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Why Staying Positive Is Of Immense Importance

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We are all aware of the ‘law of attraction’ because we have read about it in basic physics. Now, you should also know that this law is equally germane for a real life scenario. If you feel negative about yourself all the time, then sadly all the negative things will be blithely making merry with you! And that is just because you are literally cajoling negativity with your under confidence and asking it to be a part of your life. Always remember- ‘you get, what you attract’.

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However, if you practically know that you are not proficient enough to do a particular task, you will definitely not be able to feel confident in any way, isn’t it? and wearing a veneer of fake confidence is not a way to sail the ship and reach the harbor. There are great lecturers and motivators who ask us to unroot that confidence, which is definitely expedient, but the question is- how do you do that? The great motivational speeches are like an incantation, which propels your mind to hit the bull’s eye. But, is that so easy? Can listening to one motivational speech make the difference in your life? Well, the answer would be no. What builds your confidence is ‘practice’. If you want to feel good about yourself then you need to gain some level of expertise in that field, which can be only achieved through hard work. But, in the current scenario, the kind of competition faced by every individual is truly vexatious and even the best people feel under confident time and again as every industry has its own stymies. So, in this situation, you need to figure out a way to stay persistent and have hope.

Let me tell you one thing- All of us are ONE and we are not separated from the WHOLE. We all feel the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and expressions. The way in which we all feel joy, or the way through which we see pain is really similar. If you realize this then you’ll be able to get rid of this illusion of being ‘separate’ which primarily confuses you and holds you back from feeling confident. Normally, when you think you are separate- you feel that you are all on your own like a lone soldier and frankly that’s a scary place to be in. So, try to apprehend this fact that we are all ONE and are facing the same issues. Once you realize this, you’ll be free to express your uniqueness. It definitely seems like a paradox, but if you try to follow the following steps you will know what it is all about.


Recall all those times when you felt really confident about yourself. Try to live those feelings and frame all these times in one collage inside your mind. Once you have that image in your head, project an invisible confidence bubble and step into it. This will automatically anchor your body into that present state, while you are experiencing the confidence through your past

You can do this anywhere anytime. While walking into a room, before giving a stage performance or before giving a speech! This will just automatically anchor you to be all confident.


Right now maybe you are at a place where you keep questioning your confidence level. Maybe you feel like it is vital to act in a certain way to look confident. If that is so, then just lean into it. Do something which the normal ‘you’ wouldn’t do, i.e. challenge yourself. So, figure out a task – whose accomplishment will make your confidence shine!


Maintain a good posture, keep your head held high and maintain eye contact with the person you are having a conversation with.

If you are slouching into your chair right now then sit up and take a deep breath because the effect of a deep breath is magical!  When you do this, all the 80,000 messages get transferred up your spinal chord, then they get into your limbic system and finally enter your brain which then sends signals to your frontal cortex that allows you to make better decisions.

Lastly, it’s all about how you feel- because that is what dictates who you are! So, feel positive to attract positivity in your life and stay confident to accomplish every task that you get into.

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