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10 Best Reasons Why Internet Friends are Real Friends too

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Wondering if is it true that Internet friends are real friends too?

Almost all of us belong to the connected universe of social media, a gift of Internet, boon or bane? That’s for you to decide.

You all know how social media works and how that plays a major role in your daily lives. Friendship is one of the sweetest gifts an online platform can provide you with.

Being connected to someone with mutual trust, care, non-romanticized affection and love is what friendship is all about.

The only difference of a friend from the internet to a friend from the real world is the platform that you guys met on.

So to answer the query of ” Internet friends are real friends too?” Yes, they absolutely are. To clear the raised question of “Internet friends are real friends too”. Read the following points:


Basis of any relationship whether friendship or companionship the basic element is trust.

If you trust the person that you met on an online platform then it’s okay for you to be friends with them.

You don’t have to trust them because you are friends with them but you have to befriend them because of the trust that you feel on them.

You connect with someone online then talk, you get to know them and they get to know you and eventually you two start as friends which proves that yes, internet friends are real friends too.

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Friends that we meet in real life are not always a good turn in our lives and that is the same case in online friendships too.

You know that Internet friends are just a bunch of strangers that you met online, anything that you know about them is what they have told you. You have to be a little extra aware of yourself.

You have to think twice before starting to share any personal insights of yours with them because nothing is full of only good.

The fear of being betrayed and disappointed in those people adds to the reality that internet friends are real friends too.


Internet friends are real friends too as they are always there for you if you need them.

Whether it be an online battle of likes or just a need for venting about something. Internet friends are mostly above all to be approached.

10 Best Reasons Why Internet Friends are Real Friends too 1

You are there for them to vent out and listen and they are too. That is the beauty of friendship.

If you get these qualities in a person then why would you just leave them because they are someone who you met on some online platform?

The bond started from scratch turns into a full-on support source.What more do you need as an example of that Internet friends are real friends too?


Come on, let us be a little honest, kick out the hesitation and admit that we all have things that we fear to tell our friends of the real world.

10 Best Reasons Why Internet Friends are Real Friends too 2 We are afraid of the fear of judgments and opinions but at the same time we are dying to share this major part of our love with someone and that is when an internet friend comes into the picture.

Here you are free, here you can literally say anything before him/her because what are the odds?

They would never judge you because they will understand everything that you have to say from YOUR perspective. That is what we all crave right? A person who understands us without being typically judgemental.

You can just say whatever and whenever someone or something hurt you. Express the real emptiness that you feel because of the ex that left you in a void. These are the types of things that your old friends have been tired of listening to.

You feel like that sometimes don’t lie to yourself now.

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Internet friends are real friends too but with an extra share of benefits from their friendships.

You are a friends with someone who you have probably never met and most probably wouldn’t even meet in the near future so what are the chances of being in lack of fulfilled demands.

You do not allow yourself to want any expectation from that friendship initially because you are not sure of what is in the bag but eventually when you get a friend in them, you open up and show the real affections and care that your friend deserves.

You try your best to be as helpful as you can for them. Maybe they won’t demand anything by themselves but you will do it anyway. That is the beauty of it, the efforts of doing things without any selfish motives.

That is another proof for internet friends are real friends too.


An internet friend knows about you through you, anything that you have ever told him is the only source of information on you to them.

They have known you through you, so the chances of being misjudged are close to a thin line.

10 Best Reasons Why Internet Friends are Real Friends too 3

You have every right to explain whatever you want to and they will listen because of course they are your listeners your friend.

No, this doesn’t mean they will see all the good in you but they will probably not miss any good in you.

They will get to understand why you did what you did and why you reacted the way you reacted. They understand you. They are closest to knowing you.


You all know that being friends with someone allows them to have a place in your life and that is the best part of friendship.

Two strangers who started off as just some connections of any online page are now the best friends for each other.

You go to school or college or work then come back home with a package full of things to tell your friends and that is exactly how online friendships work too.

You have no obligation to tell but you feel better after sharing, you feel like telling them everything and also to know about their personal life.

That is one of the sources for you both to connect and know each other a little more.


You can easily feel the vibe you want from your Internet friends.

You get to say anything without being judged or maybe they do judge but at what cost? You have nothing to lose, you are just talking and letting your inside out.

10 Best Reasons Why Internet Friends are Real Friends too 4

They will not judge you because you are known to them, you will not judge them because you will want to know why they are saying whatever they are saying. That is how friendship blossoms.

Internet friends are real friends too so they will try to be there in times of need without being judgemental pieces.


Same as any other real world’s friendship, internet friends too feel a heck lot of excitement to talk with each other.

They too feel like just calling and vomiting everything single word of gossip that they have been holding in.

Internet friends are real friends too because they are real people, they have emotions and they too are connected emotionally with each other.

You are not talking to an online software program, there is a whole living human sitting right at the opposite side of the screen.

They too wait for each other to come online. They too yell at them for calling that late in the night and for forgetting to snap them back!

Soon they get each other’s routine and the wait to communicate gets uglier but that’s how real friendship is too.

So another proof for saying that Internet friends are real friends too.


So like every other friendship, they have their own mantras and advice for each other.

“No, I asked you to not text him”

“Wear that blue shirt, makes you look hotter”

All these common things happen here too.

Getting on video calls to go virtual shopping and sharing video call screens to watch movies together. All that is so real to be tagged under “just Internet friends”. They advise you like any other friend if yours and yell at you for doing something stupid.

But at least they are there for your crying rantings on late night calls. That’s at the other point too, internet friends are real friends too.

They will tell you their perspectives and will tell you what is good for you and what is not like any other normal friends.

Just because you didn’t first meet physically that doesn’t confine your friendship bond with each other.

Be aware of what they are doing for you and don’t feel shy in reciprocating any of that. Things that make it more clear that internet friends are real friends too

Now even after reading the above-mentioned details, you have a little doubt if Internet friends are real friends too then stay with me and read what I have to tell you.

1. What makes it more clear that Internet friends are real friends too? 

Do you make friends on the basis of where you met them? If no, then why are Internet friends not real? Ask that question to yourself.

Be aware of what you’re thinking and then come up with declarations to make.

If meeting a person in real life doesn’t instantly make him/her your friend then similarly a person that you have met online doesn’t make into your list on ‘non-real friends’.

2. Give it some time like as in real-world you would. 

Internet friends are real friends too as they need the investment of time as well as patience. You have to give it a little time to know each other, to realize what are their qualities that you adore and what are the bad habits in them.

You have to stop being impatient and spend time with them to know if you want to be friends with them or not.

That is how friendships in real-world work and that’s how the internet friendship blossoms.

3. The feeling of having an emotional connection. 

Internet friends can be found from any part of the world, you can be sitting in Asia and can start talking to some persons in North America, sounds amazing right?

10 Best Reasons Why Internet Friends are Real Friends too 5

But only until when you can’t meet them that often.

The feeling of missing your friend and not able to meet them, that emotional bond that you have found online creates sentiments in you.

You are connected to people on the Internet but the attachment is not limited to your digital screen, the bond is more than that.

You feel jealous when you see someone else tagged on a meme by them.

You feel happy to see their calls on your phone and you are provided with at most relief after ranting about your stress to them.

These are the feelings that a real friend will gift you with. Internet friends can be as real as any person you have met in the real world. You just have to feel the vibe and connect with them.

That again proves that Internet friends are real friends too.

And to conclude 

Any human relationship can not be confined or defined by anyone whether it be online or offline.

Friendships are all about love and care for each other. The feeling is protectiveness and safety.

If you get all these feelings in your Internet buddies then yes my dear reader, internet friends are real friends too.

You don’t have to question your choices in ways of finding friendship, it’s totally normal and a fun process.

Personally, I have made connections through online platforms and have some friends that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Internet friends are real friends too

So keep your profiles open, you never know what comes in next as your next best friend!

Just be aware of the creeps on your way.

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I hope this article helped you to realize that the online buddy that you have is and can be your real friend because now you know that internet friends are real friends too. 

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