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9 Important Things To Write About Yourself In A Resume

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Writing a resume can be pretty tricky, especially when you are a new entrant, and you are looking for things to write about yourself in a resume. Are you skeptical about things to write about yourself in a resume? Then, your questions will be answered in this article.

A resume is one of the most significant aspects of your life. A resume might seem like a piece of paper for others, but those one or two pages decide your future. It is in those one or two pages that you have to write something so different that it would instantly impress the interviewer.

A good resume is something that can make or break your game. It is that one thing that can either get you the dream job that you have always wished for, or it may also get you rejected instantly. When you are writing your resume, you have to be very sure about what you write and how much emphasis you lay on the multiple qualities of yours.

What is a Resume?

The resume is a formal document in which a candidate mentions all his qualifications, skills, extra curriculum activities, and work experience. It is that document that you present to the company in which you are willing to apply and work.

The interviewer goes through a lot of resumes and shortlists the qualified candidates who are best appropriate for that position.

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Do’s and Don’ts of a Resume

Before jumping on to what things to write about yourself in a resume, let us talk about some practical tips, and a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while writing a resume.

Do’s of a Resume

1. Concise

The first and foremost step to writing the perfect resume is by making it very clear and concise. You have to write all the relevant points, but you should be very descriptive about it.

The interviewers may not have time to go through each point mentioned by you if you write it in long paragraphs, that is why it is advised that you write all the detail-orientated information concisely.

2. Up-to-date

The information that you write on the resume must always be up-to-date. Do not make just one resume and get it over with. As soon as you acquire some new skills or achieve something new, edit the resume.

Do not ever be lazy in writing your resume and leaving it just like that. Write the resume and edit it whenever necessary. All the facts and qualifications must be written correctly.

3. Qualitative

A lot of times, people may write long resumes with two or three pages because people usually think that the more pages your resume has, the more is your opportunity to get selected. Such perception must be removed from your mind because recruiters may not necessarily see how long your resume is; they may discern what is relevant to them.

Do not run after writing too many words and making your resume too long because it may do more harm than doing good.

4. Clear

Make sure that the points that you write in your resume are clear and easily understandable. It is not necessary to put in complicated words in your resume just for the sake of it.

A resume that looks aesthetically pleasing and yet very classy is more likely to be noticed by the recruiters.

5. Start with Action Verbs

Action verbs are imperative in a resume, and each individual should make sure that he starts each sentence of his resume with action verbs.

When you start your sentence with action verbs, it makes your resume clearer and easier to understand. It will be better for the recruiters to read those points and make out what you have achieved.

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Don’ts of a Resume

1. Too Much Information

If you are looking for things to write about in your resume because you have too much to write or even too little to write, then make sure you do not punch in too much information. In the process of anticipating that it is better to include a lot of information, often it happens that the report turns out to be irrelevant.

The recruiters may read a lot of irrelevant information and reject you instantly. So, in the process of deciding on things to write about in your resume, make sure you do not feed in a lot of information and only include essential information.

2. False Information

The most important thing to keep in mind while deciding upon things to write about in your resume is to make sure that you never lie in it. Any false information may result in the company debarring you from future selections.

It is very easy for the company to know when you are lying in your resume. They are quick to judge because they come across a lot of people daily. If at all you think that you can lie about a couple of things and get away with it, please don’t. You will get caught instantly.

Many times it can happen that you may have lied about a couple of things in your resume, and it would turn out that your interview may be based on those points that you have lied about. It is better to stay honest about your qualities instead of lying about it.

3. Copying

There are multiple things to write about yourself in a resume. Everything is available on digital media, and that is why people think it is okay to copy a few points from it and get away with it.

Remember that your resume is your own. You should never copy anything from the internet or write a few points in your resume just because your colleague has mentioned it in his resume.

You can think of multiple things to write about yourself in your resume that you think is relevant. Even if you think that the qualities that you write may not be up to the par, write only those that you are genuinely good at.

4. Too Much Design

Apart from thinking about things to write about in yourself in a resume, it is also important to see how your resume looks aesthetically. Too much design in an infographic resume can lessen your chance of getting selected for your dream job. Your resume cover letters can be creative and classy.

You can be creative as you wish to be until you are doing it within limits. Make sure that you use colors that look professional. Colors like black, white, grey, beige may look very professional, and it can also increase your chances of getting selected for your dream job.

5. Using Too Many Fonts

Too many fonts in a resume may start looking unpleasant. It is advised to use fonts that are professional and use a maximum of two fonts.

You can also highlight the critical points so that the focus is laid, especially on those points.

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9 Things to Write about Yourself in a Resume

There are a lot of things to write about yourself in a resume. But the most important thing to write about should be considered wisely. Below are the 9 important things to write about yourself in a resume.

1. Basic Information

While listing down things to write about yourself in a resume, make sure you put correct information about yourself.

Start by writing your name, date of birth, e-mail address, and home address. This necessary information will lay a base on what you have to write next. Once you write your necessary information in the resume, do not repeat it during your interview because the recruiter is already aware of it.

2. Qualifications

Qualifications are essential, and you have to make sure that you always write your updated qualifications. A quick tip is to write your resume by following the reverse chronological order. Write the latest qualification first and then the second-last and so on.

Let us suppose that you can write your post-graduation first, then your graduation, and then your school academics. This is the most preferred and accepted form of writing the resume correctly. You can write the name of the institution on one column, your grades in the other column, and the year of passing out in the last column.

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3. Certifications

Do not stress over a lot of things to write about in your resume. You can include all the relevant certifications that you may have done for the job. Do not include certifications that you may have done in your childhood because it becomes outdated and irrelevant.

Certifications are incredibly crucial, so do not write about it just for the sake of it. Make sure that you write about the certifications only if you have thorough knowledge about it. Many a time, the hiring manager may ask you questions related to those certifications, and at that time, you cannot afford to make things up in front of them.

4. Work Experience

Work experience is one of the most important things to write about in your resume. If you have done any internship, then you can mention it under your knowledge. You have to say the company name, your job description, and the years of experience that you have in that particular field.

For example, if you have work experience in the field of sales and marketing, you can mention the things you have over time. You can write about various customer service that you have provided that can add brownie points to your resume.

You can write precisely about the previous role you had in the company you have worked for, how you have contributed to the development of the company. You can also add any achievements that you may have received while working in the company.

Work experience is that particular column that can either get you easily selected or quickly rejected from a job. The hiring managers may pay attention to how you have contributed towards the company and what benefits you have provided as long as you were a part of it.

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5. Project Management

If you are on an entry-level and you do not have work experience to write about, you can always shift the recruiters’ focus on all the project works that you have done. Any project work that you have done that is relevant to the job profile can be included.

Project management helps the recruiters to understand that you have qualities of leadership and teamwork. Such project works can add a lot of value to your resume.

6. Skills

Skills are those aspects that the recruiters look for while shortlisting the candidates for the further round. You have to ensure that you list down relevant skills that you possess. It is also important to know that you cannot put skills that you are not very good at.

You have to tweak your skills according to the job that you are applying for. You cannot write a set of skills and use them for different job profiles. Anything that you mention in your resume must be tweaked according to the company you are applying for. Some skills may not be relevant to everything.

7. Hobbies

Hobbies are your personal space where you can write about things that you do apart from just working. In the things to write about, you can mention all your hobbies and what you like doing in your free time.

This makes recruiters believe that you like to be productive even in your free time. Do not copy hobbies from the internet; you may write that you love traveling, and the recruiters may ask about the places you have been to. It is better to write about things that you have an interest in rather than cooking some stories up.

8. Languages

Languages are important to mention because the company may have vacancies, but they may have criteria for a particular language. To be on a safer side, make sure you mention about the proficiency of the languages as well.

9. Extra-curricular Activities

In things to write about in your resume, you can write about all the extra-curricular activities that you may have done during your education. You can write about various clubs that you were a part of, social service that you have done, or anything that can add value to your resume.

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These were 9 things to write about yourself in a resume. When you are writing your resume, you have to be very patient and think about things to write about logically. You can also hire professional resume writers that can make a professional resume for you.

What are the other things to write about yourself in a resume? Let us know in the comments.



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