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5 Amazing Things About Rock Creek Montana

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Do you want to know where you can have a good time? This article brings to you Rock creek Montana- a beautiful place that will help you release all your stress!

Rock Creek Montana has a beautiful river which is located in Missoula and Granite County. This river is 52 miles long (that is 83.686 kilometers) and is one of the tributaries of the Clark Fork River. Rock Creek Montana has its headwaters in Lolo National Forest, which is located near Phillipsburg, Montana.

  • The river flows smoothly parallel to the Sapphire Mountains, which are found along this attractive river.
  • Rock Creek Montana has one of Montana’s most famous rivers.
  • Rock Creek flows are visited by several visitors from all over the world.

However, when we visit this amazingly beautiful place, we come to know that Rock Creek isn’t just famous for the Rock Creek River. In fact, this place has evolved and has become a favorite tourist attraction for several people for more than just one reason.

Rock Creek offers some of the best services. These services are enjoyed by the uncountable tourists who visit this place.

This place is famous for more than one thing. The history of this place is not very often talked about. There are some other aspects that are unknown to many people too.

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to spot out some of the most beautiful things at this place. Some of these things include rainbows and cutthroats, bighorn sheep, and the best fishes.

There are uncountable reasons for this prepossessing river to be so famous. I will be throwing light on some of the most interesting things about Rock Creek Montana through this article. Let us tour Rock Creek, Montana, and learn some of the most interesting things about this beautiful place.

5 Amazing Things About Rock Creek Montana 

Rock Creek Montana river during fall

By DCBoutte Photography/ Shutterstock

1. Diverse Geography Of Rock Creek Montana 

Rock Creek is an amazing place. It is formed by the joining of Eastern and Western Montana. The Rock creek flows between the great sapphire mountains.

After the junction, there is a huge national forest. This goes on for about 30 miles. This forest is where many of the famous national parks are located.

The road of Rock Creek Montana is narrow and bumpy. You will experience fresh winds on these roads. The river leaves the National forest and then drains into the Clark Fork. The Clark Fork is located at Clinton.

The river is accessible to the public. Due to this accessibility, it is a good choice for the ones who want to wade fish. The narrow width of the river is enjoyed by the people who wish to wade fish. However, there are some places with dead pools and areas of high water.

Rock Creek Montana

Rock Creek River is a blue-ribbon trout stream. This beautiful river gives the best fishing trip to its customers.


2. Fishing at Rock Creek Montana 

This place is perfect if you want to fly fish. In fact, people visit it, especially for fly fishing in Montana.

The section from the origin of Rock creek flows to the Highway 384 bridge encompasses 9 miles of water. This whole section has the least fishing pressure. Going to this place would require a bumpy ride on the roads of rock creek.

This section is not easily accessible because much of it flows near private property. The upper sections have smaller fish. The fish in a smaller size is relatively less in the other areas.

Standard dry flies are the best for fly fishing in smaller trout. On the other hand, larger trout will require using nymphs. This standard technique can also be used all along the river.

Some areas are challenging to fish. Dallas area further downstream is also difficult to fish. However, a smart approach towards fishing can help capture too many fishes at a time. This can be done with the help of nymphs and streamers.

The section from Highway 348 to the bridge covers around 28  miles. The fish in this area start becoming larger [ from 13-16 inches].

Rock Creek Montana

Some of the fishes might even be larger than 20 inches. The best fishes that are found in this area of Rock Creek area in the deeper pools. Large flies must be used in order to capture these huge fishes. Some people even prefer using Salmon flies for capturing fish.

Bull Trout is also a famous fish captured by tourists.

This place also has a March brown drake in April. The fishing pressure is pretty light during this time. The weather favors light fishing pressure.

This hatch tends to be of short duration. It is conducted each day. March Brown drake, Sparkle Dun, and Nymphs should be used during this time for fishing.

The Salmonfly hatch is an important creature. People love to use these arthropods. People cannot ignore these creatures due to the myths that are associated with them.

3. Stay at Rock Creek 

The Ranch at Rock Creek is the most preferred place for a stay. There are good luxurious services.

The Ranch at Rock Creek is located at the heart of Western Montana. This Ranch at Rock Creek is the US charter member of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World collection!

This Ranch was originally established in the early 1900s. It can accommodate 75 guests at a time. The best thing about the Ranch – The rates include all meals and special amenities.

The rates also include beverages and guided activities as well!

Rock Creek Montana

The ranch operates all year round. It also has various activities per season.  The menu of the Ranch changes frequently, and it offers a variety of dishes. These dishes are quite impressive.

The Ranch is also ready to organize weddings in the private halls. It also organizes some other customer-oriented events.

The Little Grizzle Kids club is an amazing place for children from 4-12 years of age. They can join this club to enjoy some fun activities. There are many seasonal celebrations that take place here.

To sum it all up, the Ranch is an amazing place to create wonderful memories with your family and friends.

4. Lolo National Park, Montana 

The Lolo National Park near Rock Creek Montana, is home to several species of fish. It is located in Western Montana and spans 2 million acres. Tourists love visiting national parks because of the wildlife to explore.


There is a huge variety of trees that can be found in this amazing place. Some of the most famous animals that can be found here are-

  1. Grizzly bear
  2. Black bear
  3. Bighorn Sheep
  4. Elk
  5. Moose
  6. Mountain goat
  7. Timber Wolf
  8. Mule Deer
  9. Trumpeter Swan
  10. Herons

5. Other Adventures near Rock Creek Montana 

Rock Creek Montana is located in a good position. This is because just a short drive from there can take you to places famous for hiking and other adventures. The drive on the Rock Creek road is refreshing.

Located 4 miles away from the beautiful place is horseback riding. You can ride through the Rock Creek Valley with JM Bar Outfitters. You can bring a camera along to capture these special moments.

The horse riding adventure also offers two options. You can either take a two-hour ride or simply take a ride either full or halfway into the mind-blowing mountains.

There are beautiful and scenic roads near Rock Creek, Montana. You can take a road trip to a beautiful country. The scenes that you will see will simply astonish you.

If you want to take a break, you might as well want to visit the gift and candy shops. There are shops where you can stop and learn about the history of this beautiful place.

A place of peace and beauty – The garden of 1000 Buddhas is a place that you must visit. There is a botanical surrounded by beautiful mountains. The beauty of nature is mind-blowing.

The garden of 1000 Buddhas is the center for Tibetan Buddhist studies. The garden is open to more than 2000 visitors. This prepossessing place near Rock Creek Montana is open to the public.

Another interesting place to visit near this place is the Bison Range. This place is just 37 miles toward the North. The place lies on 18,500 acres of rolling foothills.

Visiting the Bison Range is worth it. It consists of grasslands that are home to elk, deer, and bison. These animals are found in huge numbers.

High in the Garnet Mountains lies the Garnet ghost town. If you are visiting Rock Creek, then do not miss going to this well-preserved ghost town. There were several ruby-colored stones found in this area. In fact, Garnet was named after these precious products.

When you go a little away from the Rock Creek river, you find exceptional downhill skiing. Skiing is one of the most adventurous experiences and should be tried once in your lifetime.

Rock Creek Montana

Rock Creek Montana is a beautiful place to visit. This place, along with the places around, will give you a perfect holiday!

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