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15 Things Only a Liberal Arts Student Can Relate To

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If you’re used to people criticizing your choice of subjects in college.

If you find yourself loaded with assignments of subjects like “Haiku Poetry” or “Buddhist Philosophy.”

If you’re tired of being told that your dreams are impractical and, to a certain extent, unrealistic.

If people often tell you that you’re wasting your time and your parents’ money for a worthless degree.

If the course structure of your college is mysterious to most people.

Well, then, my friends, you are at a Liberal Arts College.

1. Always answering questions like “What is liberal arts?”

hqdefault(4)And after a half-hour-long lecture (which can sometimes even extend to an hour) about liberal arts, the divine question greets us almost in all the cases, “But what are you studying exactly?”

Like seriously, are you that dumb?

2. Being asked, “What job will you get after graduation?”

Oh! Come on, more than 80% of the youth of our country in ANY field doesn’t know what he will do in his future. Then why are we the only ones who are targeted with a questionnaire session?

3. Being thought of as “not being good enough.”

artsWe are tired of people underestimating our degree and our skillset. Just give us a chance and let us show you what we’re capable of.

4. Getting the look that says, “How dare you to take up anything other than medical or engineering!”

UntitledHow about we refuse to be apologetic for not being a part of the sheep walk!

5. Most of the time is spent on campus

Liffey_College_student_01With many subjects and a hectic timetable, as well as some cool extracurricular activities, most of our time is spent in our college campus.

6. Many people have no idea that your college exists

hqdefault(6)Many people do not know the location of our college. (They might even be suspicious of its existence!)

7. You have the weirdest combination of subjects

Yes, I am an English Literature major with Math as my minor. Got any problem with that?

8. Your friends in other colleges think you’re just having fun, not at all studying

homework-624735_960_720If you knew the amount of readings and assignments we get, you wouldn’t be saying that. The grass always appears greener on the other side. Doesn’t it?

9. Subjects like “Objects Out of Place-The Explained and the Unexplained” are a reality.

laWe study about aliens, time travel, and every other subject that you can only dream about. Jealous?

10. Everyone in your campus is a weirdo

We are a bunch of weirdoes and crazy sociopaths. We love that about ourselves.


11. Hanging out with professors outside class is actually fun

Shimer_College_conversation_with_students_2010(2)Because we can talk about the wide range of topics from “Nuclear Theory” to “What if Harry Potter was real?”

12. A class of just 5 students is no joke

And therefore, it is very likely that our professors know us all by our names.

13.Calling professors and seniors by their first name is no big deal

Why should it be a big deal after all?

14. Even Google trolls you

googleHey, who feels bad about being trolled by their best friend? Don’t we all laugh it off!

15. Do you regret your decision to pursue Liberal Arts?

About 99% of the time, we don’t. We followed our hearts, and we are proud of ourselves for doing so.


But at the end of the day, this is your “Wonderland,” and there’s nowhere else we’d rather be. 

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