Singledom- Merits and Demerits

Singledom- Merits and Demerits 1


Why people try to make an impression, by bragging about their fictitious relationships? For a large group of teenagers, being single is disrespectful and tedious. Adolescents of today, bear false notion in their minds, that being in a relationship with someone is prideful and creates an active status in the society. A few people take their relationships genuinely and become ideal couples, taking pleasure in each other’s company.


Here are a few listed worthy points of being single:

When you are single, you are entirely focused on yourself and hence you keep yourself away from all sorts of circumstances that disturbs your life.You undertake your life earnestly.

A recent survey has conveyed that the majority of victorious people, who have always gained success at every path, prohibited themselves from getting into relationships.A person turns out to be independent.


You own complete choice to devote your hours of leisure to your friends and family members rather than wasting your precious period on your soulmates.Many people in relationships have to endure possessive nature of their soulmates, and they force them to restrict them to live according to their instructions, whereas, when you’re single, you are the owner of your liberty.

You spare time for yourselves.You make mature decisions.You forbid yourself from being a part of any emotional stress.You have the option to choose a perfect life partner for yourself at the right time.

You are entirely devoted towards your career.

I’m one of those people who is lonesome, and I’m entirely aware of how it feels to be single and why people irk for someone’s company. Single souls can’t satisfy their hearts for a prolonged period.


Henceforth, singledom has its disadvantages too:

When we set our eyes on our friends and their loved ones, we are envious of them.In spite of having hundreds of friends to hang out with, yet you feel incomplete and lonely.

Life seems too wearisome when we have to do certain things for ourselves only.At a certain time, you need someone to share your lives most heart-rendering sorrows with and the absence of the same disappoints you further.Many teenagers get into a habit of being dishonest and boosting about their artificial relationships.

Adolescents take wrong steps to accomplish in getting a person into their lives that ruin their lives as well as the lives of their partners.It also gives rise to a depressed state of mind.

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Relationships do not make anyone superior, so it’s a modest request to all the teenagers not to acquire false means to build fake relationships. So don’t get disheartened if people tease you for being single. Singledom is pride in itself. Therefore, utilize this period of total freedom and take delight on being single.

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