An Open Letter To Mr.Hardik Patel

Hardik Patel

Respected Mr. Hardik Patel,

This is an open letter to you asking to clarify and sort out things clouding in my mind owing to the protests and aftermaths of the Patidar rally. I am a fellow Hindustani, a floating population of Gujarat to be more precise. The public display of vandalisation and atrocities by your fellow followers has given a different outlook of the city and it is an affair that I would carry towards the end.

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It was one fine tuesday when I learnt that the college is off and the whole city is shut down due to some rally. In an effort to know what was this rally about, I learnt it was a supposedly peaceful rally asking for OBC category for Patels or else to remove the entire reservation system ,from my Gujarati peers. This was the first time ever I came across your name and the very first thing that struck me was ,a 22 year old organizing such a massive rally- Impressive !! Really an impressive feat for a mere 22 year old indeed, until the unfold of events later the day made me think otherwise.

  1. Of course it is a democratic country and you have every right to demand anything in a peaceful manner.You had organized a huge rally of 12 lakh to demand for OBC for Patels or remove scrap the entire caste based reservation system. Fair enough ! You want to alter it with economy based reservation system . This is where you get me confused . If at all there has to come a economy based reservation system,  your community will be put in back foot since I learnt that 70 % of diamond units and several other high end industries are owned by Patels and you could have very well seen that many participants of the rally came in luxurious cars like Mercedes, Benz.
  2. You reportedly said  it was a peaceful rally. Then why jeopardise the daily routine of the public and demand the shops be closed ?
  3. Your party PAAS was not even registered before and was only active in Facebook and Whatsapp .How can such a huge programme be held in such a short notice . Is someone else puppeting you from behinding the curtains ? Or are you putting innocent people’s lives at stake for being in lime light ?
  4. You said that you are followers of the iron man of India Sardar Vallabhai Patel and anyone could hear slogans of “Jay Sardar” from any corner of the city that day. The only thing I dont understand is you dont seem to reflect any of the values that Sardar Patel stood for . He united this country and this country is Bharat because of what he did and for all that I know you are trying to divide people on caste basis
  5. Lets say you get your demand . What if other castes took out into the streets to demand for the same . Is it not a bad example that you are trying to set ?
  6. As it is in every one’s mind , I would like to ask the same question. Why was the speech addressed in Hindi when the entire population of your rally was Gujarati ? Was it aimed for someother purpose ?
  7. May be you got too much caught up in the limelight as the course of the day went that you decided to put up stunts like fast unto death and asking the chief minister to come to the GMDC ground . How can a chief minister of the state come to such a crowded place against the protocol?
  8. The government cooperated with you very well for your demand as long as it was peaceful . You were given permission to hold the rally up till 8 PM . Obviously , Police had to take the harder route to evacuate the crowd after the time limit . That’s when the crowd became frenzy and started vandalizing the properties . Of course, crimes were commited by the police too.
  9. You never made an attempt to apologise for the turn up of events nor did you try to stop the behavior of your followers. Instead , you chose the easier route of ” Blame game ” on the police . How is it fair to blame the entire atrocities on police
  10. Now , you chose to take this issue nationally , and gathering army strength by identifying people on the same boat as yours like the Gujjars and kurmis who have been fighting for the same cause earlier. Even then you fuel this situation by giving statements like Forget flowers, bring out the swords . Dont you think it spreads hatred and buds violence ? I could see no other motive than politics

As long as you could answer all these questions, you will not be seen as a young revolutionizing politician but yet  another dirty politician. We have enough of this clan already and request you to take a stand and inspire the younger generation to step into politics.


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