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The Lost Cities Of The World

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Earth is a mysterious island. Even though people claim that everything on earth is discovered, someplace were once lost never to be found again. Some were found, and others existence remained in the myths. Lost cities can be broadly classified into 2 categories: one whose location and existence weren’t known until discovering the place and two whose location have been lost but are retained in myths, legends or historical records. Here is a list of some of The Lost Cities Of The World.


This city is very famous, and yet its existence cannot be proved. Some ancient writers viewed Atlantis as fiction, while others believed it was real. Legend has it that Atlantis was a naval power lying “in front of the pillars of Hercules” and has conquered many parts in western Europe and Africa, but after failing to defeat the Athens city, Atlantis sank into the deep ocean never to be found again. The location of the Atlantic city has been debated for a long time. Some say it is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, some say it is in the black sea, some scientist from national geographic channel claimed it to be in south-western Andalusia and some in Bermuda triangle. The exact location of the city however, could not be found till now.

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This lost Mexican city was claimed to be a kingdom made of pure gold. Many set on an expedition to find the city of gold, some returned, and some never did. One such famous person who went in search of this city was sir Walter Raleigh. Though he never found El Dorado, he was convinced that there was some city filled with riches. When he found gold on the river banks of villages, his resolve strengthened. Just like the Atlantis city, the existence of El Dorado is only in myths and historical records. However, its location is yet to be found.

el-dorado          Muisca_raft_Legend_of_El_Dorado_Offerings_of_gold


You might be familiar with the popular game The Lost City Of Z. The game was actually originated because of the mythical lost city of Z. This city is said to be in the deep jungles of the Mato Grosso region of brazil. The first person who claimed the existence of such a city was Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett. He was a British surveyor. His plan to go in search of the city was intervened by the world war 1, but in 1925 Fawcett, his son and Raleigh Rimell disappeared forever in the Mato Grosso while searching for Z.



In the Arthurian legend, Lyonesse was the home country of Tristan, from Tristan and Iseult’s legendary story. This land is referred to as the lost land of Lyonesse as it ultimately said to have sunk into the sea. Another legend is that this legendary city was built at the bottom of the sea. The location of this city isn’t found yet and while some say it never existed, some people believe it did. It is difficult to ascertain where the legend began and ended and where reality stood.

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The Pompeii was an ancient Roman city located near the modern Naples of the Campania region of Italy. On August 24th, 79, the mount Vesuvius near the city erupted so largely that the sulphuric fumes suffocated the city’s inhabitants and the whole city was destroyed due to the molten lava. The city was forever lost until 1748 when a group of explorers found the city still intact under the thick layer of dirt and debris. Ancient Romans believed that the eruption of the Vesuvius was god’s wrath on the people.

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There can be no “lost city” list if Machu Picchu is not mentioned in it. Located at 2400m above the sea level amidst the beautiful Urubamba valley in Peru is this amazing and breathtaking city built by the Incas around 1400 AD. Its existence was known in 1911 by the American historian Hiram Bingham. The reason for the abandonment of the city is still unknown, but many theories were proposed. Some say it was due to smallpox, and some think it was just a temporary residence for the people, and some even believe that the reason for abandonment was aliens.

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Troy was an ancient city in what is now known as Turkey. Troy’s siege, which was once thought to be a mythical place, is one of the most famous stories in ancient Greek legend the Trojan war. The purpose of the Trojan war was to recover Helen, wife of king Menelaus of Sparta who was taken away by Paris, the son of King Priam of Troy. The site of Troy was rediscovered by a German archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann, in 1868.

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Here we are, at the end of the list. Some mysterious, some mythical, some straight-out facts and the truth. What did you think about our list of The Lost Cities Of The World?

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