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10 Most Scary Haunted Houses In Houston

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Looking for some thrill near you? Here is our list of 10 most horrendous Haunted Houses in Houston.

Horror movies are so thrilling and exciting, always full of mysteries and puzzles. Moreover, good horror movies have a breath-taking experience, which makes us feel even more excited. People, thus, thought of bringing these experiences into life and so built haunted houses.

Haunted houses are the best places for adventures, especially for horror movie lovers. Haunted houses are places that give life to our imaginations with the help of dolls and animations. We can actually live in that world and enjoy those adventures.

Haunted houses have become a significant tourist attraction and can be found in many of the countries that engage in tourist activities. These are created with a lot of hard work and have become one of the most important parts of theme parks. In fact, most of the theme parks today have haunted houses.

Haunted houses in Houston

Haunted houses bring a lot of profit for the ones who work there. It is probably one of the best innovations that help and benefits the producers and the customers as well. As a kid, I remember going to theme parks and getting excited to visit haunted houses to have a thrilling experience.

These haunted houses in Houston are the best places for a thrilling adventure. You might as well want to celebrate Halloween by visiting one of these. However, many of these haunted houses in Houston are closed for the time being for your safety. You can nonetheless celebrate Halloween later when these haunted houses in Houston open up.

If you are willing to have some hauntingly amazing time, then you should know that Houstonians love spooky places like haunted houses, and so, let us have a tour of the best haunted houses in Houston so that you can make the best choice for your family and your adventures.

1. Phobia Haunted Houses in Houston

10 Most Scary Haunted Houses In Houston 1

Phobia is when you fear something, but this fear has no real reason for it. It just exists within you. People have built several stories around phobias. Some people also believe that phobias have some connection to our previous life.

The phobia haunted houses in Houston are one of the top-rated haunted houses where you can enjoy a fantastic experience with promising actors. In fact, since 1996, it has been providing some of the scariest experience to Houstonians. There are mind-blowing games that you can enjoy with your family or friends as well.

The phobia haunted houses contain eight overwhelming haunts that can make your day fantastic and give you a break from all the other stresses. Each haunt lasts for about 15 minutes.

2. Houston Terror Dome Haunted House

Houston terror dome haunted house is one of the haunted houses in Houston and probably the best for the people who wish to scream and feel terrorized. It provides an excellent, adventurous experience that will get you all thrilled. The haunt has kept improving every year due to the introduction of new themes.

Along with new themes, the staff of Houston terror dome haunted house has also introduced new characters and new effects beyond the scare factory. It is one of the scariest haunted houses in Houston, and thus, children below 12 are allowed but not recommended.

The tickets cost $20, and VIP passes are $30. Besides, an extra $10 can get you to the paint gallery and fight your fears. Some exceptions, like fire fighters and the first respondents, get a $5 discount on the tickets. Senior citizens [above 60 years of age] to get a $5 discount on their coupons. However, the discounts can only be given to people who have an ID that can verify their identity, age, etc.

The terror dome opened in 2008 and has been evolving continuously. The actors and the characters compelled with the special effects and attractions have been changing innovatively to provide a better experience to the customers.

3. The Haunted Trails

If you think that you do not get scared easily, then the haunted trails are one of the haunted houses in Houston that you must visit. The scary trip within the woods would surely scare you, and you would want to run away because there are terrifying characters that are always ready to jump on you and terrify you in the woods.

10 Most Scary Haunted Houses In Houston 2

The actors that work in the haunted trails haunted house are very promising and have an elaborate costume. There is an entirely different vibe inside the woods. You would want to visit this place again and again. The psycho hollow is another attraction within the woods.

The psycho hollow is a 3D attraction that is mind-blogging. The general admission is for $25. An extra $10 can get you a VIP pass that will help you skip the long queues and will make your trip more enjoyable.

4. Creepy Hollow

It is one of the biggest haunted houses in Houston. There are some scary fictional characters who you can meet while wandering freely in the premises of the creepy hollow. There are two indoor and one outdoor attraction that would not fail to scare and amaze you. The lab themed escape room can prove to be the best experience for you and your friends.

$35 is the general cost for all the attractions, and an extra $10 can get you a fast pass. Their website has some open tickets available that can be checked out. They generally provide a special hour during the week of Halloween.

5. Redrum Fear Park

A 40 minutes drive from Southwest Houston would take you to the redrum fear park. This place is one of the best haunted houses in Houston. The trip to Redrum fear park is totally worth it.

Redrum fear park provides four mind-blowing haunted attractions. It is one of the best places for your refreshment and enjoying your love for horrors and haunts. A 3D circus will give you all the chills with some scary characters that are ready to jump on you all the time.

The deadwood asylum will add up to all your fears, and you would soon want to run away from that place. Entries to all the attractions cost $35. However, you can skip the long and crowded lines by getting a VIP or fast pass by paying $10-$15 extra.

The online fast passes are generally $50, and the same ticket would cost $5 more when you book them at the door of Redrum fear park.

6. 13th Floor Haunted House

There are a lot of religious beliefs and fears related to the number thirteen. People often believe that this number is associated with bad luck. It is also believed that Judas was the 13th guest of the last supper. Are you ready to break your fear of number thirteen with the 13th floor haunted house?

10 Most Scary Haunted Houses In Houston 3

The 13th floor haunted house is one of the scariest haunted houses in Houston. It has an amazing network and brings you some of the best make-up artists and characters. Moreover, the sound and visual effects that will amaze you. It starts at 8 pm and has excellent production.

7. Houston’s Scream Fest

The scream fest is a month-long fest that includes several haunted houses in Houston with thrilling experiences that will blow your mind. The scream fest in Houston consists of some fantastic carnival games that will be best for your recreation. This scream fest generally occurs during the time of Halloween.

There are food and drink stands along with some fantastic prizes to win in the carnival. There are concerts organized in order to make the event more fearful. Tickets for the lot cost $60 and generally include drinks.

There are several food vendors and drink sellers with your favorite items. Besides, there is a zombie paintball shoot, which is extremely exciting.

8. Scream World

The scream world is one of the haunted houses in Houston that is rated #1. It has five astonishing experiences in just one ticket! It gives its customers a 4.5 acres of frightful experience.

A general admission at this scary place is $32. However, if you do not want to wait for your turn, you can get a fast pass at $42. Kids below the age of 12 are generally not recommended in such scary places.

9. Fear Shire Farms

Fear shire farms are one of the most extraordinary haunted houses in Houston because this house is actually haunted. The attraction is pretty much different from the other haunted houses in Houston. This is one of the craziest adventures along a cornfield that will get you all thrilled.

This haunted house was left by a family. It contains several rooms. It is a big house and also includes a cemetery on its premises, which makes it even scarier. The tickets range from $20-$40, depending on the type of adventure that you are looking for.

Children below the age of 10 are not permitted to enter Fear shire farms because it can be very terrifying for such small kids. Hayride, escape games, and campfire pits are some of the most popular attractions of fear shire farms.

People have had an outstanding experience at fear shire farms. Moreover, it also provides some less scary attractions and experiences for the ones who do are not ready to handle something that is too scary.

10. Haunted May Field Manor

This destination is often seen as one of the scariest destinations for Houstonians. It is one of the haunted houses in Houston that has provided a fantastic experience to its customers. This haunted house revolves around a famous legend.

10 Most Scary Haunted Houses In Houston 4

Mayfield was a young physician who, in the 20th century, was engaged in some mental illness experiments. Mayfelid lost his close ones in a hurricane that hit at that time, and he went insane. This insanity of the doctor is the primary tool used at haunted may field manor.

The stories around this man are fictions, but there are some peculiar activities that have been reported at this place. Each ride at this haunted house is thrilling and lasts for around 20 minutes.

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