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Top Guide to the 7 Best Cities in Sweden

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This is a guide to the best cities in Sweden. Keep reading. 

With a population of almost 10 million people, Sweden is the largest country in the Nordic region. It shares its borders with Norway and Finland and is connected to Denmark by the Oresund bridge.

Sweden, Norway, and Denmark-the three kingdoms are collectively called Scandinavia.

Beautiful winding lanes give way to historic castles and churches and pagan sites along the edges of these lovely and bustling cities in Sweden.

The country’s outstanding natural beauty and unspoiled environment continue to lure visitors from all over the world.

Cities in Sweden
By: ThinkingNomads/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

What’s the Weather Like?

All of Sweden is blanketed in snow during the winter, except for the southern point, including the Gothenburg and Scania areas. (Make sure to pack your socks!) when the weather is milder, snow melts across a larger area, including Stockholm, whereas the country’s northern side remains covered all year.

Stockholm is one of the most well-known cities in Sweden as it is the capital of Sweden, which makes it the perfect destination for a great holiday. While most would agree, various underrated cities in Sweden are equally worth exploring.

But worry not, you won’t have to peruse through the entire Scandinavia. Please take a seat, because we’ve picked 7 of the best cities in Sweden for you!

#1: Cities in Sweden: Stockholm- The Largest City with the Old Town and Stockholm Palace

Stockholm is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most stunning cities in Sweden, with its ancient old town on 14 islands between the Baltic Sea and Lake Mlaran. It is also one of Sweden’s most populated cities, with a population of 1,656,571 people.

With a great variety of dining establishments, cafes, stylish shops with a great atmosphere, must-visit museums, Stolkholm is a great destination.

It is a fusion of modern and traditional aspects of architecture, surrounded by water, you’ll find yourself in awe of this magical place.

The 7 Best Cities in Sweden
Jan Emmo. Flickr.

Stockholm also houses the Stockholm Palace- also known as the Royal Palace and is the Swedish monarch’s main residence and major royal palace.

The Royal Palace of Stockholm is unique among Europe’s royal homes because it serves as a royal house, workplace, and historical monument available for visiting all year.

Stockholm is a great base for exploring all of Sweden’s various attractions and cultures. With a unique flair and attitude, it’s no wonder that it has become a cultural destination for foreigners.

#2: Cities in Sweden: Gothenburg- The City of Youth

Gothenburg, being second among the largest cities in Sweden with a population of 610,521 people, has attracted settlers from all over Europe, including the Dutch, Germans, and Scots, over the centuries.

By fusing these cultures with traditional Swedish culture, Gothenburg has become a melting pot of a city.

Gothenburg’s maritime identity makes it a pleasant place. With numerous 17th-century canals crisscrossing the city, walking along its waterfront is like your very own therapy session. Ships dock near the harbor, and maritime museums can be seen around the city.

The 7 Best Cities in Sweden
kaushalye. Flickr.

Stockholm is the most industrialized city in Sweden. Metal and machine production, paper and printing, foodstuffs, and chemicals are among the country’s most important sectors.

It is also the country’s main wholesale and retail hub, and many banks and insurance organizations have their headquarters there. Stockholm is also Sweden’s second-largest port (the first is Göteborg).

There’s some gorgeous architecture on display, as well as a thriving art and cultural scene with a variety of events and festivals.

Gothenburg attracts a big student population, and rightfully so with the bustling pubs, cafes, and good shopping options – as well as its superb fish-filled cuisine – provide even more reasons to explore.

#3: Cities in Sweden: Malmo- The Multicultural City

With over 150 different nationalities calling Malmo home, it is Sweden’s third-largest city. The city of Malmo and Copenhagen are linked by Europe’s greatest bridge and tunnel network.

Being so far into the south, the weather is fantastic, especially in summer with the clear skies and the sunlight.

The 7 Best Cities in Sweden
etoma/emiliogmiguez. Flickr.

Malmo, which borders Copenhagen and is close across the Baltic from Germany, has long been affected by plenty of cultures, so there are some excellent Middle Eastern markets to visit, as well as an incredible variety of foods to try.

Malmö has been an industrial and transportation hub since the mid-nineteenth century, and a diverse range of imports and exports travel through its busy port.

Its art and culture sector is growing, and there are numerous architectural gems to be discovered. Malmo is ready for exploration, with its magnificent ancient castle, lovely squares in the Old Town, and is attributed for its modern shoreline.

#4: Cities in Sweden: Uppsala- The Academic Gem of the Country

Uppsala is also one of the largest cities in Sweden, being fourth in size, spans along the banks of the Fyris River, and is a vibrant but laid-back location.

It is a popular day trip from Stockholm because it is home to Scandinavia’s largest cathedral and has beautiful parks and gardens.

The 7 Best Cities in Sweden
Ricardo Feinstein. Flickr.

It is also home to the Uppsala University, which dates back to 1477, and is Sweden’s oldest university and is still in operation.

Uppsala has a long history of providing top-notch educational options. This city holds a historical place in Swedish national culture and identity in historiography, literature, politics, and music.

Uppsala grew quickly from a university town and agrarian trade center to an industrial city after the railway arrived in the 1860s. Its industries include printing and publishing, food processing, medicines, and machinery manufacturing.

A fascinating archaeological site with the ruins of old Uppsala towns is located nearby.

#5: Cities in Sweden: Orebro- The Heart of Sweden

Orebro is one of the fascinating cities in Sweden, enriched with a history dating back to the 14th century. Orebro’s majestic and beautiful castle is the showpiece among all the cities in Sweden but is not the only attraction worth seeing.

The palace now hosts various events, including ghost tours, treasure hunts, and guided tours, to name a few.

Orebro Castle
By; Lars Hermansson/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

It constitutes a vibrant university town with a large student population, and tourists may enjoy an unlimited variety of terrace cafes, bars, and inexpensive eateries.

Orebro has been mostly rebuilt following a fire in 1854. Still, its ancient buildings are impressive, including a 16th-century Swedish Renaissance castle on an island in the river that serves as a museum and the governor’s residence.

Orebro is not far from Stockholm and offers several serene parks, quiet alleyways, and the nearby Vanern Lake to draw visitors. A short cycling ride from the city brings you to several lakes and natural areas, making it a fantastic base for exploring the surrounding countryside.

#6: Cities in Sweden: Umea- The Urban Areas in Sweden

Umea is one of the cities in Sweden known for its museums and has cultural significance. Founded in 1622 by Swedish King Gustav II Adolf and is located near Sweden’s northeast coast.

Umea is sometimes referred to as the “capital of northern Sweden” and in recent years has become one of the fastest-growing cities in Sweden in terms of population, passing the 200,000 mark.

By: Nick M/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

Despite being the European Capital of Culture in 2014, Umea is the hidden treasure of Sweden with a variety of things to see and do.

It features a large art gallery, a beautiful vintage guitar museum, and other lovely museums dedicated to the indigenous people of Sami that continue to live there.

Umea is a nature lover’s ideal place, with easy access to the ocean (it’s only 15 kilometers from the sea) and mountains and thick forest right to wander in. It was largely rebuilt after numerous devastating fires, particularly in 1888.

It is a commercial hub and port that produces furniture and machinery, as well as having sawmills.

This busy college town boasts many great bars and restaurants, some fine shopping, and charming tiny parks strewn throughout the city with its cultural attractions.

This city is well known for the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, which draws many visitors who stop by here to see it, and is located 400 kilometers below the Arctic Circle. Don’t miss out on this gem of a city!

#7: Cities in Sweden: Visby- The Medieval town of Wonder

Visby, the capital of Gotland and one of the most beautiful cities in Sweden, is a charming medieval city. Its maze of ancient cobblestone alleyways and alleys is fascinating to explore.

It is a charming and picture-perfect city, with picturesque cottages, gorgeous ruins of Gothic churches, and amazing walls around the Old Town.

The 7 Best Cities of Sweden
By: Maigelica/ Flickr.

Visby is also called “the city of roses and ruins” and was recognized as a protected monument in 1810 and a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995 because of its unusually well-preserved medieval ramparts and structures.

A Lutheran bishopric is based in Visby. Government services, light manufacturing, trade, tourism, and handicrafts are all major sources of income for its citizens.

There are numerous bars and restaurants to visit, as well as the lovely Saint Maria Cathedral. It can get a little crowded in the summer, but Visby holds fun and festive Medieval Week once a year when the city is swept away in medieval costumes and events.

So, these are the top 7 cities in Sweden that you can visit on your next trip. Throughout Sweden, you will find a lot of things to do and enjoy. You will need to have some time in your hands to explore it all.

Happy traveling.

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