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The Best Friends Episodes You Cannot Miss

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 Are you a Friends Fan and are looking for the Freinds reunion? You might just be wondering what are the best Friends episodes you cannot miss?

We think there will be universal agreement when we say that the American sitcom TV series “Friends’’ is a total heart-winning one. Yes, there are many other good TV series, but then nothing can be compared to Friends! We still thank the stars and the creators, David Crane and Marta Kauffman, for the beautiful portrayal of life, and the importance of Friends in our life. Also, we got to know the real usage of sarcasm. Even if it was aired in 1994-2004, we won’t stop expecting a Friends reunion movie. If you haven’t watched this series yet, please do! Let’s go ahead and bring in some nostalgia for people who have watched it and a sneak peek for people who haven’t.

What are the best Friends episodes you definitely cannot miss?

1. Best Friends Episodes: S01E01 – “The One where it all began’’

This first episode starts with the theme song, which will forever stick to our souls. While watching it for the first time, it was a little hard to understand the constant firing of jokes. But slowly, we got the hang of it and realized that the jokes were so on point and outstandingly great. The best scenes in this episode were when: Rachel said “What if I don’t want to be a shoe?”, Phoebe said “Oh, I wish I could, but I don’t want to” and finally when Rachel cuts all her credit cards and Monica goes on to say “Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.” We all felt it in our bones, didn’t we? In the following episodes, (some of us binge-watched endlessly) you instantly fell in love with the characters, with all your heart. You realized how open and forward-minded the scriptwriters were even in that time. That is the beauty of the series, and also how realistic the script was. With the best Friends episode like this, you can always rewatch this time and again.

2. Best Friends Episodes: S02E06 – “The One with the Baby on the Bus”

Watch The One with the Baby on the Bus. Episode 6 of Season 2.

The episode opens, with Monica trying to take Ben in her arms, but he cries every time she comes near to him. So Chandler jokes about it, and we could not stop laughing! From Joey and Chandler leaving Ben on the bus, to Phoebe singing angrily on the streets in revolt, and also Ross getting injected gave us a huge dose of non-stop laughter. It’s surely one of the best Friends episodes you can watch again.

3. Best Friends Episodes: S03E06 – “The One with the Flashback”

Watch The One with the Flashback. Episode 6 of Season 3.

Janice’s question which came out of the blue, startled everyone, and secretly transported everyone into the memories of the past. That gave us a bigger picture of what the scenario was before the first episode of the series. We got introduced to how Joey became Chandler’s roommate and what Central Perk was earlier. It is a bit ironical to see that Rachel had once said “How hard is it to get a couple of drinks right?” and in the present, she was a struggling waitress at the present Cafe. Also, we get to thank Mr. Heckles for being responsible for making Joey a roommate of Chandler and thus bringing him into the Friends picture.

4. Best Friends Episodes: S06E09 – “The One where Ross got high”

Watch The One Where Ross Got High. Episode 9 of Season 6.

The opening scene where Rachel tells that she will be making Thanksgiving dessert gives a hint of what was about to follow in the episode. The real fun begins when Monica’s parents come over to her place for dinner. It was indeed, “a lot of information to get in 30 seconds!” and we were all left rolling with laughter on the floor. Alas! Chandler makes his impression and gains her parent’s trust. It’s definitely among the best Friends episode in the series.

5.Best Friends Episodes: S09E02 – “The One Where Emma Cries”

Watch The One Where Emma Cries. Episode 2 of Season 9.

This episode was pretty emotional, but most of the scenes tickled our stomachs enough, to not be able to stop laughing. Like the conversation between Monica and Chandler when he informs her that, he had said yes to moving to Tulsa, while sleeping in the meeting. Then the scene where Joey ducks to Ross’ punch and he hits the poll, in response to which while demonstrating reflex action, Joey accidentally hits Ross twice, in fact thrice in the whole episode, making it among the best Friends episodes out there. That scene was hilarious, and is today remembered by many Friends fans! Not to forget Joey’s demonstration of using air quotes in different ways to get it right. What did you like the most of that scene? Or, do you want to revisit it?

6. Best Friends Episodes: S10E03 – “The One with Ross’ Tan”

Watch The One with Ross's Tan. Episode 3 of Season 10.

In this episode, Jennifer Coolidge plays the role of Amanda Buffamonteezi, and the scenes revolving around this character is as funny as her role title. With sarcasm, Chandler had said to her “Well, aren’t you a treat”. Let’s not forget when we went bonkers when Ross was getting spray tan, while counting ‘Mississippi” numbers. “I am an eight!!” Ross had exclaimed with disappointment in his eyes.

7. Best Friends Episodes: S10E12 – “The One with Phoebe’s Wedding”

Watch The One with Phoebe's Wedding. Episode 12 of Season 10.

It was a total “aww” moment when Phoebe asks “wisdomous” Joey to walk her down the aisle in her wedding. Luckily due to the weather conditions, Phoebe got to marry Mike on the streets, the simplest wedding she always wanted. Then finally, the most awaited wedding happens. Phoebe walks down the aisle towards Mike and they share beautiful vows, that made us all tear up a little.

8. Best Friends Episodes: S10E17 – “The Last One”Best Friends episodes

We all held our hearts on our sleeves while watching this last episode. On one side, childishly, we partially did not want to watch it because the series was ending. On the other side, we could not wait to watch it because there was so much left to happen. We had to get closure to be able to bid goodbye to this amazing series, the best one probably. There are more surprises in this episode, which just filled our hearts with joy. The joke of the “left phalange” will stay with us forever. As the duration of the episode gradually came to an end, we felt our tears welling up in our throats. The final scene where all the six of them kept their keys on the table, hit us hard. We were confused about whether the tears were of happiness of what happened till the end, or we were crying of sadness. At the end Rachel asks “Should we get some coffee?’’ and Chandler says “Where?”. We realized that Central Perk was a second home to all of them. No matter how much things would change, some things were constant, like their friendship or the coffee house.

There is a lot to take away from this TV show and also some dialogues we use often in our daily lives. Be it Phoebe’s “Boyfriends and Girlfriends come and go, but this is for life” or “Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t make it wrong”. The famous sound of “OH MY GOD” will never leave our ears.

Which One’s the Best Friends Episodes for You?

Let’s admit it. Friends can fit into every kind of mood, be it sad, happy or romantic. For many of us, partying simply means watching Friends and eating good food. Also, especially when the world seems to have pushed you down on to your knees, and you want something to cheer you up instantly, watching Friends is such a saviour! It just seems to have some kind of magic power because it just lightens up our mood in seconds. Not to forget, after watching it for the first time, most of us had set the theme song “I’ll be there for you” as our phone ringtones. For Friends fans, watching it for the millionth time will never be boring. It will always be very close to our hearts. So Cheers to all the Friends fans out there, and also for purchasing customized Friends t-shirts and accessories! Which of these is among the best Friends episodes for you?

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