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Top 10 Mysterious Places in the World

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If you are a mystery and adventure lover like me, then you have had a dream similar to mine. Traveling all over the world to see the unseen. As science and technology have developed throughout the years, we have found explanations behind a lot of bizarre phenomena.

But till today, there are a lot of things that nothing and none can explain. And unfortunately, no matter how far civilization has grown, some places are beyond our reach. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 mysterious places in the world that will leave you dreaming to visit them.

What are the top ten mysterious places in the world?
What are the top 10 mysterious places in the world? Image source: Bing

When it comes to mystery enthusiasts, our list of top 10 mysterious places consists of places you have already heard of. Some you can not go due to the location, the government itself restricts some, and some won’t let you come back if you go there ever. So, let’s have a look below to our list of the top 10 mysterious places in the world.

1. The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean; All-Time Crown Holder of the Top 10 Mysterious Places

The very first name in our list of top 10 mysterious places is the Bermuda Triangle. Most of our readers have heard the name. But why is it the all-time crown holder of the list of top 10 mysterious places in the world? Let’s dig deep. The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious section of the Atlantic Ocean. This mythical section is surrounded by beautiful tourist destinations like Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. But trust me, even hardcore adventure lovers will not dare even to go close to the Bermuda Triangle. But why?

The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean
The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean. Image source: Bing

Because for decades, ships, airplanes, boats are disappearing from this place without leaving any traces behind. Yes, you read it right. Anyone or anything that tries passing over this section of the sea just poofs without a clue. The story starts with Christopher Columbus claiming to have noticed a great flame of fire crashing to the sea and weird lights coming out from that section when he was on his first voyage. The place is so mysterious and dangerous that it is widely known as the Devil’s triangle. Therefore, one of the top 10 mysterious places in the world. 

Many of you know about Joshua Slocum. He was the first person to sail all around the globe alone. But did you know in 1909 he disappeared mysteriously while he was crossing the Bermuda Triangle? After years of failed efforts to find him, he was declared legally dead. Another plane disappeared from the sky just above the Bermuda Triangle 1964. And guess what message did the pilot send just before disappearing? “All is well.” Whoever or whatever goes to the triangle never returns, and the reason is still unknown.

The incidents of such mysterious disappearance from the Bermuda Triangle are numerous. From theories related to aliens, parallel universe, magnetic anomalies to supernatural occurrences- nothing could ever explain why and how everything just disappears from this section of the sea. Interesting right? But if you dare to go to this place among our top 10 mysterious places, you are probably never coming back!

2. Crooked Forest, Poland; How On Earth Did the Trees Get This Shape?

Next on our list of top 10 mysterious places in the world is the crooked forest of Poland. The name of the forest itself is interesting, isn’t it? And the mysterious story behind it is even more interesting. Near the town of Gryfino, Poland lies one of the most mysterious forests in the world, the crooked forest. It is not a dense and dangerous forest with some mysterious creatures. So what is the mystery? Have a look below.

Crooked Forest, Poland
Crooked Forest, Poland. Image source: Bing

Have you ever seen trees of this shape? Can you find any logical explanation behind such a strange shape of these trees? The crooked forest is full of trees with this shape. You might think these are some rare trees that have such a weird shape characteristically. But let me tell you these are not any rare or unknown trees. These are pine trees. Yes, the “known to all” pine trees that are known for their straight and firm shape. The pine trees of the crooked forest have bent at 90 degrees from the base.

All the trees bend sharply northward, but after bending for around nine feet, they start growing straight up. Like the regular pine trees we see. And this mysterious bend does not stop them from growing as tall as 50-60 feet and healthy. But why and how did they get such a share is still an unsolved mystery and remains one of the top 10 mysterious places in the world. 

3. Nasca Lines, Peru: Are These a Sign of the Aliens?

Yes, the title is the first impression you will get seeing these strange lines. If you are flying over Southern Peru, then don’t forget to look below to find these lines spreading over 30 miles on the high desert of Peru. You just can’t go and see this thing staying on the ground. Have a look below-

Nasca Lines, Peru
Nasca (or Nazca) Lines, Peru. Image source: Bing

See this strange structure? I know you already got to see this mysterious structure wholly, you gotta be flying mid-air. And then you will see why we have included this in our list of top 10 mysterious places. These lines are formed with rocks and sand. In this desert, these rustic red lines are known as the Nasca (some say Nazca) lines that have been an unsolved mystery for decades. So it stays a constant participant in the countdown of the top 10 mysterious places in the world.

monkey Nasca Lines, Peru
Monkey drawn on the Nazca Lines. Image source: Bing

The shape is nothing familiar to the human world. Some forms are our familiar geometric shapes, and if you have a close look, you can even find spiders, plants, monkeys, and birds drawn down there. But why? Why did the ancient Nazca people scratch these mysterious lines at such an enormous length that if stood, can cross the Empire Building! This mysterious geoglyphic, built in the 500 B.C., has made its place to the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. Unlike the Bermuda Triangle, you can surely visit the area and calm your curiosity.

4. Area 51, the United States of America; Secret Database for Aliens? Nuclear Workshop? Or

And the list of assumptions goes on. But what exactly happens in Area 51, is known to the USA Government only. This is the first “Government made” place in our list of top 10 mysterious places. Common people like us don’t even know the exact location of Area 51. But it is believed to be situated 85 miles from Las Vegas on a dry lake bed of Nevada Desert.

Area 51, the United States of America
Aerial view of Area 51, the United States of America. Image source: Bing

This secret military base was built during the cold war, but what happens there is still a mystery to the public. The mystery got sparked after Area 51 made its appearance in the all-time hit alien masterpiece “Independence Day.”

If you drive towards Las Vegas through the “Extraterrestrial Highway” of Nevada, you will see a dirt road leading to the “unofficial” names of Area 51. Groom Lake, The Ranch, Red Square, and so on! But the whole area is guarded by armed forces. Forget tourists; even a USA citizen is not allowed to enter there. Any activity near it is banned, and also flying over Area 51 is forbidden. For decades mystery enthusiasts have tried coming up with several theories to explain the highly secretive activity down there. From UFOs to spying, you will find everything trying and failing to unleash the secret.

5. Easter Island, Polynesia; Gigantic Stone Statues With Only Head and Torso

Eastern Island is an island of Chile on the eastern Pacific Ocean that is bound to make its appearance in the list of top 10 mysterious places in the world. The view from this island to the sea is amazing. But you can’t help but shift your attention towards the hundreds of hundreds of giant stone statues standing in a line. Famously known as Rapa Nui, these giant stone statues have drawn the attention of mystery lovers for decades. Why were they made, and how did the ancient Rapa Nui people even manage to carry and place these giant stone statues in front of the sea, that too in a line? A mystery still waiting to be revealed.

Easter Island, Polynesia
Moai heads on Easter Island, Polynesia. Image source: Bing

All the statues are created similarly with heads and half of the torso from heavy black boulder stone. The eyes are left blank. Seeing their structure, you can easily assume they will weigh in tons, and the effort behind making such structures must have been tremendous. But why the people of Rapa Nui took such a task and how could they even finish are not clear to anyone. These stone statues are popularly known as moai heads, and there are around 880 of such moai heads on Easter Island

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6. Eternal Flame Falls, The United States of America; Fire and Water Residing Together

Fire and water are eternal rivals. But did you know there is a place in the United States of America where you can see a strange natural phenomenon that keeps fire and water side by side? Yes, if you are exploring around the Chestnut Ridge Country Park, you are lucky enough to witness the eternal flames behind the waterfall of the Country Park.

Eternal Flame Falls, The United States of America
Eternal Flame Falls, The United States of America. Image source: Bing

There are a lot of eternal natural flames all around the world. And some of you know their secret of glowing without a break, natural gas and scorching stones or shales. But not all can make it to the list of top 10 mysterious places.

But none of the known explanations of the other eternal flames of the world can reveal the mystery of the eternal flame of New York. And that makes it a must inclusion in our list of top 10 mysterious places in the world. The rock beneath this eternal flame is neither that old nor is it hot enough to keep the fire glowing for decades after decades. So how does the flame keep burning without a pause? We will know as soon as the experts figure it out.

You can surely visit this place from our list of top 10 mysterious sites, to see two of the earth’s elementary rival forces residing side by side. Both the gorgeous waterfall and the marvelous eternal flame down the giant chiseled rocks will drop your jaws wide.

7. Plain of Jars, Laos; The Winery of the Giant King 

In 1930 a group of scientists discovered a wide area of land in Laos full of stone jars. These jars look similar to the ones used to preserve wine in wineries. But the main difference is these jars are gigantic, and that is why it is one of the top 10 mysterious places in the world. Scientists assume that these stone jars were made back in 500 B.C. with sandstone, granite, and limestone. But why and how they were made is still unknown. Which led it to have an entry in our list of top 10 mysterious places.

Plain of Jars, Laos
Plain of Jars, Laos. Image source: Bing

Some jars have lids, and some do not. You can find a few huge wooden lids shattered nearby, and that sparks the local legend. The popular story revolves around a giant king who used these stone jars to preserve his wine. But the most logical explanation behind these stone jars is, this place was used as funerary urns as scientists have found human remains below the earth near the jars. Be it whatever; this place is another must-visit from our list of top 10 mysterious places in the world for all mystery lovers. 

8. Namib Desert, South Africa; the Home of Fairy Circles

If you have an aerial view of the oldest desert in the world, you will feel it is a desert wearing a polka dot dress. A vast area of the Namib Desert has round patches of barren land that made us include it in our list of top 10 mysterious places in the world. These polka dot looking barren lands are known as “fairy circles.”

Fairy circles
Fairy Circles on Namib Desert, Namibia. Image source: Bing

There have been numerous efforts by scientists to come to the ultimate conclusion that can explain the secret behind these fairy circles. But to date, no theory has been successful in revealing the secret, ultimately making it one of the top 10 mysterious places in the world. What led to the creation of such fairy circles? Termites, plants, or God’s feet? 

The popular legend believes that these fairy circles were made when Gods stepped on the earth with their round feet. So does God have massive, round feet? We have to wait till the mystery is solved. And till then, it constantly stays on our list of top 10 mysterious places in the world.

9. Richat Structure, Sahara; the Eye of Sahara

If you go to Western Sahara Desert on foot and find the Eye of Sahara, you will end up cursing us for including it into our list of top 10 mysterious places in the world. But hold on! Have a high flight over the same area, and thank us later for including it into our list of top 10 mysterious places in the world.

Top 10 Mysterious Places in the World 1
Richat Structure, Sahara. Image source: Bing

The Eye of Sahara spreads over 40 kilometers and looks like a flying saucer from the sky. This mysterious geological structure is millions of years old, and no logical theory has been founded yet to explain why and how it was made. Was it a landing place for UFOs? Or was it a place to send some kind of signal to another world? Or was it some gigantic dome? The mystery is yet to be unleashed, and this place from our top 10 mysterious places stays a must-visit for all mystery lovers out there.

10. The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan; the Eternally Burning Crater

You have heard about places on earth so magical that they are called doors to heaven. But have you ever heard of a place deadly enough to be called the door to hell? Yes, we are including the door to hell in our list of top 10 mysterious places in the world. The door to hell is a fiery crater in the desert of Northern Turkmenistan.

The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan
The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan. Image source: Bing

If you are traveling across the desert of Northern Turkmenistan, watch out! You might be unlucky enough to encounter the gas-fueled crater that is burning for more than five decades. Or we can say lucky enough if you are a daredevil mystery lover. Anyways, the real reason behind this 99 feet deep crater being burning for so long is still a mystery to be solved. But the most justifiable explanation is, the door to hell is the result of some soviet scientists’ ignorance.

The story goes like this- a group of Soviet scientists planned to end up the poisonous gas storage beneath the surface of the desert. So they drill a 225 wide crater and set it on fire to burn off the harmful gas. But to their surprise, the gas storage was too much to be burnt off—too much to dim the flames of fire a little even after five decades. Hiking crates is a friendly activity for a lot of adventure lovers. But dare not to even think of going near this one.

So, that was a wrap up for our list of top 10 mysterious places in the world. As we have mentioned earlier, some are just impossible to explore, and some are only restricted. Be it whatever we are sure your mind had been blown by now going through our list. And some of you might have already included some of these mysterious places in your travel bucket list. Should we add some more? Feel free to add your thoughts below in the comment box.

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