having a new parents survival kit is essential for every mommy and daddy to be.

Equally crucial for both you and your baby, we hope our New Parents Survival Kit helps you with your prep before welcoming the little one. You can even prepare a baby care gift basket. You can also add gift cards for baby stores in it. If you have any views or any more essentials to add on to the list, then do share them with us!

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