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Satshya Tharien: Edutainment with a Twist

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Satshya Tharien, a content strategist by profession, has become a household name owing to her unique content making skills. Her reels, posted to educate people while being funny and entertaining at the same time, have encouraged many people. She actively posts new, relatable content and is an inspiration to countless people. She has created a niche for herself, and she encourages people to learn new languages, discuss topics considered taboo, and learn new things every day through her posts.

Aside from being an exemplary content creator, she co-founded “Kudla covid volunteers”  to provide relief to those affected by the pandemic.

So here is the creative, entertaining, and generous Satshya in a conversation with Icy Tales,

 Q) What was your childhood like? What did you think you would become while growing up?

Satshya Tharien: My childhood was very idyllic. I grew up reading a lot, playing outdoors and exploring my talents. My family was very supportive in everything I wanted to do, which gave me a lot of confidence growing up. When I was younger, I had first wanted to become a psychiatrist, but then I realised that wasn’t for me. Then I tried to become an author and eventually settled on becoming a journalist, which I ultimately went on to study.

Q) How did you pick up so many languages, and what was the idea behind making reels based on them?

Satshya Tharien: I am a Malayali born in Tamil Nadu and spent every summer vacation there, and grew up in Karnataka. Additionally, Mangalore, where I grew up, is a very multicultural place which is why I also picked up the local languages of Tulu and Konkani. I spent five years working in Delhi.

I started creating my languages reels for fun, as something to share with my friends. But I soon realised that there was a need/demand for learning Indian languages. That’s when I thought, why not make something that helps people learn in a fun way? And I’ve enjoyed the creative process as well.

 Q) What advice would you give to the upcoming influencers?

satshya tharien

Satshya Tharien: To all the upcoming content creators out there, I would say first focus on your content because that will set you apart. Create content that is true to who you are and things you enjoy doing, and stay consistent with posting on a platform. These are the three things that will bring you success.

 Q) Who has been your constant support and pillar during this time? Is there someone you look up to as an inspiration?

Satshya Tharien: My family and friends have kept me very grounded throughout this process. The world of social media popularity can be quite overwhelming, and I’m glad I had them in my corner throughout all of it. I also learnt a lot from other creators – by watching their work and personally interacting with them.

I would highly urge upcoming content creators to connect with their peers because there is so much you can learn from them. It’s also nice to connect with people who understand the space you’re in, as it’s something completely new.

Pictures from instagram of Satyasha Tharien

Q) Do you get hate comments? If yes, how do you process hate and negativity?

Satshya Tharien: I do think everybody does get hate comments to some degree. Honestly, I get far fewer hate comments than some of the other creators I have seen. In the beginning, negative comments used to affect me a lot,  but I’ve learnt how to differentiate between criticism and hate.

If it’s criticism, I try to imbibe it and look at how I can improve my content, and I always welcome it because it’s a chance for me to improve what I am working on. If it’s hate, and I either ignore it or block the person, that has helped my mental health.

 Q) As an influencer producing a wide range of content, what do you want to be known for?

Satshya Tharien: My main ethos as a content creator is to encourage people to try new things. I hope through my content you discover a love for food & cooking, for languages and to enjoy trying new things like colouring your hair etc.

 Q) What is your favourite thing about being an influencer?

Satshya Tharien: My favourite thing as a content creator is the online community I have been blessed with. Some people have been following me since I was at 3K, and it’s been so great that they have been part of this journey and just been so encouraging along the way.

I wouldn’t be where I am without my audience, without people engaging with my work or sharing, so I do appreciate that.

It has also allowed me to express myself in ways that I did not think was possible and is constantly challenging me creatively as well, which I enjoy.

 Q) What message would you like to give to your followers? Could you tell us something about your plans ahead?

Satshya Tharien: Edutainment with a Twist 1

Satshya Tharien: To my followers, I would like to say thank you very much. Thank you for being with me in my journey every step of the way  – for every comment, like, share that you have given me, and I cherish your efforts to promote my work.

I truly do appreciate it, and you are the reason I continue to make content every single day. About my plans for the future, I hope I constantly keep reinventing and trying new things and allow myself to enjoy the journey.

Satshya Tharien: Edutainment with a Twist 2

Satshya Tharien is not just another influencer. Her commitment to her work, zeal, and passion, which is evident in her reels, is truly admirable.

Follow Satshya Tharien- ‘satshyaa’ on Instagram for her delightful recipe videos, hair colour recommendations, and edutainment reels to brighten your day and learn something at the same time.

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