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Top 10 Tips On How To Clear Group Discussion

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Group discussion can be pretty tricky, especially when the competition is high. Have you thought about how to clear group discussion with ease? Worry not, because today we will be discussing top tips on how to clear group discussion.

If you feel anxious right before sitting with the other 12-15 people in the same room and you feel like you are just not good enough, then we will be discussing ways to cope with the anxiousness too. Group discussion can be pretty tiring because whatever you prepare for is never enough. You never know what the panel is expecting from you and what you can do to prove to them that you belong there.

The thing with the personal interview is that you can anticipate in advance what kind of questions may come your way because you prepare everything about yourself. Still, with group discussion, any topic can be given, and you cannot speculate what you will be asked. There are a couple of ways on how to clear group discussion, and it may not be as difficult as you think.

What is Group Discussion?

Before jumping on how to clear group discussion, let us first discuss what group discussion is.

Group discussion is a process wherein a specific topic is given to a group of candidates applying for a job. The panelists can give any random topic, and the candidates will have to speak on it spontaneously. In this process, the panelists will observe and judge each individual and shortlist those who fulfill the criteria.

How to Clear Group Discussion?

Clearing group discussion is no rocket science, but you can follow specific tips to improve your performance in a group discussion. First of all, you should not fear it because the more you worry, the more anxious you will become.

So, how to clear group discussion? Let us find out.

1. Be Thorough with Current Affairs

For proper GD preparation, you should always be thorough with current affairs. The panelists can ask anything under the sun, so you have to be well prepared with everything. Have a look at the trendiest topics, and while making for group discussion, you should always list down the essential points for the same.

You should have the proper subject knowledge about the job you are applying for. The panelists will see how much knowledge you have about the role you are applying for. If you do not know the current affairs, then they will assume that you may not be the proper fit for the job.

Since the topic for the group discussion is always pretty unpredictable, it is always good to be prepared for everything that you can. You can always go through different case studies and solve it on your own because GD topics can be either from your league or out of your league. It has been known that the panelists are more likely to ask about current affairs so that the candidates have some knowledge about it.

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2. Be Formally Dressed

It is always safe to be formally dressed. Being formally dressed increases your confidence, and the recruiters will find you more professional. Wearing a formal shirt with no prints or checks look good. Wearing bright colored shirts can also be very useful.

Pairing a bright colored shirt with dark pants can also look very professional. You should match the color of your belt with your shoes. Wear a color-coordinated tie, and if you can, a bonus point would be to wear a formal blazer.

Your hair should always be well-groomed and set. Make sure that you shave your beard and sport a neat face. That is the reason why it is one of the most critical steps on how to clear group discussion is to be well dressed in formal attire.

For girls, you should always tie your hair up and wear a bright colored formal shirt with trousers. Makeup should not be loud, try to keep it minimal.

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3. Initiate the Discussion

If you want to get brownie points in your group discussion, then try to initiate it. When you start the group discussion, the recruiters will see you as a leader. They will know that you took the initiative, and you know about the topic.

Be very careful with this GD tip, though. Only and ONLY initiate the group discussion when you are well aware of the topic. Only if you know facts and you have detailed knowledge about the topic, you can initiate the discussion.

If you are unsure about the topic or you do not have proper knowledge about it, then let other group members speak. Let one or two people talk first, and then you can give your input.

Always keep in mind that if you do not have any idea about the topic, then be a good listener and then have an idea about the topic. It is always better to give little but relevant information than blabbering about irrelevant things.

4. Wear a Smile on Your Face

Out of the few tips and tricks on how to clear group discussion, wearing a smile on your face always does wonders. Remember, as much as the recruiters will observe your communication skills; they will also see how you handle yourself when you are put into a pressurizing situation.

One of the group discussion skills to master is to always keep a smile on your face. Keeping a good expression on your face signifies a kind gesture and shows that you are a positive person.

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5. Maintain Eye Contact

One mistake that people make quite often is that they fail to maintain eye contact. They may either look down or on the wall. When you fail to maintain eye contact, it signifies that you are nervous and scared.

Another mistake that candidates make is that they make eye contact with the panelists. Do not make eye contact with the panelists during an on-going group discussion. Remember, the group discussion is meant to be with the teammates and not the panelists. You are not discussing the topic with the panelists; you are talking about it with your group members.

Therefore, maintain eye contact with all the group members while speaking so that it shows you are discussing the topic with everybody and not just with two or three people or the panelists. Maintaining eye contact can help in how to clear group discussion.

6. Be Mindful of Your Body Language

Body language plays a very essential role in group discussion. Having a good posture can increase the chances of you being noticed by the panelists. A good body language also shows that you are confident.

Do not slouch on the table. Sit straight and be attentive. Do not play with anything on your table, and be careful of your leg movements as well. A lot of people have a habit of shaking their legs because they cannot sit calmly if you have that habit then you need to stop doing that as soon as possible. That is why good body language is one of the most effective ways on how to clear group discussion.

7. Let Others Speak

Let’s say you have jotted down a lot of points because you know a lot about the topic given to you. Are you going to talk about it non-stop? NO! Let others speak and do not cut anybody in the middle of their discussion. It seems very disrespectful when you cut somebody off while they are talking.

When you listen carefully to what your group members are speaking, you can recall other points relevant to that. Also, when you are a good listener, and you observe that your group member is providing misinformation about a topic, you can correct him by proving your facts.

When you let others speak, it shows that you are respectful enough to not cut somebody off even in a group discussion wherein the group members are basically like your competitors. That is why it is considered as one of the effective ways on how to clear group discussion.

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8. Seek Opportunities to Speak About Facts

Nothing is better than telling facts and figures about the topic. It makes the panelists believe that you have quite a bundle of knowledge about the topic given to you.

Whenever you notice a silence even for a second, grab that opportunity to speak. When there is silence, it means that your group members are running out on points to speak. You can instantly grab that opportunity because you have a chance to speak about more points from your side.

9. Remain Calm

One of the tips on how to clear group discussion is to remain calm. Group discussion can create havoc, and there is no denial in it. It can get messy very quickly. Group members may start an argument just because they do not agree with the point of view of the other person.

So, out of the few group discussion tips that we discussed, one of them is to remain calm even in a messy situation. Remember, nobody would like to work with a person who is short-tempered and starts an argument on almost everything. Panelists will observe how you handle a situation when it gets rough. So, always remain calm during a group discussion.

10. Always Conclude Your Discussion

One of the best tips on how to clear group discussion is by concluding what you said. But what can you include in your conclusion? You can list down the points by summarizing the discussion and ending the discussion.

When you are concluding the discussion, you should not bring up new points. You can also conclude by saying what you learned in the discussion.

These were a few tips and tricks on how to clear group discussion. Even though group discussion can be pretty tricky, but you have to make sure that you do not stay silent the entire time, also if you are not aware of the topic.

I hope this article on how to clear group discussion was insightful for you. Do you have any other tricks on how to clear group discussion? Drop it in the comments below.

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