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A Chennai based Engineering student with a passion for literature, travel and adventure! 😀

As a kid who has never had much of an attraction towards superheroes of any sort, I can’t help but laugh at the irony behind me being excited for the upcoming movie!

Having detested superheroes for being these fancy people who seemed far off from the normal folks we see every day, with crazy superpowers and unimaginable strength, I have never cared enough to watch these movies or to read the comics! But then, there are these superheroes who go beyond protecting the world to much more! They inspire us to bring out the best and to contribute our part for melioration. To me, like a lot of other people they happen to be Batman and Superman!


BATMAN! The silent guardian, the watchful protector, The Dark Knight. Breaking the stereotypical description of a superhero in every sense, The Dark Knight Trilogy, hasn’t failed to impress the masses.

When someone with no inherent powers but just a multitude of resources and a strong willpower, aspires to save the city that brought him into living, motivated by what he fears the most, he does occupy a huge space in all our hearts! Also, thanks to Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale and those thought provoking dialogues. As Alfred puts it, He endures! He makes the choice that no one else can make, the right choice. When he does fall, he learns and picks himself up.

The heart melting compassion, the sturdy willpower, the impressive freak, the deceptive theatrics, the challenging rebel that he is, is what makes him! As the movie says, it’s not who he is underneath, but what he does that defines him. In the midst of tons of people who want to watch the world burn, he strives, fights and endeavors hard to make the world a better place.

The Dark Knight


After my initial exposure to Batman, my interests in superheroes expanded. Frankly, after Batman, none of the others kept up to my expectations as they all had these inherent superpowers.

But then, who doesn’t love superman? Nicknamed as The Big Blue Boy Scout, he has played an important social and cultural role. Being the last son of Krypton, Superman is said to have come down to the Earth to save the dying planet.

Often being paralleled with Biblical stories, Superman was conceived before any of us readers were even born and will continue to enlighten, motivate and inspire us, the commons, for ages to come! Superman will remain as a symbol of hope, strength and modern certainty! Those moments of relief once Superman insinuates the crime scene will never be forgotten! Superheroes like these do not just impress us for the media sake but remind us that the world needs the help of every individual for betterment.



Now what excites me the most is the fact that these superheroes are to appear together on the large screen. The two largest, geekiest, nerdiest fandoms are to merge. With the hysteria of the Superman v Batman movie on the rise, expectations continue to grow. As the two greatest heroes of our generation combat each other, unite towards their common goal, fight injustice together and bring in the dawn of just to the world, the movie is expected to gain enormous applause.


As they battle each other, the best and the worst in each of them will be brought to light. Even as they work towards a common cause, the ego, the superiority and the conflicts and their theory to put it aside is much awaited! As the cities that nurtured them and brought them up is to be burnt down to ashes will these heroes let go of their conflicts and save the world? Is it going to be Gotham and Metropolis or Gotham v Metropolis? We will have to wait to know!  The buzz it has created is boundless since its announcement in the San Diego Comic-Con. With an amazing crew, the prospects of an astounding movie is bright. Creating a cinematic history, Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder together have gotten us all to expect heights out of the movie as two of the most iconic and cinematically successful heroes are to be brought together. Fingers crossed for it to meet all expectations.

Together, let us wait for the justice to dawn!

Pavithra Murugan

A Chennai based Engineering student with a passion for literature, food, travel and adventure!

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A Chennai based Engineering student with a passion for literature, travel and adventure! 😀

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