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Top 13 Incredible Tourist Attractions in Japan

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What are some of the best tourist attractions in Japan? ‘Japan,’ the name itself evokes an image of cherry blossoms, anime, hot springs, and natural beauty in our mind.

The land of rising sun Japan offers much of eye beauty to the tourists. There are so many top tourist attractions in Japan to visit. The beautiful country is famous for its culture, traditions, and shrines. We all know about the cute anime it publishes worldwide. Japan is surrounded by ancient houses, Buddhist temples, and Shinto shrines.

It is also home to beautiful gardens holding cherry blossoms and traditional thatched houses. They have a list of elegant Gods and Goddesses. And even the tales of Yokai, who are demons according to Japanese.

Japan is much more to one can explore. Although there are over thousands of top tourist attractions in Japan, you may be confused as to where you must visit. Let’s take a look at the list of top tourist attractions in Japan, I have mentioned below. These are the top places, and you can pick your dream places to visit from the list.

Top 13 Incredible Tourist Attractions in Japan

1. Tokyo

tourist attractions in japan

The busiest and important city in Japan, one shouldn’t miss. If you wish to feel the city life, then Tokyo is right for you. Tokyo is known as the ultramodern counterpart of Japan. There are busy streets, youth fashion, chit chats, and a variety of delicious restaurants.

The best city to check out on mouthwatering Japanese delicacies. Japan is famous for sushi and ramen; you’ll get the best of these dishes here.

Themed cafes (like robots, cats, and anime characters) are the most attractive. Several shows take place like cosplay and arcades. You can just choose to dress as your favorite character and go for kart driving in the streets. A 5 day stay in Tokyo is enough to explore all the fun activities. Do not miss out on the Tokyo Disneyland.

2. Kyoto

tourist attractions in japan

The heart of Japan. A traditional Japan just like your imagination. The ones you saw either in animes or Japanese movies: the bright color kimonos, wooden houses, bamboo forests, shrine, and golden and silver temples.

Visit the zen gardens and participate in the mesmerizing tea ceremony. You’ll find unidentifiable items in the markets, and during the celebration, food is served on lacquered plates.

It is recommended to stick on the mountainside. Where you’ll come across old houses made of wood, stone streets, and Buddhist monks, embrace the chanting sounds of temples and shrines. You can know your fortune from the vending machine in the Golden Temple.

As Kyoto remains busy over the whole year, it is advised to go during the morning. The city is worth a visit in Japan.

3. Hakone

tourist attractions in japan

One of the most visited places and under the top tourist attractions in Japan. Hakone is often covered with clouds and is Japan’s elusive landmark. You’ll get a view of this beautiful hidden place from Mount Fuji. Avoid visiting here during the rainy season.

Other than this, you can hope on different transports like bus, train, pirate boat, and cable car. Purchase a Hakuna Free Pass to ride on the transports for free. Get the stunning view of Mount Fuji from the cable car or while on a boat over the lake.

Taste the boiled egg cooked over hot sulfur wings. Be sure to stay in the traditional inn and dine on their delicious dinner. Also, check out the Hakone Open Air Museum’s sculpture gallery.

4. Kabukicho

tourist attractions in japan

No place in Japan is as exemplary as the city of Kabukicho. After the disastrous World War II, a theatre was erected with the name Kabuki from which the city’s name is derived. Soon after this, the town became famous for having Japan’s most prominent red-light districts and numerous drinkers. There are cute hostesses, host clubs, and other attractive diversions.

The digitalized city is Tokyo’s popular attraction and offers much more than it says. Check out the famous Robot restaurant situated at central Kabukicho.

Try out the fantastic, sensational VR zone. If you’re a fantasy world lover, then do not miss out Mario card VR game.

5. Kanazawa

tourist attractions in japan

The best city under the list of tourist attractions in Japan and a quiet one in Japan. Compared to Kyoto, this place is less crowded and falls under the top tourist attractions in Japan. The perfect place to experience the districts of geisha and wooden houses. It is home to the country’s beautiful gardens, splendid castles, and several art museums.

Visit one of Japan’s top three gardens, Kenroku-en Garden. Explore the tea houses made of stunning wood. Take part in the tea ceremony at the Gyokusen-en Gardens.

6. Nikko

tourist attractions in japan

The country’s Temple town was falling under the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Just a few miles away from Tokyo and a peaceful retreat. Being called a Temple town, there are mostly shrines and temples. Many tourists visit to view the vibrant autumn colors.

On the woody hillside, you’ll come across shrines with vermillion gates and lanterns covered in moss. The main attractions are; Toshogu Shrine, red buildings, and ancient cedar trees.

Take part in various activities like, play amazing games at the Futurasan-jinja, hiking up to the Takino shrine, and explore Taiyuinbyo. Do taste the grilled rice balls on the stick, dango from the street stalls.

7. Nara

tourist attractions in japan

Another place under UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and one among top tourist attractions in Japan. Nara was initially Japan’s permanent capital and rich in historical treasures. Pay a visit to the stunning temples here and spot the wild deer. Tourists come here to view the Hall of Great Buddha, Daibutsu-den, at Todaiji.

Daibutsu-den is the world’s largest wooden building holding a 15-meter tall golden statue of Lord Buddha. The figure is 751 years old and splendid sight. It is recommended to visit Nara during the day. A whole day is enough to explore the temples and Japanese treasures. There is also a park by the name, the Nara Park.

8. Kamakura

tourist attractions in japan

In the eighth position of top tourist attractions in Japan, comes this town near the seaside. Once served as Japan’s military capital. This particular area led to the rise of the Samurai culture in Japan. It is also the birthplace of Japanese Zen Buddhism. Spiritual tenets inspire numerous temples here.

Although people stay here for a day, the activities available here can make you wait for several days. Bamboo forests and temple shrines are mostly featured here. The beaches are full of life, go on for back street shopping and taste good local food. Kamakura is sure to cheer you up and refresh you.

9. Tsumago

tourist attractions in japan

If you wish to experience Japan’s Edo period, then Tsumago is the right place for you. It is situated over Kisko valley. A perfect picturesque mountainous village to visit. The trafficless town with charming wooden inns. Being one of Japan’s top tourist attractions, it’s also a well-preserved town.

During the Edo Period, 300 years back, this place was between Kyoto and Tokyo over the Nakasendo Way. You can use the hiking trail to reach the Magome village. The path is scenic and beautiful. It’ll take about 2 hours and easy to walk. One night is perfect for exploring the beauty of Tsumago.

10. Koya-San

tourist attractions in japan

Want to explore Japan’s traditional side more deeply? Kyoko-San is another top site. It’s a sacred temple town. Koya-San is secluded away from the city chaos, on the forest mountains of Kinsai. You can experience the daily life of monks by staying in a temple lodge or Shukubo.

Okunion forest cemetery is a must-visit. Check into the temple’s tatami rooms and bathe yourself in the onsen bath. Taste the Buddhist monk’s signature meal, the vegetarian shojin ryori.

While staying in a temple lodge, one needs to wake up early to take part in the chanting and meditation ceremony. When you’re in Japan, temple stay is something unusual one cannot miss.

11. Takayama

tourist attractions in japan

A gorgeous little town situated on the edge of Japan’s Alps. A less crowded place. The centers of attractions are the ancient wooden houses, shrines, shaped trees, and stunning red color bridges over the river.

In your spare time, stroll around the old town before the arrival of tourists. There are morning markets to purchase delicious food items. Join the Festival Floats Exhibition Hall to watch the fantastic floats. You’ll find traditional thatched houses in the Hida Folk Village. Activities possible here are hiking and cycling amidst the countryside.

12. Kawagoe

tourist attractions in japan

Kawagoe is just 45 minutes away from Tokyo. They are known to be a modern day’s time machine. Due to several historical warehouses, it’s called the little Edo (.i.e. little Tokyo). Local travelers and tourists enjoy their historic trip to Kawagoe.

The Kito-in temple holds the remaining pieces of Edo castle. Ancient tale revealed that after a fire breakout. The shogunate carried some portions of the temple over the foot. They are starting from Tokyo up till Kawagoe to reconstruct the temple. Quite an interesting story to tell your friends. The ruins of Edo castle are worth watching.

13. Okayama

tourist attractions in japan

You must know the famous cherry blossoms. The Japanese enjoy it. If you wish the same, then come to Okayama. An offbeat place and the last of Japan’s top tourist attractions. It’s a modernized city holding country’s best gardens. During the sakura season, you can enjoy the incredible cherry blossom.

It falls on the bullet train and is quite an affordable place. Once here, explore the historic Kurashiki, Naoshima island, Himeji castle, and Hiroshima. One can opt for a bike ride from the Kibeji Bike Trail among the rice fields to the less-visited temples.

So here are the top 13 list of top tourist attractions in Japan that makes the country worth a visit. Choose your dream place in Japan, and be sure to let us know in the comments.

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