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The Top 10 Signs of Your Past Life

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Looking for signs of your past life? The past life is always mysterious and unknown to the present us. Many believe it while others don’t. It’s totally on us, but signs should never be ignored. Several kinds of research show reincarnations of past life, even many theories adheres to it. You can be anything in the past either a human, animal, or nature. It’s quite difficult to remember memories and sometimes we don’t remember at all.

Reincarnation is the evolution process of soulful energy. Somewhere in our lives, we might have to face something that reflects on our present soul. The personality we have, few habits all may come from the life we’ve lived before being born on earth. Many times we’ve felt to know a stranger or to know a certain place from before.

You might have wondered about rebirth and reincarnation. And wanted to dive more deeply into the topic. This concept of past life theory and reincarnation is around 3000 years old. this itself is enough to believe that there’s a valid point behind it. The internet provides you with amazing past stories and facts. There are even specific videos on people giving interviews about their previous life.

What is reincarnation?

Reincarnation is termed to be a philosophical ad religious belief, it is how a physical being on earth starts to live a new life differently in other realm or earth, after the biological death. Other names for reincarnation are rebirth or transmigration. Mostly it’s mentioned under religious texts such as Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Hinduism.

Well, many experienced signs of reincarnation, you can never differentiate properly between a mere imagination or a sudden flashback of memories. Here below are mentioned 10 signs of your past life, if you have faced any of these then you may be reincarnated. These signs are explained in detail and you can make out whether these things occur to you daily or not.

10 Signs of Your Past Life

1. Continuous Dreams

The Top 10 Signs of Your Past Life 1

Dreams are an important part of our daily lives. Whenever a person is in deep sleep, he or she dreams about something or the other. Dreams leave a trail of mystery whenever we wake up. It’s really hard to remember our dreams but we do remember some parts of it. Having recurring dreams is one of the important signs of your past life.

Repeated dreams may result due to trauma and fear of certain issues. Many have reported watching dreams, where they are in a distant place, or met a person whom they seem familiar with. Like for example, in your dreams, you’re in a 17th-century tomb but when you recall it, the place seems familiar to you. This proves that you may have a past life and lived or visited in a place like this. Try to follow your dreams to know more about your earlier life.


2. Deja Vu

The Top 10 Signs of Your Past Life 2

Deja Vu means the old familiar feeling. Often when you’re at the moment or experiencing something you may feel you’ve already faced it. The situation looks quite familiar to you. Past life regrets help one to learn, grow, and heal. Deja Vu feeling can also occur when you’re at a place and felt like you’ve already visited it.

According to a report, a woman went for a honeymoon with her husband in Greece. While in Greece she was experienced panic attacks. But when they traveled to Rome, she was fine. Later on, doing a past life regression, it was found that she was murdered in Greece due to which she was facing trauma.

3. Habitual History

The Top 10 Signs of Your Past Life 3

Habitual history is one of the signs of your past life. It includes abilities, talents, habits, likes, dislikes, and attractions. You’ll feel connected to certain cultures and people which you’ve never visited. Also, you are able to learn a few subjects fast or adapt to a profession easily. It seems you these from beforehand but in reality, you’re just starting new. These are clues to your past life.

For instance, you may learn a foreign language faster than the others or live in your native country, the other country Japan may attract you due to its culture and traditions. it seems you already belonged there before.

4. You Feel Older

The Top 10 Signs of Your Past Life 4

Just like one who’s young at heart is matured by thinking power. Similarly, some people are born with old souls. The reason for feeling older than your age may be the cause of being reincarnated time and again and this gets reflected in the Soul Age Theory. It’s the theory based on the progression of soul development, starting from newborn souls to awakened souls.

Suppose, if you’re reincarnated many times on earth, it will be reflected in the age of energy. Due to this in present, you’ll behave like child and have primitive characteristics. If incase your soulful energy was reincarnated several times, then you’ll have a more mature and wizened personality. Thus, if you feel older than your present age then you have a mature old soul.

5. Strange Memories

The Top 10 Signs of Your Past Life 5

People sometimes are haunted by strange memories. It is one of the most common signs of your past life. These are a series of unusual and odd memories, much stronger than the feeling of Deja Vu. The strange part is when you check back those strange memories it doesn’t overlap with the other memories of your life.

You may remember something about your childhood but when you disclose it to your parents, they don’t have any idea of that incident. Although it might be due to faulty memory or daydreaming. In order to find this, you need to check out those things like places, landscapes and all in real. Look into exact details you might spot the difference between reality and fantasy.

6. Phobias and Fears

The Top 10 Signs of Your Past Life 6

Phobias are fears that are out of your control. There are so many different kinds of phobias human faces. Some of them are fear of heights, claustrophobia, and much more. Do take note of them, as these unlikable fears might have a direct link to your past. While few phobias just occur commonly and aren’t linked with your past.

Types of phobias linked with fears are highly relevant fears and irrational. Such as water, a certain number, shapes, and objects. Connect whether these things occur in your regular dreams. Like you may dream of drowning underwater in the same spot. These connections can help you make out about your past life.

8. Birthmarks

The Top 10 Signs of Your Past Life 7

Do you have a have birthmark in your body? It’s a mark your born with on any part of your body. Birthmarks are one of the physical signs of your past life. Several people have more than one birthmark and we treat them insignificant. These signs are also caused by our position before in the womb or any random cause of pigment.

Many researchers conducted a study on whether these marks connect directly to the past or have evidence. If you search more, you’ll get document proof of images showing people born with the same birthmark. your birthmark may be linked with your past life in two ways.

First, you are passed on through a series of early lives and check for images of early people, with a similar birthmark as you. If it’s prominent you can check the images by yourself. Second, they may lookout for an old injury, like a brown or pink mark the part you were hurt in your past life.

9. Passions

The Top 10 Signs of Your Past Life 8

Let’s say previous life also brings you positivity rather than only fears and negative emotions. It can lead to a positive and satisfying life. One of the best sigs of your past life, passion is what shapes you and molds you into a bright successful person. Passion doesn’t mean something you like to do in leisure time but rather things which you simply can’t resist. They are so important that you can’t just breathe without it.

Although there are many instances where these passions may manifest but quite often they are creative. So if you cannot live without dance, can’t go without music or writing then be sure that it’s connected to your previous life. And having such creative ability may directly reflect in your work if you keep on going along the flow of creativity.

10. Precognition and Retrocognition

The Top 10 Signs of Your Past Life 9

Precognition is like having the power of future sight or second sight. It’s the ability to predict the future beforehand. These occur through visions, dreams, feelings, and physical sensations. In your visions or dreams, you see the future, what’s going to happen with you in the next few days. Though it’s termed as quasi-scientific, some feel it as a real experience and indicates the period of soulful energy.

Whereas, retrocognition is exactly the opposite of precognition. It’s usually the power to collect information on past events. These events are either connected to your lifetime or occurred in your distant past. We can say that retrocognition is hard to prove compared to precognition. For the genuinely experienced ones, they can verify it honestly. It’s also one of the signs of soulful reincarnation.

So here are the 10 signs of your past life. Can you relate to any of the signs? Let us know!

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