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The Big Reason Why Indians Live With Their Parents!

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Indians and Irony.

30-year-old Indian man, Varun watches The Big Bang Theory on his laptop and laughs every time someone cracks a joke about Howard living with his mother. The irony is, Varun lives with this own parents too. None of his friends laugh at him for this. Most of them live with their parents too. This is how Indians and Indian families work. No, it is not weird. It is extremely normal. In fact, someone who abandon his parents, is looked down upon!


It’s not as they rely on their parents for financial problems. They may or may not have a stable job. That does not determine if they will live with their parents or not. It’s just what they have seen people around them do. If one does not have to go to another city for work or higher education, they are expected to stay at home.

Indian parents take care of their children in every way till they can support themselves. When they can finally support themselves, they are supposed to take care of their parents.


The relation between the Indian youth and their parents is based on respect. They are expected to listen to their parents regardless of how old they are. It’s not like they do not have the option to move out. They choose not to.

What happens after marriage? The daughter has to leave her parents to stay with her husband and his family. Daughter in laws is expected to take care of their in-laws like their parents. While most men are fine with this, it’s hard for the daughter in law to adjust to the new environment. But then, this settlement has its benefits too.


The wife is expected to take care of the household chores. Now that both the husband and the wife have jobs outside, they can let the parents handle everything else. They do not even have to leave their kid with babysitters as the grandparents take upon themselves the task of taking care of the baby and never let them feel lonely.

Living with the parents has its benefits- one gets to eat good food, responsibilities are less, and parents are taken care of. But then, there’s less privacy. There are more restrictions. For parents, their child is never old enough. They cannot help but try to keep their children out of trouble. This results in conflicts.

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