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Sugar Mountains: Top 17 Amazing Things to Do There

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Is Sugar Mountains your next weekend getaway? Then check out some cool things you can do around the beautiful Sugar Mountains!

Sugar Mountains is a village and not the name of a mountain. This beautiful village is located in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. The village has some pleasing aesthetics and is a popular destination among the locals.

The Sugar Mountains are more popular for their resorts. But there are several other places to explore and fun things that are enjoyed by visitors. So, let’s explore what kind of thrill and fun Sugar Mountains has to offer!

Sugar Mountains- 17 Amazing Things to Do!

A. For Thrill and Adventure

The young blood doesn’t like resting when the views are so mesmerizing. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the activities that will give you an adrenaline rush for the adventure seekers!

1. Mountain Biking

Sugar Mountains

One of the thrilling activities you can try in the Sugar Mountains is biking! Lots of mountain biking enthusiasts can be spotted near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

You can see bikers going all the way up to the top of the Sugar Mountains. The peak of the mountain is 5,300 feet above the ground and has amazing views to offer.

The Sugar Mountain Biking Park has trails that are made for all kinds of bikers. Even if you are a beginner, there is a separate trail for you. In case you came unprepared, there are several bikes and gears rental shops for your convenience.

2. Hiking and Lift rides

If you like exploring the wilderness of the destination by walking, then hiking on the trails of the Sugar Mountains is the activity for you. There are several trails present around the sugar mountains village. There are trails for beginners and experts as well.

Lift rides are another thrilling activity that attracts the visitor’s attention. Lift rides give you a vertical drop while providing the high country birds-eye view. It is one of the must-do activities of the Sugar Mountains. It costs you a few dollars, but the experience is worth the try, along with all the safety and comfort.

3. Whitewater Rafting

sugar mountains

In case you are looking for some water sports and adventure, then White water rafting is something you should try.  There are several places where white water rafting is performed.

You can visit the Watauga River, Wilson Creek, and Nolichucky Rivers for rafting and canoeing adventures. There are experts available for your rafting adventures as every visitor is not an expert in boat handlings.

The rafting and boating aren’t done just around the river, but there are several caves and boats passes from underneath the caves. The thrill doubles up when you enter the caves. The scene looks straight from the movie scene.

4. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is one of the extreme adventures that are available for the visitors at Sugar Mountains, NC. There are several packages available for families, which includes all kinds of activities like rafting, rock climbing, and rappelling.

The mountain has a decent height, and the tour organizers provide rock climbing facilities. The experience can give you some major adrenaline rush. Rock climbing is something that requires guts, and if you aren’t afraid of heights, then it is something worth trying!

5. Winter sports

During winters, the Sugar Mountains look even more amazing, and outdoor ice allows more fun activities in the area. The visitors are excited about skiing, snowboarding and there is also an ice skating rink present in the base, which is the largest ski area of the village.

There are several other activities for visitors like golf courses, zip lines, and UTV. All these activities make the trip to Sugar Mountains a great weekend getaway.

6. Alpine Coaster

Sugar Mountains

Have a thrilling ride in the Alpine Coaster amidst the beautiful North Carolina Mountain views is the new idea initiated by the authority. You can find the alpine coaster at the base of the Sugar Mountains.

The visitors have the freedom to enjoy their rides on individual carts or multiple carts. The speed varies according to the cart type. The Alpine Coaster takes the cart through 360-degree loops and at a decent speed.

The rides are available throughout the year, even during winters. The visitors need to fulfill the minimum age and height criteria for enjoying this thrilling ride.

There are self-driving carts available for those who want to control the cart’s speed. The average duration of Alpine coaster rides is 7 minutes.

B. For fun and culture exploration

Adventurous activities are one of the most thrilling things to do at the Sugar Mountains. But for those who can’t do a lot of those things, they should attend the festivals and concerts organized here. Some popular events of the town are:

7. Fine arts and master crafts festival

sugar mountains

Fine arts and master crafts festivals are one of the most loved festivals of the Sugar Mountains. As the name suggests, you can see lots of decorative pieces and handmade crafts at this festival.

It is not only small items for home decor but also wooden furniture, glass items, jewelry, pottery, and lots of other items available at the festival. You can explore the traditional art of the village in their festival.

Ending your weekend getaway without buying a souvenir is an incomplete trip, therefore visiting dine arts and master crafts festival is necessary.

8. Grandfather mountain highlands game  

Grandfather mountain Highlands Game is one of the biggest events of the Sugar Mountains. The event is about hosting Scottish games, which is one of the grandest celebrations in America.

The event doesn’t only feature games and tournaments; there is a vast range of things organized for visitors’ entertainment. You can see bands playing music, bagpipers, traditional food, and crafts.

It’s a fun-filled event that is set up in this beautiful village and is organized every year. Do give a read to the Grand Scottish Nationals for a better understanding of the games.

9. Weekly concerts

sugar mountains

The village of Sugar Mountains organizes a relaxing dining and musical night event every weekend. This event is organized near Golf and Tennis Club House Deck. The dinner is served in the evening, and live music plays along.

The delicious food, soothing music, and the panoramic views of the Sugar Mountains leave the tourists feeling overwhelmed. You can sit on the deck side, which is the best place to have a good view. The weekly concerts are organized every Wednesday night.

Must-Visit Places around Sugar Mountains!

Some must-visit places are located a few miles away from the village, and excluding them on the trip would be a shame.

10. Waterfalls

sugar mountains

When you are in Sugar Mountains village and have a whole weekend for fun and relaxation, your visit’s best place is the waterfalls, and there are handfuls present around the village.

Take some time out to explore the Otter Falls, which is around 6 miles away from the village. It is located amidst the green forest and within a mile of the hike, you can reach here. The waterfall has 25 feet in height and is quite picturesque.

Few more miles away from Otter Falls is the Crab Orchard Falls, another peaceful spot located amidst nature. You can bring your pets here, but they should be on a leash. There is a church located nearby as well.

Last on the list is Linville Falls, which is around 15 miles away from Sugar Creek. It has amazing views and is located on rocky terrains. Lots of trails are made around the falls so that visitors can witness its beauty.

11. Mystery Hill

Mystery Hill is one of those gravitational wonders present just half an hour’s drive away from Sugar Mountains. Everything that comes on the path moves upward. The road is inclined at around 45 degrees, but instead of rolling downwards, cars and balls move in the upward direction.

This is a great example of gravitational Anomaly. Scientists are quite confused with this place, but it has constantly been featured in documentaries. Mystery Hill is a good place to take your kids as they get practical education along with a relaxing weekend.

12. Mast General Store

sugar mountains

Mast General Store is the pilgrimage center for the visitors of the Sugar Mountains. Your trip remains incomplete without visiting Mast General Store.

The store has some really wonderful range of products to offer to its customers. It is located just a few minutes’ drive away from the village. The store has a great collection of items of clothing, chocolate, basic necessity items, old toys, and everything you can think of.

On the plus note, they also play live music in the store. The section of chocolates and candies are huge, so keep your children under control.

For Great Relaxing Weekend!

If you are just looking for a relaxing weekend, then there are some comfy places for your stay and some relaxing things to do as well.

13. Stay at resorts

sugar mountains

If you are in a mood of total relaxation, then booking a vacation rental is the best thing for you. Sugar mountain ski resort is one of the best and most popular resorts in the area.

There are lots of options present in the village, like condos, cabins on the hill, and real estate properties as well. Make your booking in advance if your weekend plan is in Sugar Mountains.

All basic amenities are available in the resorts, and you can even enjoy spa and massage for a completely soothing and relaxing weekend.

14. Do scenic drives

Another best thing for you to do in a sugar mountain village has a long drive around the scenic routes. Drive around Blue ridge Parkway by renting a car or from your own convenience.

The lesser traveled roads are the most scenic ones, so you can drive around the village and even stop at the markets and restaurants for exploring the cultural side of the village.

15. Visit breweries, antique shops, and restaurants

Sugar Mountains have some excellent breweries and wineries. Visit around Grandfather Vineyard and Banner Elk Winery and sample some of the best locally brewed wines and beer. The weekend remains incomplete without drinks, and for that, there are numerous breweries for the visitors.

In case you are a collector, then there are few antique shops present around the village and on Highway. There are several art galleries in the Village of Sugar Mountains, where the local artists’ artworks are preserved.

After a day of exploration and activities, having a wonderful meal is what the visitors deserve. For that, there are several restaurants around the Village of Sugar Mountains. Cuisine diversity is one impressive factor in the village.

16. Gem mining

sugar mountains

One of the extraordinary things to do around the village is gem mining. Sugar Creek Mining Company allows visitors to mining gemstones.

The company’s staff helps in the identification of the stones, and you can buy the gems or attach them to your jewelry. It is a very educational spot for children as they can learn, explore, and make their own jewelry.

17. Picnic and farm tours

Picnic and farm tours are the best thing to do around the village. Sugar Mountains offers some great picnic spots and farms for the visitor’s exploration.

You can visit apple hill farm as the best option for you, as several farm animals add up the amusement. And when it comes to picnic, it is not a problem. There are several options. You can even look for good slope areas in the area and relax there.

That was all about the village of Sugar Mountains, located in North Carolina. The list of adventurous things to do here is quite long because dullness is not what Americans promote.

There are some amazing places to visit around the village as well. Just a few miles of drive can take you to some amazing natural wonders, like waterfalls present around Sugar Mountains.

The village is one perfect weekend getaway for all ages of people. There are extreme sports to do, and even some laid back exploration along with musical concerts and live music to witness and enjoy.

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