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10 Reasons Why Being “Just Friends” With The Girl You Love Hurts.

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This word has traumatized an entire population of hapless young men for centuries now. Many movies, books and stories have been enacted and written to depict this bizarrely fascinating concept. They say there’s no going back once you have entered THE zone. Like the new music video starring Emraan Hashmi, which is sung by Armaan Mallick called Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoo.”

Those fortunate enough to somehow make it out of the zone go down in history as legends. Take Ron Weasley, for example. He is the guy who made it out of the friend zone and ended up marrying Hermoine Granger. (For those who didn’t get this reference, kill yourself. It’s Harry Potter, people!)

But not everyone is as fortunate as Ron. Let’s see a few instances from the perspective of the ‘beholder’ himself!

10. She moves like silk. She shines in the sun. She is the only one!

You will never be happy with anyone else. She will always be the benchmark for comparison. Yes, you will always all the other girls that you come across with that one girl who you believed to be your soulmate. No other girl you know comes close to her in your books!


9. Like, shut up already!

Every time she talks about this other guy, who is apparently “cute”, you crack your knuckles and stop the urge to punch the hell out of the guy.

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8. Bros (Pun intended) over Hoes? No.

When she cancels plans with you for another guy, your world falls apart like a glass shattering so bad that you can feel the finely powdered silica scattered all around. It could also be a group trip where you have to sit and watch them cuddle and endure their PDA (Public Display of Affection. Keep up, you old folks!). So grotesque!


7. The Pacemaker!

If she is out on a date, you pace around frantically. There was no peace in your life. There is no peace in your life. And there never will be.

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6. It simply stabs, punctures and shatters your self-confidence to tiny little pieces.

You keep thinking about things that are wrong with you and what is it that you lack.

5. How blind can one be? Or is it just denial? Or is Ignorance truly bliss?

When all your friends know how deeply you love her, but she doesn’t. It’s worse when even her mom sees it, but she doesn’t.

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4. Too much information for your liking. There is a line, woman!

When she tells you every little detail about the things they did, be it a date or a kiss or more, a piece of your heart dies—every single time.


3.That constant reminder of WHO exactly you are to her.

Yes, you care about her. And always want to protect her from the wrong kind. But she won’t let you because you are her friend and not her “boyfriend”. And she makes it a point to tell it to you every time you act instinctively possessive.

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2. When she comes to you seeking relationship advice.

Hah! More like sabotaging advice. But you can’t really do that cause you care too much about her happiness. Always will.


1.The moment of inevitable truth. The dawn of the perpetual dusk.

Eventually, after the almost infinite pondering, when you do muster up the guts to let her know about your eternal love and that it has always been her, and you do go on one knee with the heartbeat of a hummingbird, she waves you off as one of her practical jokes.


That’s the worst fear. Not just do you realize that it’s one-sided love, but eventually, you also end up losing a dear friend.

With that said, all the best to all the guys out there who have been friend-zoned! I hope you are a Ron Weasley and NOT a Severus Snape. *Wink-Wink*

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