The Power Of Self Motivation

The Power Of Self Motivation 1

A power within you that gives you the kick to go on and work towards your goal, your energy booster. The simple power of Self-Motivation.

The Power Of Self Motivation 2

Daniel Goleman, the author of several seminal books on Emotional Intelligence, identified four elements that translates into motivation:

  • Personal drive, one’s inner strength and desire to accomplish the set goals;
  • Commitment to personal or organizational goals;
  • Initiative, which he defined as ‘readiness to act on opportunities’.
  • Optimism, to stay positive and moving forward to achieve your goals in the phase of setbacks.

Everyone needs some amount of push to do things. Some look for motivation outside, whereas some will become their own motivation. We can’t always lean on someone or something to get the desired push, so it’s very important to be self-motivated.

How to be self-motivated? Human nature is such that all things start from your mind. Feed your mind with the reasons why you need to achieve your goals. Feed your mind these reasons again and again and see how you stay self-motivated. Your mind will work you up. Whenever you will feel weak, your mind will recall those reasons to boost you up.

” A goal without a plan is just a wish”. Write your goals down on the chart paper, make it a little creative, and place it such that it’s the first thing you see when you wake up.

Read motivation novels, watch TED talks, eat healthy drink plenty of water, feed your mind daily with some good things. This all will help you to stay charged. These baby steps will help you in self-development. Don’t let the breakdowns and bad phases harm you. Stay fit and stay motivated always.

The Power Of Self Motivation 3

Being self-motivated will help you to stay positive no matter what the situation is. No bad thoughts can rule your mind. In difficult times, self-motivated people will concentrate on finding solutions rather than reacting to problems. Let the world watch how high you fly.

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