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15 Signs That You’re Falling in Love

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Are you falling in love? From dressing up in your best to fearless of being grossed out—love makes headway. The bond mushrooms and get stronger slowly but surely. When you are around the person you like a lot, you will be very edgy and conscious regarding everything.

Later, surprisingly it’s the same you who would just take delight in vexing and have no compassion on the poor nerves of your partner. That’s because you love them. You can’t hurt someone you don’t love though, right?

Until hell freezes over, it unfailingly feels great to love and to be loved. As Leigh Bardugo quoted to perfection, “The heart is an arrow. It demands aim to land true.” The pure love with its refined nature would lead you to a point where you’d legit understand the unbearable beauty of being you. Just be careful not to fall in love with the wrong guy!

There is this friend of mine who says that he tries to make her laugh as to make her fall in love but whenever she laughs he is the one who falls in love with that smile anew. Love, the bonafide and intense feeling which is out-turn of deep affection can never be put out of sight as truth can’t be concealed.

The Top 15 Signs You Are Falling in Love

Did you know that men fall in love faster compared to women? A study suggests men are 48% more likely to fall in love in first sight, compared to 28% of women. intesresting, right?

Here are the 15 signs that set the seal on the fact that you are falling in love.

1. Nomophobia set on

No-mobile phone-phobia; you will start to have a nose for notification. You actually begin to dread being without a mobile phone or beyond the contact of it. You will always be eager to stay in touch with your partner.

As soon as you get a text or a call from them, no matter what topic you are talking about or even if you have no topic, you tend to drag on the conversation. You’ll keep on checking the notification bar and would incline to do it for every few minutes for their messages.

2. Stuck in your head

That person, the one you love, will begin to be your “Uptown funk”. It’s just like how you would be not able to stop hearing to your best-loved song in your mind, you can’t just get the person you love off your mind.

As the senses of smells that are received by the olfactory receptors are closely related to human memory, loads of memories would be evoked when we smell their fragrance anywhere. Their voice, words, jokes, compliments and everything related to them will have reverberated over and over again in your brain.

3. Quite a few eye contacts

You can never pause staring at a person if you really love them. As eye contact means that you are fixated on a person and so if you find yourself fixated on your partner then that’s a fine sign of falling in love. When you are hanging out with a group of friends consisting of the person you love and someone cracks a joke and you’d look at your partner.

This happens because you subconsciously wanted them to be happy, to ensure that they are laughing too, to know their perspective as to get to know about them all the way.

4. Errands can be fun when falling in love

Even errands can seem to be amusingly fun activities to do. It will be exciting to fetch clothes from cleaners; getting a car filled with fuel, etc. When you love someone, everything seems to be new and enthralling. You also laugh at unusual things that would be easily overlooked by anyone who is not in the love zone.

5. You will be on the cloud nine

You will feel warm and comfortable when you are around them. You will experience the real bliss and fly high. The love hormone which is known as dopamine will lend you a hand to have the unique and exciting feel that is entirely out of this world, thank it later!

When you are around someone you love, you will find yourself to be very lively and elated. Their presence would undeniably make you feel a very special kind of strength and power. You will get totally zoned out and keep on living in your own world which is full of fantasies and imagination.

There lies an assured feeling of support to rely on whenever you are feeling low. There will be always a shoulder to rest on when you are tired, there will be always a shoulder to get over when you are pissed off and there will be always this person in your brain when you are blue to cuddle, cry and look at the bright side of the world over his shoulder.

6. Hook up to sappy love songs

You will get associated and see yourself in those over-sentimental lyrics that you, in the past, thought are way more eligible to be mocked. You will start imagining some beautiful sceneries for the songs with both of you. You will unknowingly get cheesy and will never realize. It ain’t easy being cheesy xD.

7. Little things matter when falling in love

Late night conversations, dinner date, watching a movie, getting stress busted by their talks, sharing interests, lame jokes, securing every little gift they present you and things related to them, how they care for you, eye contacts and that unique sense of their touch out of love.

These are the little things that matter a lot which might go insignificant for a person who is not in love.

8. Falling in love: As deep as emotions can get

When you are in love, your emotions increase. You’ll blush too much for the very subtle compliment that they give you and will not feel the same if someone else admires you. Your heart skips a beat whenever you get the person you love into your mind.

At the same time, you will have way more pensive feelings when they get hurt. You’ll get deeper and you’ll be able to express the subtle thoughts that are running in your mind. You’ll care a lot for them.

9. The shared idea of the future is welcomed

Whenever you think of sharing your future with the person you love, it will never scare you. You will begin to be way too optimistic. Everything around you seems to unfurl the vibes of positivity.

You feel that you can count on your partner with anything. You will be able to build trust in him and stay committed. You will not hesitate to offer your heart and be their second self and the best earthly companion they could ever ask for.

10. Love quirks when falling in love

When you love someone, you tend to pick on the very little things which make them distinctively them. Every gesture of them seems to be quirky.

A study found that trivial quirks can indeed make a person fall in love way too deeper with someone than physical distinctions as people have idiosyncratic preferences. At your glance, if you assess your partner to be little harsh and then in awe with their distinctively adorable quirks, oh hey, you are in love.

11. Subtle sacrifices matter when falling in love

Maybe you’d a tiring day and off to bed and then got a message from your partner; you will not fail to start a conversation, will you? Maybe you’d an intriguing match to watch but taking her to the shopping is something you prefer.

Alright, that’s the immense pleasure you get out of these mere sacrifices for your partner. Their happiness is what you take all the delight in. It feels soothing to work a little harder, take a bit more stress as to stare and get mesmerized by the smile in their face.

12. Endeavours to entertain

If you always find yourself trying to come up with new stuff that your partner enjoys, then love bug has bitten you for sure. You would love to consistently try out new things that entertain the person you adore.

13. Experience a Twinge of envy when falling in love

If you love someone, you would certainly feel a twinge of jealousy for the people you think are close to the one you love. Your jealousy means that you actually care about them and it’s an act of depicting your love for them. If you are in love then for you; jealousy would probably mean as fear of losing your partner. Hey, that’s a sign of love, wherever love goes, jealousy follows it anyway.

14. Their interests matter

You’ll start liking the things they like. Their preferred food, color, movies and many might unknowingly turn out to be yours too. As it happens, the people who are in love would have their interests and personality traits varied after relationships. There lies a change that can be evidently noticed in your idiolect and some phrases you use on an everyday basis. So, if you are eating a pizza with pineapple though you don’t like, that could have a positive effect on your personality out of love.

15. You know who it is

While reading all the signs that ascertain the fact that you are falling in love, there is someone on your mind the whole time. Though there is no specific name mentioned over here, there lies a deep feeling which pulls either ends of your lips to meet the corner of your eyes. That’s love dude! 😉

Are you falling in love? Which of these signs do you feel the most? How does it feel like? Tell us below!

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  2. But I have heard love can never be sought through signs coz it happens at a glance.can you justify this.


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